PROJECT-1a: NRIpress.com


In 2007, after overwhelming response from sponsors and readers, NRIpress.com, Inc. was established under the State of California, USA.
Now NRIpress.com, Inc. is the 1st, California Based, ‘NRI MEDIA FIRM’, to provide current NRI news worldwide.
We have grown in numbers from 2 NRI Founders to more than 100 people worldwide such as Journalists, entrepreneurs, professionals, writers, advisers and subject matter experts who stepped to the line and said: “WE WANT THE CHANGE.”......Read More

PROJECT-1b: NRIinternet.com


In the year 2000, like-minded Engineers from USA and Canada, realized that NRIs need NRI NEWS MEDIA and they started NRI Breaking News through NRI internet Community Services.As a NRI, we felt that freedom of speech is the liberty to speak openly without fear of government restraint. It is closely linked to freedom of the press because this freedom includes both the right to speak and the right to be heard. In the United States, both the freedom of speech and freedom of press are commonly called freedom of expression.......Read more




NRIpress.TV was established on July 4th, 2019. All News that press release include Videos, we started to enter under NRIpress.TV. In March 2020, Corona, covid 19, it felt like everyone was suddenly using Zoom. As lockdowns around the world started, NRIpress started zoom video meeting with hot topics. ...Click Here

PROJECT-2b: UKpress.TV

After great success of NRIpress.TV, we have launched UKpress.TV on July 04, 2021. This prog. will include 5-7 NRI associates under the sponsorship and supervision of Charanjit Singh Gewal

PROJECT-2c: Indiapress.TV


India press TV is under process and team member's names will be announced soon
PROJECT-3: NRIbusiness Directory

In today’s world, Networking is a necessity. A mountain of research shows that professional networks lead to more job and business opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge. There are many different types: computer networking, television networks, social networking, and of course business networking.

NRI Business Directory Networking.Click here

Being a professional, honest businessman, member of NRI Business Directory and NRIpress.club, connected to NRIpress News Media, you have access an enormous pool of resources with unlimited benefits.....Read More

PROJECT- 4 .............-NRIpress.Club.

  1. California based NRIpress.club network was formed in 2013 in collaboration with a private media –NRIpress.com Inc. California, USA. Initial funding and ongoing support is being provided by NRIpress.com.
  2. By 2018, as our projections indicate, NRIpress.club should become financially independent with revenues from membership fees and advertisements.
  3. NRI News sponsors on NRIpress.com will become members of the NRIpress.club subject to tiered membership criteria......Read More

PROJECT- 5.............NRiplacement

When we look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question, “How did my activities contribute to making this world a better place?”, meaningful helping our community will give you the answer. Turn Your Passion Into a Career! .

 In 2021-22, we are expanding NRIpress.com media worldwide by rcruiting or training 10 press reporters/ Video News Executives (under sponsors programs) in each big city or State where our NRI Population is more then 10, 000.....Read More










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  • NRIpress.com, Inc is not acting solely as a for-profit industry, but as a profession with a social responsibility to promote NRIs through new technology, accurate journalism through NRI Community and to set up NRI business Network worldwide 
  • In the year 2000, like-minded Engineers from Michigan,USA and also from Ontario, Canada, realized that NRIs need NRI NEWS MEDIA and they started NRI internet.com media Community Services in North America
  • In 2007, NRIpress.com, Inc. was established under the State of California, USA after overwhelming response from sponsors and readers. Now NRIpress.com, Inc. is the 1st, California Based, ‘NRI MEDIA FIRM’, to provide current NRI news worldwide.
  • We have grown in numbers from 2 people (founders) to more than 100 people worldwide such as Journalists, entrepreneurs, professionals, writers, subject matter experts and advisers who stepped to the line and said: “WE WANT THE CHANGE.”
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1 To meet the needs of over 25 million NRIs worldwide including to help Senior’s social isolation and loneliness, family disputes, business disputes and non-problematic relationship with drugs.
2 To develop partnership with NRI Business Community by promoting their Businesses worldwide NRI businesses that share the database of customers and to reach around 50 million people in India, who are desirous of doing business overseas and with NRIs.
3 Encourage NRI Youths to set up youth social/ recreational centers where boys and girls can socialize with in their own groups to get guidance of higher education and Alcohol/Drug awareness. We can help to diminish gap between first and 2nd generation.
4 Organize Annual Functions and seminars to honor the best and the brightest of our NRI Community.Encourage NRIs to be involved in local politics and Indian politics. Also Encourage to raise funds for victims of a disaster and Organize a drug-free campaign
5 To set up NRIpress-Club in major cities of the world where NRI population is concentrated to develop NRI Network in their areas.

We  recognize 40-50 NRIs officially in each major city who can serve NRI Community and involve in News Media as Founder and Co-founder in their cities or States

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" To Become the Global Leader in News and Entertainment Media worldwide, servicing NRI's in the Global Marketplace by 2020"



Page 9-....................................................................OUR STRATEGY..............................................................

a) FREEDOM OF SPEECH LINKED TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS : Freedom of expression is a universal human right: We simply exercise every NRI citizen’s right to free speech, human rights and provide NRI news, information, ideas, comment and opinion and holds those in authority to account. We value our independence and ability to provide unbiased articles and news..........Read More

b) NO ADVERTISENENT......WHY:To protect our independence and safeguard press freedom, we are not running advertisement on home page of NRIpress.com.We survive on sponsors news and sponsorship programs for technology related costs..........................................................................Read More

c) Why do we think the Jews control the media-We condemn Slanted Media and encourage involvement in NRI News Media and Live Video Hot Topics Panel with the help of NRI Entrepreneurs and NRI Leaders for press releases......Read More

d) TO TRAIN MORE WOMEN IN NRI MEDIA: Through our programs, we empower women journalists with the training, opportunities, protection, recognize and support to become leaders in the NRI news industry. In this program, it will be started with 5 students.................................................Read More



The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, says that "Congress shall make no law....abridging (limiting) the freedom of speech, or of the press..." Freedom of speech is the liberty to speak openly without fear of government restraint. It is closely linked to freedom of the press because this freedom includes both the right to speak and the right to be heard. In the United States, both the freedom of speech and freedom of press are commonly called freedom of expression.

  • Five freedoms outlined in the First Amendment are: freedom of religionfreedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to assembly and the right to petition

Why freedom of the press is more important now than ever

  • Freedom of press is part of freedom of expression.
  • News Media is a powerful guardian of proper political behavior because audiences tend to trust the press, who they believe should inform them about government wrongdoing.
  • The media can influence, persuade and pressurize society and manipulate

Press freedom globally has declined to its lowest levels in 15 years. 

