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Anti Corruption Crusaders: Anna Hazare visited Los Angeles



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US NRIs express their Solidarity with Anna Hazare for his fight against corruption

Los Angeles, Aug 27, 2013
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After numerous requests from NRIs settled in the Los Angeles area, social activist Anna Hazare visited Los Angeles on August 24, Saturday. During his short stay from 5pm-9pm, he attended a press conference at Radisson Hotel and the Meet and Greet at Torch Restaurant, both in Buena Park, California.

Addressing a press conference at Radisson Hotel, Anna Hazare said:

  • The traditional political parties have failed to bring the change needed. He cited the example that all the major political parties opposed to be transparent with their funding disclosure, and exempted themselves from Right To Information (RTI).
  • He also favoured direct election of prime minister and doing away with party-based political system, which he claimed has destroyed not only democracy, but also "usurped" the constitution. "India's constitution does not recognise political parties.

At a question and answer session, he described, Narendra Modi represent political party. Therefore being representatives of political parties, he should not be permitted to become the Prime Minister.

"He would go back to agitation at Ramlila Maidan on the first day of the winter session of the Parliament, if the Union Government does not bring the Lokpal in the current session," said Hazare. "After returning from the US, he would resume his nationwide tour from Bihar, during which he would urge people to fight for achieving the goal of true democracy."

In a petition given to him, NRIs appealed to Anna Hazare the need for “Absentee voting”, as it is not practical for all NRIs to travel to India to cast their votes.

In his address to about 300 cheering NRIs at Torch Restaurant:

  • Annaji announced that the movement for corruption free India will rekindle in the coming weeks. He requested NRIs to be part of the movement by providing technical support. Throughout his 40 min speech, Anna Hazare elegantly mixed patriotism, inspiration and humor. While the crowd were chanting Vande Mataram, Jai Hindi, Annaji Zindabad, he mentioned that he will surely live to see the Jan Lokpal bill passed in Indian Parliament. Anna Hazare and the freedom fighter, Shri Gunavanrai Naik were felicitated by the various social activists.


  • If the country needs a Prime Minister, or a President, the entire country should elect them. These political parties run against the basic spirit of the constitution. The political parties dominate the electoral set up and you never get a good Prime Minister. We must faith in the Indian constitution.

Earlier Anna Hazare was warmly welcomed with flowers, patriotic songs and Indian flags by children of Rishi S'Cool, women volunteers including Vishakha Purandare, Vijaya Kesari, Rupa Shethna-Shrimankar, Archana Sudamalla, Sindhu Halvi, Sundari C'Ganti, Nitya, Pallavi Adhav, Roopa Thakkar, Sapna Falak, Kiruthika Govindaraj, Tejal Pipariya and senior volunteer Kesav Patel. In a unique gesture, Annaji has felicitated the spouses of the social activists as often their sacrifices go unnoticed.

The event was organized by NRI Samay Social Radio. NRI Samay Vice President Sreekant Kocharlakota announced a new initiative called Dollar Drive, where the participants donate one dollar per month, and the amount will go to a charitable project in India, which is selected by an independent panel.

The event was supported by several organizations, including but not limited to People For Loksatta, Life Yessence Academy(LiYA) USA, North American Telugu Society, Los Angeles Telugu Association, Sanathan Dharma Mandir, Jain Mandir, Gujarati Cultural Society, Parama Shakti Peet of America and Indo American Senior Heritage.

"WE MOST OF THE INDIAN PEOPLE have lived in poverty in India, not because of we have lacks of resources, but our resources have been STOLEN by our own leaders, public servants and their relatives," Dr Ramji Patel told News Media in very angry mood. "Their lot of relatives will go to jail in US because of new law of US in 2012. It says: Every US resident will face serious consequences if the IRS finds you have unreported income or undisclosed foreign financial accounts.  These consequences can include not only the additional taxes, but also substantial penalties, interest, fines and even imprisonment."


By NRIpress-Club, Washington:


Aug 27, 2013: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley greets Anna Hazare at the launch of the International Edition of Encyclopaedia of Hinduism at University of South Carolina in Washington


By NRIpress-Club, New York

New York:

Anna Hazare was invited by the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) to preside over the event as a guest of honour. Former Army chief V.K Singh accompanied Anna Hazare during his US trip said:

  • We are creating awareness among voters so that they can elect good people and bring about a positive change but we have nothing to do with the coming Lok Sabha polls.
  • V.K Singh refuted media reports that he would contest the next general election on a BJP ticket
  • Now they have 50,000 voluteers currently and adding more people who can reach out to each and everyone in the remote villages of India.
  • We started our journey from Jallianwala Bagh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and next state would be Bihar
  • India is at the brink of a disaster, if immediate steps are not taken to change the way things are happening now.


Anna Hazare leads largest India Day parade in New York

New York, Aug 19, 2013

Indian social activist Anna Hazare and Bollywood star Vidya Balan came together and led America's largest India Day parade in Manhattan as Indians in New York waved at the country's tricolour flags celebrating India's independence Day.

The 33rd annual India Day parade down in Madison Avenue on Sunday featured 40 colourful floats, marching bands, convertibles and thousands of cheering revellers marching to the beat of dhols or the Indian drums.Social activist Anna Hazare walks on the bank of Hudson river in New Jersey, USA, on Saturday.

Another highlight of the parade was a replica of the Red Fort in an 80 by 10 feet area in Manhattan near the parade route to showcase India's heritage.Many parade-goers along the orange, white and green lined route wore "I am Anna" paper hats to show their support to Hazare, whose anti-corruption movement has inspired thousands at home and abroad.One parade-goer wore a multi-coloured turban with three miniature Indian flags stuck in it. He waved an American flag and marched with three dozen members of the Vaishnav Temple of New York in New Hyde Park.

The parade drew elected officials and political candidates, including Reshma Saujani, a Democratic candidate for public advocate and Joe Lhota, a Republican mayoral candidate ahead of the September 10 primary."I think our voice is getting more politically powerful," said Saujani, who would be New York city's first Indian-American politician, if elected. "It's important for the community to be out recognizing that,"she said. "New York City's diversity is one of its greatest strengths," said Lhota.

"What we're really doing here is celebrating coming to America."Also joining the event organized by the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) were former Indian Chief of Army Staff Gen V. K. Singh, Tamil film star Sarath Kumar and his wife Radika Sarath Kumar, a television and film actress.Hazare will be ringing the opening bell at the Nasdaq stock exchange Monday morning to mark India's Independence Day with many IT companies listed on Nasdaq.

Meanwhile, veteran community leader Thomas Abraham, founder of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) led the India Day parade organized by India cultural society of Rockland county in New City in New York Saturday....IANS

  • Global Punjabi TV telecast live for Long Island parad