  • Forty-five percent of the population lives in countries where the media environment is Not Free.
  • Only 13 percent of the world’s population enjoys a Free press

Social media such as Facebook, is an important source of fake news:

  • There is fake news written for profit and then shared on social media among targeted groups of people. Fake news is misleading at best and untrue at worst.
  • The most read fake news stories got more shares, reactions and comments on Facebook than news produced by New York Times, CNN and LA Times

The United States remains one of the most press-friendly countries in the world:

  • NRIpress enjoys lively, aggressive, and diverse media, and some of the strongest legal protections for reporting and expression in NRI news media worldwide. 
  • NRIs take great pride in their press freedom. But the truth is, it’s under attack in North America and India.
  • This trend goes beyond the current leaders branding credible news outlets as “fake news” and threatening journalists.


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 To protect our independence and safeguard press freedom, we are not running advertisement on home page of NRIpress.com. 

  • Freedom of expression is a universal human right and we as NRIs resists any special controls on the press.

  • We value our independence and ability to provide unbiased articles and news. Like Wikipedia and MPR, we keep our network political advertisement free.

  • NRI People like News Websites without advertisements and we have ability to provide unbiased articles and news.

It takes a lot of resources to keep NRIpress.com running as it is a large website with many articles. The Database is our goldmine and we do what we must to make sure it runs fast for all of our readers.


NRI Business DirectoryIn today’s world, networking is a necessity. In almost every city around the world local Community networks and business networking groups-exist.

  • NRI Business Owners can become NRIpress.club members under NRI Business Directory by sponsor news to get referral program. ....Click

  • We survive on sponsorship News programs for technology related costs.





Page- 9c--.....................................................EDUCATION

Why is education and media Literacy Important for NRI Community’s Success?

NRIs must see the American Jewish community as a yardstick against which to compare themselves.

Success of Jews as proof of their integrity

They know that press is the power
By Gary Singh, Los Angeles

NRIs has created an image of Indians being sharp, smart, hardworking and able to achieve laurels in diversified fields - medicine, engineering, NASA, pharma, academics, IT, management etc.

Updated June, 2012According to the Pew Research Centre, NRIs (non-resident Indians) are the best-educated, fastest-growing community and highest-income in the US. NRIs have the highest median household income of $88,000 as compared to asians as a whole have a median household income of $66,000 and the US median of $49,800.

When foreigners travel to India - they suddenly have to make adjustments to the image of Indians being smart and hardworking. The local host, has to keep making excuses to explain off the lack of proper roads, the garbage strewn all over, the lack of pavements, the huge amount of poverty etc. Thats where our image takes a massive hit - and they must be wondering; “if Indians are so smart, how come the country is so broken”? “When they can launch satellites in space, why can’t they build proper roads and pavements”?

Similarly, NRIs are not well connected and never help their people who are less successful. One writer wrote in his article, ‘INRIs suck you. You should never work for NRIs because they exploit you. They are very individualistic. They are very poor as a community. There is little close cooperation. The answer is very simple: Where there is success, there is ego and this is a problem for NRIs.’”

NRIs must see the American Jewish community as a yardstick against which to compare themselves.

  • Why do you think Jews have been so successful in North America?
  • Why do you think the Jews control the media?
  • Why do you think the Jews own all the major corporations, dominate the entertainment business?

Interestingly, Jews make up only some 2-3 % of the US population, this figure is simply astounding. According to the Jewish Agency, for the year 2007 there were 13.2 million Jews worldwide; 5.4 million (40.9%) in Israel, 5.3 million (40.2%) in the United States, and the remainder distributed in communities of varying sizes around the world; this represents 0.2% of the current estimated world population

Success of Jews as proof of their integrity

Jews are probably the most successful people in the world. Behind this incredible power lies three important facts:

1. Well connected: They are extremely cohesive or ethnocentric. They are very well connected and help their people who are less successful

2. Education: They really value education compared to other people. The parents are damn strict on their kids to do well in school.

3. Media: They know that press is the power that shapes and molds the mind of virtually every citizen, young or old, rich or poor, simple or sophisticated. They also know that the press has become the greatest power within the Western World, more powerful than the legislature, the executive and judiciary.

"Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

  • Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
  • Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
  • Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
  • Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
  • Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
  • Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

    Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

The control of the opinion-molding media is nearly monolithic. All of the controlled media — television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, motion pictures speak with a single voice, each reinforcing the other:

  • The largest media conglomerate today is Walt Disney Company, whose chairman and CEO, Michael Eisner, is a Jew. As for feature films, the Walt Disney Picture Group, headed by Joe Roth (also a Jew). Disney also sells annually well over a billion dollars worth of consumer products: books, toys, and clothing. In August 1995 Eisner acquired Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., to create a media empire with annual sales of $16.5 billion. Capital Cities/ABC owns the ABC Television Network, which in turn owns ten TV stations outright in such big markets as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Houston. In addition, it has 225 affiliated stations in the United States and is part owner of several European TV companies.

  • ABC’s cable subsidiary, ESPN, is headed by president and CEO Steven Bornstein, who is a Jew. The corporation also has a controlling share of Lifetime Television and the Arts & Entertainment Network cable companies. ABC Radio Network owns 11 AM and ten FM stations, again in major cities such as New York, Washington, and Los Angeles, and has over 3,400 affiliates.
  • Time Warner, Inc., is the second of the international media leviathans. The chairman of the board and CEO, Gerald M. Levin, is a Jew. Time Warner’s subsidiary HBO is the country’s largest pay-TV cable network. Warner Music is by far the world’s largest record company, with 50 labels

  • Time Warner is heavily involved in the production of feature films. Time Warner’s publishing division (editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine, a Jew) is the largest magazine publisher in the country
  • Jewish newsman Daniel Schorr, who had worked for Turner, publicly charged that his former boss held a personal dislike for Jews. When Ted Turner, the Gentile media maverick, made a bid to buy CBS in 1985, there was a panic in media boardrooms across the nation. Turner had made a fortune in advertising and then had built a successful cable-TV news network, CNN. To block Turner’s bid CBS executives invited billionaire Jewish theater, hotel, insurance, and cigarette magnate Laurence Tisch to launch a "friendly" takeover of the company, and from 1986 till 1995 Tisch was the chairman and CEO of CBS, removing any threat of non-Jewish influence there. Subsequent efforts by Turner to acquire a major network have been obstructed by Levin’s Time Warner, which owns nearly 20 percent of CBS stock and has veto power over major deals.

  • Viacom, Inc., headed by Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein), is the third largest megamedia corporation in the country, with revenues of over $10 billion a year. Viacom, which produces and distributes TV programs for the three largest networks, owns 12 television stations and 12 radio stations. It produces feature films through Paramount Pictures, headed by Jewess Sherry Lansing. Its publishing division includes Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster, and Pocket Books. It distributes videos through over 4,000 Blockbuster stores. Viacom’s chief claim to fame, however, is as the world’s largest provider of cable programming, through its Showtime, MTV, Nickelodeon, and other networks. Since 1989, MTV and Nickelodeon have acquired larger and larger shares of the juvenile television audience. MTV pumps its racially mixed rock and rap videos into 210 million homes in 71 countries and is the dominant cultural influence on White teenagers around the world.

  • Number four on the list is Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which owns Fox Television Network and 20th Century Fox Films. Murdoch is a Gentile, but Peter Chernin, who heads Murdoch’s film studio and also oversees his TV production, is a Jew.

  • Number five is the Japanese Sony Corporation, whose U.S. subsidiary, Sony Corporation of America, is run by Michael Schulhof, a Jew. Alan J. Levine, another Jew, heads the Sony Pictures division.

  • Most of the television and movie production companies that are not owned by the largest corporations are also controlled by Jews.

  • Two other large production companies, MCA and Universal Pictures, are both owned by Seagram Company, Ltd. The president and CEO of Seagram, the liquor giant, is Edgar Bronfman, Jr., who is also president of the World Jewish Congress.

  • It is well known that Jews have controlled the production and distribution of films since the inception of the movie industry in the early decades of this century. This is still the case today. The big three in television network broadcasting used to be ABC, CBS, and NBC. With the consolidation of the media empires, these three are no longer independent entities
    The Print Media

  • Daily newspapers are the most influential information medium in America. Sixty million of them are sold (and presumably read) each day. These millions are divided among some 1,500 different publications. Only about 25 percent of the country’s 1,500 papers are independently owned. In only 50 cities in America are there more than one daily newspaper.

  • The Newhouse media empire provides an example of more than the lack of real competition among America’s daily newspapers. This Jewish media empire was founded by the late Samuel Newhouse, an immigrant from Russia. When he died in 1979 at the age of 84, he bequeathed media holdings worth an estimated $1.3 billion to his two sons, Samuel and Donald. With a number of further acquisitions, the net worth of Advance Publications has grown to more than $8 billion today.

  • Since the beginning of this century, when Jewish mercantile power in America became a dominant economic force, there has been a steady rise in the number of American newspapers in Jewish hands, accompanied by a steady decline in the number of competing Gentile newspapers — primarily as a result of selective advertising policies by Jewish merchants.

    The nation’s three most prestigious and influential newspapers: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. These three, dominating America’s financial and political capitals, are the newspapers which set the trends and the guidelines for nearly all the others. They are the ones which decide what is news and what isn’t, at the national and international levels. They originate the news; the others merely copy it. And all three newspapers are in Jewish hands.

  • The New York Times was founded in 1851 by two Gentiles, Henry J. Raymond and George Jones. After their deaths, it was purchased in 1896 from Jones’s estate by a wealthy Jewish publisher, Adolph Ochs. His great-grandson, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., is the paper’s current publisher and CEO. The Sulzberger family also owns, through the New York Times Co., 33 others newspapers, including the Boston Globe, purchased in June 1993 for $1.1 billion; twelve magazines, including McCall’s and Family Circle with circulations of more than 5 million each; seven radio and TV broadcasting stations; a cable-TV system; and three book publishing companies. The New York Times News Service transmits news stories, features, and photographs from the New York Times by wire to 506 other newspapers, news agencies, and magazines.

  • The Washington Post, like the New York Times, had a non-Jewish origin. It was established in 1877 by Stilson Hutchins, purchased from him in 1905 by John R. McLean, and later inherited by Edward B. McLean. In June 1933, however, at the height of the Great Depression, the newspaper was forced into bankruptcy. It was purchased at a bankruptcy auction by Eugene Meyer, a Jewish financier and former partner of the infamous Bernard Baruch, the industry czar in America during the First World War.
    The Washington Post is now run by Katherine Meyer Graham, Eugene Meyer’s daughter. She is the principal stockholder and board chairman of the Washington Post Co. In 1979, she appointed her son Donald publisher of the paper. He now also holds the posts of president and CEO of the Washington Post Co.
  • The Washington Post Co. has a number of other media holdings in newspapers, television, and magazines, most notably the nation’s number-two weekly newsmagazine, Newsweek


Several themes came up for me, that I connect with very deeply.

  • First, I believe in freedom, and my experiences tell me that freedom is fragile, and can come at a very high price.
  • Second, I believe in equality.
  • Third, I believe in taking responsibility.
  • Finally, I believe in education. Education was my ticket, as I'm sure it was for many of us here today.

I've learned that knowledge is power, in the best sense of the word. After Sep 11, need to open your eyes and educate yourselves. ... Our quality of life after 9/11 appears to have been forever changed by that ..... then two like-minded people started NRI media and now reached about 15 worldwide (U. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. ....updated July 2012 (now reached 95 people worldwide)

NRIs are doing wonderful jobs, keep it up. We must learn to help other NRIs who are less successful and also involve in press media...........Sources: Jews- Rense.com, compuserb.com and NRI media group.









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NRIpress Institute for Training in NRI MEDIA

SUPPORT NRIpress Institute

Here’s how to support a loved one during a job hunt:

When your loved one (Brother or sister or friend) is professional, minimum Bachelor degree in India and undergoing a job hunt or unemployed, can be a demoralizing process that leeches away at your self-esteem. You can get stressed watching their stress, feeling helpless on what you can do to support them.

NRIpress Institute uses journalism as a development tool to educate, train and fully support to produce high-quality local news coverage. Through our programs, we empower women and men journalists with the training, opportunities, protection, recognize and support to become leaders in the NRI news industry.

NRIpress is able to open and operate independent and NRIpress associate  news bureaus across the India.











Page- 16


Page-16 a

Why do we need NRI Networking and also so important?

(I) NRIs and NRI's GROWTH :

  • At the start of the 19th century, the most  of  the NRIs  worked at menial jobs, lived in appalling conditions and were confronting with prejudice, mistrust, hardships, hostility, humiliation and bigotry.
  • In the mid-19th Century, majority of THE NRIs were highly qualified such as engineers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs and business owners and also brought their families by sponsoring them.
  • At the end of 19th Century, we have been on a big growth around 22 million in 1990
  • In 2016, demographers had the NRI's population at 28-30 million and by 2030 it is estimated about 40-45 million.
  • While the size of the NRI's elderly population has been increasing for the two decades, it is only in recent 5-7 years that the proportion has caught the attention of NRI young Entrepreneurs.


We’ve been thinking a lot about NRI’s life lately. In fact, it feels like we’re hit by one debilitating heartbreak after another, such as Generation Gap between NRI Parents and NRI Children, placing NRI  parents in a Nursing Home, Divorce Rates Increased Over Time in NRI Community.

a) Generation Gap

Generation Gap between NRI Parents and NRI Children: The fact is that family life has changed in the last generation quite apart from the rise of technology. Yes of course there exists a generation gap between me and my parents. NRI parent’s lack of technological acumen, they may be unwilling to assert themselves in their children’s technological lives. Due to children’s sense of superiority and they may be unwilling to listen to their parents.

b) Divorce Rates

Divorce Rates Increased Over Time in NRI Community:
NRI first generation was grown up in a strictly anti-divorce culture in India even have prevalent arranged marriages and which are not rooted in love. In the past five years alone, there's been a 20% divorce rates in NRI first generation and 40-50% in NRI second generation. The chances of this NRI newly-weds staying together for the rest of their lives are slimmer than ever.

  • The pressures of the modern technology in home and workplace make a bigger difference and NRIs are concentrating more on the careers and less on their personal lives. Most of the time NRI 2nd generation don't want to put more efforts into a relationship to fix the issues.
  • In the NRI families, when a husband reported having a close relationship with his wife’s parents, the couple’s risk of divorce decreased by 40%. Conversely, when a wife reported having a close relationship with her husband’s parents, the couple’s risk of divorce increased by 50%.
  • Living with the in-laws, most of the women suffer mentally, sexually, emotionally, and distraction because they don't have a lot of privacy by sharing family room, kitchen and bathrooms.  They still want their son’s wives to cook food for them.  Those women who are financially independent or who have the support of their parents, there are 75% chances for divorce.

Keep in mind, NRI marriages are not always permanent these days. Smart NRI parents spent more money in education than spending big money on marriages.

c) Placing your parents in a nursing home
  • Placing your parents or grand parents into residential care or a nursing home remains a huge taboo within the NRI community.
  • For some families the consideration of a nursing home comes after a sudden stroke or fracture of the hip, making caring for an elderly parent at home seem impossible to manage. I never wanted my parents to go into a care home – then I had to face reality
  1. NRI Sushma verma was adamant that her mother and father would never have to go into a nursing home. But one day the unthinkable happened and they could no longer look after themselves. Suddenly, residential care seemed the answer
    • I would never put my parents into a care home. Only selfish children did that. I knew that - until the night I dropped by the family home to find my father sitting on the floor. He had a vague expression, as if nothing unusual had happened.
  2. Few months back, Surinder Kaur who is working as an  IT programmer on the airport  told NRIpress: “Her mother had suffered a mild heart attack and had been taken to the hospital. Surinder used the opportunity to share her concerns with her mother. But when the subject came to moving her mother away from her home, she was met with sharp resistance. "No," said her mother firmly. "I'm not moving." So how does a worried daughter convince a recalcitrant parent that moving to a long-term care facility is in their best interest?. Those can be the most difficult words a concerned child may hear their elderly parent say. No matter how smoothly the process goes, children often retain guilt about moving elderly parents to a long-term care facility.

d) NRIpress.Club like to set up PANEL to help NRI senior citizens who need personalized supportive services and health care and/ or who would like to participate in recreation, education and social activities with other seniors.

  1. This Panel should help to NRI Entrepreneurs to openNRI Assisted Living Facilities to provide 24 hour care with registered Care Aides, licensed Practical Nurses and on-call Physicians, who are able to communicate in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and Fijian Hindi.
  2. Meals services should include South Asian food  like (Roti Dal etc.), and can be catered to specific dietary restrictions and preferences. The facilities should be  located nearby local temples and other services. Our NRIpress.club team should also help to raise funds for organizations who like to set up projects to help NRI seniors.


NRIs Helping India but NRIs are Betrayed: The repatriation of funds to India by NRIs is among the highest among expatriates in the world. On the other hand, In India, NRI’s properties are being grabbed

a) NRI’s properties  are being grabbed by mafia activists  and their own relatives in India

  • With real-estate prices soaring, NRIs are being deprived of their property by cheating relatives and land sharks.
  • It is a big business in India and several ruling party senior leaders are hand in gloves in this property grabbing trade. First the land is forcibly grabbed. The mafia activists approach and initiate procedure to persuade the NRI to sell the encroached property to one of them., as it would not be possible for him  to get back his property from the powerful mafia. Even some senior police officials support them. Therefore, NRI should sell the property to the mafia activists who with their influence with police and highly placed politicians would get it vacated. 
  • Helping Brothers, Sisters and Parents:  For the  past 2-3 decades, first generation NRIs  always helped their brothers, sisters and parents  in immigration and upgrading their education to get suitable jobs, even not spending time with their own kids. Unfortunately, most of them never appreciate and NRI’s property also grabbed with his own brother/sister relatives in India

b) NRIs are arrested under Dowry cases and false FIRs

  • NRIs cases are delayed by months to years. Abuse of anti-dowry laws has become serious enough that the United States Department of State has  published the following travel warning on its Web site, http://travel.state.gov, about "Dowry/Visa Demands" for travellers to India.

c) NRI Businesses in India:

  • NRIs become very upset when any busines0's stories of NRIs who started the projects in India, most of thems dispute occurred and contract would not enforceable because of delay. We have 10 made them near to bankrupt  and started their life again

d) False promises from politicians, the police officers and local office Departments

The breach of promises become very expensive to NRIs. There are no laws by which an oral promise by any person can be considered for legal action in case of any breach!

  • Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, due to India’s 30 Million Case Judicial Backlog. There are hundreds of victims of blackmail and extortion, involving NRIs in the criminal cases registered in India, without any punishment to the blackmailer. Most of the cases are reported to take between 5-10 and 20 years. Misuse and Mockery of Indian law and Judiciary must be stopped and Blackmailers punished.




Page 16 b

Click Here






Page 16 c



Everyone has a story to tell. Your vision is your dream.

In today’s world, networking is a necessity. In almost every city around the world local Community networks and business networking groups-exist.

The NRIpress.club Mindset

We need an empowering environment, filled with like-minded people and NRIpress.club strategies. Inside the NRIpress.club, you will be surrounded by people who suppport your NRIpresss.club goals and vision, keeping you “plugged in” to NRIpress.club Mindset.

In 2010, we are frequently asked, “where can we find Awesome People with Similar Interests.” Connecting with new people can help you get more out of life.  We entered a new phase of life or just want to make some new friends; the web makes it easy to connect with people who have similar passions to your own.

The Fastest Way To Achieve Success by helping others First

    • "Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others AND our greatest successes in life often come through helping others to succeed,” A.Gary Singh Grewal said. “Perhaps not instantly, but over time it eventually we personally succeeded far more than we ever would have imagined.”

We’re given a good guide as to what the standard should be for the NRI leadership or NRI Club members. NRI must be a man whose life is above reproach. He must be faithful to his friends, family and NRIpress club members.

Our club’s new platform is designed to be a place where people can discuss the social issues they care about, connect with like-minded people and nonprofits, and take-action by sponsoring News, and raising money.











Page 16 d


NEWS MEDIA- DIRECTORS for Coverage in Los Angeles Area


Los Angeles

(Valley, Artesia, Diamond Bar)

1 Sunil Agarwal sagarwal@ NRIpress.com
2 Baljinder Sidhu bsidhu@ NRIpress.com
3 Surinder Sambhi sambhi@ NRIpress.com
4 Samsher Sidhu samsidhu@ NRIpress.com
5 Gary Singh/ PM garysingh@ NRIpress.com
6 Roshan Khandpur roshan@ NRIpress.com
7 Col Sohi colsohi@ NRIpress.com
8 Swaran Dabgotra sdabgotra@ NRIpress.com
9 Srini Natrajan snatrajan@ NRIpress.com
10 Nachhatar Bhullar nachhatar@NRIpress.com
11 B.Garcha bgarcha@NRIpress.com







(San Berdino,

1 Amrik S. Sidhu asidhu@ NRIpress.com
2 Avtar Sanghu asanghu@ NRIpress.com
3 Balbir Singh Jhawar bsjhawar@NRIpress.com
4 Baldev Kang bkang@NRIpress.com
5 Balwinder S Uppal bsuppal@NRIpress.com
6 Bharpoor S Takhar bstakhar@NRIpress.com
7 Gurinderjit (Greg) Singh gsingh@NRipress.com
8 Harbhajan Samra hsamra@NRIpress.com
9 Harmakhan Sidhu hsandhu@NRIpress.com
10 Dr, Harkirat Dhillon hdhillon@NRIpress.com
11 Jaswant Singh Jhawar jsjhawar@NRIpress.com
12 Joginder (Joe) Sandhu


13 L.Wraich lwraich@ NRIpress.com
14 Shingara Singh mssingh@NRIpress.com
15 Surinderpal Singh SurinderpalSingh@ NRIpress.com

V.Bhasin vbhasin@ NRIpress.com
17 Kuljinder Tatla kuljinder@NRIpress.com

UPDATED March, 2019


Palm Springs

2 Jinder/Shinder Singh jindersingh@NRIpress.com
3 Harvinder Chandi hchandi@NRIpress.com
    Riverside Booklet Click Here
Note: We reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use, at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms of Use periodically for changes. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the changes.
1 You may like to promote your a Own community such as Gujrati/Punjabi/Bengali/Telgu associations etc.  
  b Religious associations/ own events to invite NRI Community  
  c Own business/own Family  
2 Bollywood to Hollywood Shows   Shows From Actor Amitabh to Singer Sonu Nigam and Miss India- most of the organizers contact NRIpress for their press releases. With request, we can get best front seats for press passes and also get tables at  discounted prices if you like to involve your families  
3 VIDEO--Interview of Indian/US Politicians   You can be part of a panel for interviews of politicians and for preparing press releases  
4 Advisor/board director/ Press representative of NRIpress   You may like to represent NRIpress as advisor/press or board director - from white house to New Delhi. We have great opportunities and offers all the time for a front seat as representative of NRIpress.  
5 Your Dream to write Articles About various subjects but never got a platform a
  • Politicians-Most of the people like to express their feelings about corrupt politicians, bad experience in US or India.
  • Consulate services-Many people who call about difficulties for consulate services here, mostly just talk to each other but avoid to write to them directly or news press due to the fear of reprisals.
We decided to write on behalf of NRIpress.club and took actions to serve and protect our NRI community.

For example,

  • IF you are a doctor,  you can write article  about obesity, exercise or other topics which can help our NRI community.
  • If you are a realtor, you can write article about housing, closing and other kind of help to NRIs.


,…..Click here

05a updated 12 feb

Page 16 e

NRIpress.Club-LA 50 

means about 50 NRIs from Los Angeles (100 miles radius) will have one Network in LA which will operate NRIpress.club network and NRIpress News Media under the direction of NRIpress.com Inc, .Globex Tech Inc, NI and Mich Tech Inc., Ont., Canada. (Details will be provided to NRIpress.Club-LA 50 members.NRIpress.Club-LA 50 shall include minimum 50 NRIs from two sources
NRIpress.Club 25 Executive Committee Members from NRIpress Sponsor's Categories Read More
NRIbusiness Network 25 Executive Committee Members from NRIbusiness Network-One person elected from each website which hold minimum 10 members(advertisors). Read More
    a 2 Executive  Committee Members
  • Bal Singh Sidhu ( Sr. Vice President)
  • Gary Singh
b Media-Team-LA ...........Click
  2 NRI VIDEO COMMITTEE: NRI-Hot Topic Views Monthly Video Committee
    a 3 Executive  Committee Management Members-Admin
  1. Roshan Khandpur
  2. Gary Singh
  3. Surinder Sembhi
Reserved Coming Soon
  b NRI-Hot Topic Views Monthly Video Committee
Col.  Raj Sohi//-Bal Sidhu//-Mr. Dhiman//-Kamini Khare/H. Samra Rashmi Shah//-S. Hundal//-Sam Sidhu Coming Soon
Bal Sidhu//-Col.  Raj Sohi//-Sam Sidhu/-KPSingh- Indiana//-Prof. Gupta, MI//-Dr.S. Batth SFO//-M.Walia- Indiana//-Anil Monga, NY Balwant Sanghera, Vancouver// Param Gabhi, Toronto//- Prof, S. Sharma, London//- NS Rattan, IAS, Ret. PB//- M. Mukherjee, IPS Ret.Calcutta//- N, Malik, Lt. General Ret.
  4 NRI-IT-Expansion Committee
Coming Soon Coming Soon Dave Singh/Ramesh Rana/R.Maleywar/ Taran Singh

NRIs-HEPL/ Hot Line CommitteeSenior/ Youth./Family issues/Community Help

------Coming Soon

B NRI News Media Team  can Participate
1 You may like to promote your a Own community such as Gujrati/Punjabi/Bengali/Telgu associations etc.  
  b Religious associations/ own events to invite NRI Community  
  c Own business/own Family  
2 Bollywood to Hollywood Shows   Shows From Actor Amitabh to Singer Sonu Nigam and Miss India- most of the organizers contact NRIpress for their press releases. With request, we can get best front seats for press passes and also get tables at  discounted prices if you like to involve your families  
3 Your Dream to write Articles About various subjects but never got a platform a
  • Politicians-Most of the people like to express their feelings about corrupt politicians, bad experience in US or India.
  • Consulate services-Many people who call about difficulties for consulate services here, mostly just talk to each other but avoid to write to them directly or news press due to the fear of reprisals.
We decided to write on behalf of NRIpress.club and took actions to serve and protect our NRI community.

For example,

  • IF you are a doctor,  you can write article  about obesity, exercise or other topics which can help our NRI community.
  • If you are a realtor, you can write article about housing, closing and other kind of help to NRIs.
,…..Click here
    Purpose: Business Networking is a really valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients with referrals, client leads. Opportunities like joint ventures and partnerships,  great source of connections, and really opens the door
1 22 Executive Committee Members:
  • One Executive Member  from each website such as NRI accountant. Com/ NRIrealtos.com/
  • One Executive Member  from NRIpress.club Network 
  2 NRI Business Directory Model with 200 Members in One City
    22 Websites with minimum 10 advertisement of each websites and few news sponsership. This can lead upto 500 NRI's Business Network
22 Websites **NRI Associate Members
NRIrealtors.com Sam Sidhu//--Ravi Grewal –Remax//-Bob Singh//-Leena Patel....CONTINUED
NRIinsurance.com Gill Insurance//- Sarbjit Singh//-Mohinder Singh….CONTINUED….
NRIgrocery Munish Makkar//- Kumar Jaw….......CONTINUED…
NRIrestaurants.com Diamond Palace/-Ashoka Restaurant/-India Hut…............CONTINUED

*Exec. Member will be appointed from NRI Associate members. They approve advertisement and news in particular Business they represent with the help of NRIpress.club Executive Committee Members

**All NRI Associate Members will be  yearly advertisers.










Page 27- .............................................................NRI FUNCTIONS & AWARDS .......................................












Page27 a


To expand the Network in your City- We must have functions twice-a-year
Absolutely, Positively the Best Referral Program Ideas
(Accountant /Doctors/Realtors/Grocers…so on)

  • NRI Business Network can lead to business opportunities, joint ventures and partnerships, great source of connections, and really opens the door to attain new clients with referrals and client leads.
  • In a nutshell, the bigger your NRI Business network, the more trusted referrals you’ll get

To Stop Losing NRI Referral Business, we set up 20-25 website project

Our Project of over 20 websites  such as NRI realtors, NRI accountants, NRI dentists, NRI doctors, NRI Restaurants…so on, with  minimum 10 members  of each website:

  • Can organize the functions 2-3 times a year to expand the NRI Businesses Network
  • Can Update News of their Website and press release to their members
  • Can promote NRI Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and philanthropists.








Page 27 b


Gary Singh Grewal with Entrepreneurs, politicians & Celebrities


N.Nilekani co-founded Infosys- Billionair Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN- Journalist Nikki Haley, Ex-Gov UN Ambassador

Ed Royce -US.Rep. CLICK

Tulsi.Gabbard, US Rep Brad.Sherman, US Rep N.Biswal Ast.Secretary Prashanth.Bhushan Anna Hazare activist
Mallika-Sherawat in LA BAPPI-LAHIRI in LA Bobby-Doel-in - in LA, Ravi Grewal's House Charanjit Batth. Raisin grower on 18000 acres IndioChief Police helping NRIs
Ambassador V.Ashok in LA try to help NRIs Raja Capt.shakes hand with Gary ji for change in PB Atwal Speaker of Punjab India PM Modi in San Francisco- Man ki Baat BJP-N. Gadkari at NYC and LA Kejriwal Wants Change with the help of NRIs




Page 27 c.....Awards
Page 27 d NRI Award


At least one function in major cities, once a year to recognize NRIs for their Achievements

All applicants shall be evaluated according to standard guidelines and criteria by an independent panel of judges, co-ordinated by the Chairman, Awards Committee

The applicant’s identity shall not be disclosed to judges. Thus all award winners will be selected on the basis of merit of details provided by them in their applications. An awards ceremony makes NRIs feel that their work is valued. An awards ceremony or activity is a chance for celebration and reflection.

Here are some types of recognition we might consider:
  • NRI Man of the Year;
  • NRI Woman of the Year
  • NRI Journalist of each City (Special)
  • NRI Educator of the Year
  • NRI Non-Profit of the Year
  • NRI Entrepreneur of the Year
  • NRI Volunteer of the Year
  • NRI Student of the Year
  • NRI Small Business of the Year
  • NRI Large Business of the Year
  • NRI Innovative Business of the Year
  • NRI Student of the Year
  • NRI Special Recognition.
Example of USM Function in LA:
Compere Asha Sharma made A.Gary Singh Grewal of NRIpress, a little emotional during one of USM Function
Asha Sharma, a compering celebrity across the world, introduce and appreciate the services of A Gary Singh Grewal of NRIpress to promote 1000s NRI Entrepreneurs, Politicians, philanthropist, Lawyers and Celebrities worldwide with not- profit news cooperative interest.
Los Angeles's Most Popular Social Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Doctors & Businessmen

(L to R) Dr. D.P.Nagra, Lehmber Wraich, C.Samra, Dr.Piara Singh, D.Wraich, R.Dhindsa, Dr. Marwha, V.Pawar, ??, Asha Sharma, ??, Baljit Singh, Kang Brothers, A. Gary Singh Grewal, Iqbal Samra.A.Gary Singh Grewal








Page 32

Page 32a Benefits by Membershi Categories
Free Bio Listing
NRI News UPdated Advertis ement Cross Business Referral Press Release/ year Co-Founders MEDIA RIGHTS Functions Yearly Hot Line Services
NRIpress. com/ your Name News 22 web sites World wide with 3 photos On Home Page of   Community Entertain- ments  
Yearly function -Special Discount and better seats
Encourage to set up 24 x 7 Hot line worldwide including India to help NRIs
Referrals & Increased business
Referrals and positive word-of-mouth are the most effective ways to build a small business and .most trusted marketing strategy. You get normally high quality and even pre-qualified business for you
Opportunities & Connections:
  1. You get opportunity to meet motivated group of business owners and opens the door to talk to highly influential people.
  2. Connections-Networking provides you with a great source of connections and you can call them to help and align with your business goals and vision
Advice From Like-minded Business Owners:
Networking gives you the opportunity to get advice from specialized field business owners and expertise related to your business or even your personal life or family problems.
Share ideas and knowledge :
Discussing your views within a group and feedback from them provides you with an opportunity to learn and avoid some of the common pitfalls they experienced.
Positive Influence & Increased confidence-
By telling people who you are and what you do, then uplifting people that help you to grow as great entrepreneur. Pushing yourself to talk to other unknown professionals and entrepreneurs, it will help increase your confidence. Your business growth is dependent on talking to people and making connections.
Friendship & Satisfaction from helping others:
Like-minded business owners help each other, want to grow your businesses and naturally strong friendships tend to form. When Network people help each other to solve the problems or issues within their business and get a fantastic result - there is great satisfaction
Page 32c- NRIpress Member's Exclusive Benefits:


  1. You will run NRI news media in your City/State/Country….. (supported by our news room
  2. If you own the business: 
    • You will get 50% discount for your business Link
    • The following year you can earn free Link if you add two honest businers owners as your club network
  3. Making Extra Income: Making extra money is always a bonus. No contest. You can involve in our 20 website project. Nothing on this page is going to get you rich, but sometimes it’s just about making a few extra couple thousand dollars each month.
    • You will share revenue from club membership / sponsors/ investment/and selling rights such as NRIpress.com/USA…Canada, LA etc . you refer above three advertisements mentioned in 2 or start immediately if you have no business advertisement related to our 30 web sites mega project
  4. You will promote your business and get popular in your community by:
    • Internet Presence and being a member of Association
    • Networking Opportunities at Respective Events
    • Cross Business referrals: Member can increase their business from annual directory of our members and by attending our functions
  5. Referral Incentive by joining individual web site netwok: For example Real estate. 
  6. You will run NRI business association in your City/State/Country through membership/seminars (our association will support) 
  7. You will promote your/family sons or daughters in seminars - We will encourage them to control this project and enable them to have direct contact with CEOs/ Politicians and Entrepreneurs 
  8. You will be highly recognized and respected in NRI Community as well as local politician’s circle
As soon as we have 500 members, our plan is to negotiate for reduced rates with:
a) Insurance Companies: Life, Retirement, health, Real Estate, and Auto Insurance 
b) Car Dealerships or Companies with special rebate 
c) Hotel Discounts, Rental Cars & Holidays package 
d) Private Share Accommodation Worldwide 
e) Loan Facilities, or Own Banking and Credit Cards to members 
Hot Line Help 24 x7
NRI seniors and needy families in your city
  b Help in India: such as Accident situation, airport, police  or neighbour harasement or Other unexpected racism, brutality and corruption
This ID Card will be issued to Diamond, Patinum, Board of Directors, News Officials, IT Investors, and senior Advisors. This card can be used from white House to New Delhi when official invitation have been provided
  1. Enjoy and join at Special reserved tables for press at Bollywood or Hollywood Entertainment Shows or any Political functions
  2. To represent yourself as a NRI Community representative or behalf of press to local Mayors, police heads or congressmen.
  3. Help to raise funds for needy NRIs and NRI associations
  4. When travelingh in India, you can use it where you feel helpful at airport, hospital, police stations or in offices. In any difficult time, you can contact local media or our head office for help.
Left ID is being used by Press Report Executives/ ............................Right Card all Executives ..................ok
NRIpress.club........CLICK HERE



Membership Categories

Page 35











Page-35 a
  MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES--Most of the NRI Sponsors are Philanthropist/Entrepreneurs/ Business Owners and Web IT Professional/ Media Advisors. Some may be involved in Incorporation
1 BRONZE Members: $100/yr / Member
2 SILVER Members: Associations -$250/year
K.Khare Dr.Sahota
3 GOLD Members: Business Owners- $450/year--->Click
S.Sharma BobSingh LinaPatel G.Sood K.Jawa
K.Singh A.Bhum Dr.Shah D.Singh C.Grewal S. Verma
   COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES by below Categories--Become a NRIpress.com partner. Option to buy reserved shares with 75% discount with sponsor news and services/.. ..Click to..Read More
4 DIAMOND MembersSPONSOR News-$1000/year--Between -$5000 to 10,000
1 NRI Top News/
2 NRI Business News
Kang Brothers .Jhawar Brothers HMadhok Dabgotra Roshan  
3 NRI Media News
Uppal BrothersTrucking
5 PLATINUM MembersSponsor News- Commitment or Paid Between $10,000-25,000
S.Sidhu- M.Walia- A.Agarwal N.Bhuler Ravi.Grewal P.Gupta H.Samra

6 CORPORATE Members- Investors/ IT/Admin- Between $25,000 -$50,000

AGary Singh
Raj.Grewal Taran.Singh Dave Singh P..Gabhi S.Singh Karen.k
7 MEDIA Members - Reserved
1 NORTH AMERICA Dr. D.Chahil-Canada; KP Singh-USA; B. Sanghera-Canada;/ A.Gary Singh/S. Natarajan/S.Singh Toronto/ Dave Singh/Jovan/Shan-MI/ Karen/ Ramesh/ Col R. Sohi/S.Sehmi/ J. Dhillon/ Bal Sidhu +Amrik Sidhu +80 Associations
2 EUOROPE Surjit Sandhu-UK/ Rashmi Goyal-Paris
3 ASIA In Process
4 INDIA Karan Singh/D. Grewal/ B.Dhillon/ R. Sharma/S. Grewal








Page 38



How to Become a Co-Founder at NRIpress.com?
2009-2020: “Till now, many good NRI souls (as shown below chart), are supporting BY SPONSORING NEWS, VIDEOs, Weekly Hot topics, Sponsor Press Video Executives, where we simply exercise every NRI citizen’s right to free speech and human rights,”A.Gary Singh Grewal expressed his deepest thanks for their support. “The way they have accompanied him in this journey for humanity is applaud able and hope their interest in our mission will continue.”
To Become a Co-Founder at NRIpress.com, you must Becomme Platinum Member. For Co-founders, we have:

RESERVED 5 Million Shares for Co-Founders as soon Company go for public Company: If you have any previous contract or Agreement or sponsor news or your IT services (never fulfilled by you), are still eligible to 75% discounted (non-incentive) shares before Dec. 31, 2020. This offer is optional. Please contact our local representative.
UPDATED June 30, 2020:
Most of the NRI Sponsors are Philanthropist/Entrepreneurs/Business Owners and Web IT Professionals/ Media Advisors. Some might be already involve in Incorporation

Sponsor News or Ads yearly ....upto $5,000+
Plus official helping in Press news/Video release and / IT area for at lease 5 years

U.Solank S.Bhullar B.Garcha M.Makkar J.Dhillon Dr.Reddy-Krishna L. Wraich

Bal.Sidhu R.Khandpur Sarbjit. Singh S.Sehmi Piara Singh. DarshanS. A.Monga

Sponsor News/Adv
Most of the sponsors paid $25,000, $15,000, $10,000, and OR Commitment upto $25,000

M.Walia Prof.Gupta- Sam. Sidhu- A.Agarwal- N.Bhullr Rattan Joea H.Samra-

B.Singh/NYC S.Dabgotra Ravi.Grewal-

Investors/ IT/Admin, who contributed over $25000/- or worth IT work

A.Gary Singh, USA Raj Grewal, LA Dave Singh USA Param Gabhi, Toronto S. Singh, Canada Taran Singh, CHD G. Mann, DTW
M.Chahal DTW A.Agarwal CHD B.Singh NYC
NRIpress.club-LA50: NRIpress.Club-LA 50 mean there are about 50 NRIs from Los Angeles (100 miles radius) area who will will help to operate NRIpress.club network and NRIpress News Media under the direction of NRIpress.com Inc......Click



All above Names will be listed in "About Us" of Home Page of NRIpress.com
We can be sure that membership will not only enable you to give back to your community, but will provide opportunities to grow personally, develop as a leader, create a network, and make international connections as ‘advertising-free NRI News media’.









Page 41











Page 41 a

II----NRIpress Sponsors: We Salute You!

More than 90% below NRI Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners have contributed over $200,000 ($1000, $5000, $15000 and $25,000) to sponsor News so that NRI's voice must be heard worldwide. Others have great contribution through IT, News support services.


“Till now, many good NRI souls like you, are supporting ‘advertising-free NRI News media’ where we simply exercise every NRI citizen’s right to free speech, human rights and provide NRI news, information, ideas, comment and opinion and holds those in authority to account,” Gary ji expressed his deepest thanks for your support. “The way you have accompanied him in this journey for humanity is applaud able.”

We survive on sponsors news and sponsorship programs for technology related costs


NRI’s True Heroes who served NRI community and NRIpress Media

  • Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains: 1936-1916. Since March 20, 2006, Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains, Surrey, BC Canada was writing articles for our NRI Media…...Click to..Read More
  • Pravin Mody: "December 22, 1940 - February 27, 2016". Mr. Mody donated one million dollars  for “Every child in school and learning well in India.”.....…Click to.Read More
  • Jasminder Singh Dhillon: Jan 01, 1960-March 11 2018. Jasminder Singh Dhillon was one of the Co-Foundor NRIpress Media in LA area to serve NRU Community........Click to..Read More
  • Ukabhai SolankiClick to........Read More


Page 42a




Page 42b
XX...............................REVENUE IN INDIA on the basis of PUNJAB MODEL




I   WEB SITES   Location-web Name -# Charges Total 2022 ....TOTAL USA
  A Advertisement on Home Page. of INDIApress.TV 1 On Top 300x100 1 $3000 $3000      
2 RT Column & Base 7 $1000 $7000
Revenue on www.INDIApress.TV -only member's advertisenet by rotation ` $10,000









1 NRIastrology.com 7 $250 $1750  
2 NRIbanks.net 7 $250 $1750
3 NRIbanquethalls.com 7 $250 $1750
4 NRIdentists.com 14 $250 $3500
5 NRIdoctors.com 14 $250 $3500
6 NRIhospitals.com 7 $250 $1750
7 NRIhotels.com 7 $250 $1750
8 NRIimmigration. com 7 $250 $1750
9 NRIjewelers.com 7 $250 $1750
10 NRIlawyers.com 7 $250 $1750
11 NRImortgage.com 7 $250 $1750
12 NRIrealtors.com 14 $250 $3500
13 NRIrestaurants.com 14 $250 $3500
14 NRItravelAgencies 7 $250 $1750
TOTAL Advertisement Revenue of 22 website in California $31,500
Autmatic Register 15 bisiness owner x 20websites x $100 .. Click $30,000
  C NRIpress.club Membership and News Sponsorship  
  Membership Type Who Involve Yearly Members First year
1 BRONZE Members Regular $100 100 $10,000
2 SILVER Members Associations/Polical $250 40 $10,000
3 GOLD Members Real estate/ Dentist.. $500 xxxx xxxxxx
4 DIAMOND Members SPONSOR News $1,000 25 $25,000
5 PLATINUM Members Sponsor / Investors $2500 or 10 $25,000
  NRIpress.club Membership and News Sponsorship... $70,000  
II In India:,Amritsar,Hoshiarpur,Jallandhar, Mohali/CHD,Patiala,Bathinda,Ludhiana:=7X $141,500 $990,500  
III TOTAL REVENUE IN INDIA * **   $1,132,000

* (On the bases ONE advertisement in one major city of India at each website x 5 major States of India).
** Subject to change any time. This project is new and under process with our Indian Team proposals


Page 2


.Diamond and Platinum Sponsors who like to serve NRI Community or officially  in NRIpress Project local or worldwide, please fill up this page:

 Member’s Name____________________________ Sponsor Date__________________/_______

Payment Yearly (Diamond  or Platinum members):


Initial 2010-20

















  -Can be upgraded any time to Platinum member

NOTE: DIAMOND & PLATINUM  members  may apply to  get incentive shares to grow according to their ability, time and their interest in the project:

      1. May Involve in managementin news and IT operation.
      2. Platinum members can get financial incentive according their interest, need and involvement. If you are a platinum member:
        1. You will be able to recover your sponsorship through commission incentives
        2. You will still able to get shares of the company as mention in our website
      3. Co-Founder members in their city or State and co-founders in other countries
      4. Expansion operation –preference will be given to Diamond and Platinum members