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Nachhattar Chandi, President & CEO of the Chandi Group USA owns 10 ARCO-AM/PM gas stations, car washes, and fast food franchises turnover over $300 million

Nachhattar Chandi, Chandi Group USA


  • Dec. 1, 2016 : Nachhattar Chandi, donated more than $500,000 into a super PAC that supported Donald Trump for president and other congressional candidates. Chandi also donated to another California-focused PAC which gave more than $40,000 total to the re-election campaigns of two Indio City Council candidates, according local media Desert Sun, Rancho-mirage/2016/12/01
  • Nachhattar Singh Chandi has been associated with thirty-three companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a thirteen year period with the most recent being incorporated one year ago in March of 2016. Eighteen of the companies are still active while the remaining fifteen are now listed as inactive, according to
  • Indio Mayor and Police Chief attend Groundbreaking Ceremonies of NRI's $70 Million Project

Indio, California, Sep.25, 2012
Gary Singh

Under a broiling sun, Indio Mayor Glenn Miller, the police Chief Richard Twiss, City officials, community leaders, local residents and NRI community leaders gathered on Tuesday morning, Sept. 25, 2012 for a groundbreaking ceremony which marked a historic occasion for the City of Indio, California

The event signaled the beginning of a new era of economic redevelopment spear-headed by the Chandi Group USA and Dr. Prem Salhotra & Sons's $70 Million Kicking off Construction on Three New Commercial projects.

Groundbreaking #1 (New Arco AM/PM Gas Station, Convenience Center, and Car Wash)

Indio Mayor, Glen Miller congratulate Mr. Nachhattar Chandi amd Mr. Amit Salhotra

  • It began at 9:15am with remarks from Indio Mayor Glenn Miller, Chandi Group USA President Nachhattar Chandi and invited guests. The ceremony took place at the north east corner of Jackson Street and Avenue 42 (adjacent to the new Auto Zone and next to the Indio Municipal Golf Course). Light refreshments was served

Groundbreaking #2 (Chandi Group Northgate Project & New Arco AM/PM Gas Station, Convenience Store and Car Wash)

  • It began at 10:30 am with remarks from Indio Mayor Glenn Miller, Chandi Group USA President Nachhattar Chandi, Bankers, Amit Salhotra and invited guests. The ceremony took place on the Chandi Group Northgate and Arco AM PM Site South of Indio Boulevard and East of Jefferson Street, an an 88–acre mixed-use project. First to be constructed on the Northgate site is an AM/PM gas station within few months, followed by a hotel, bank, two fast food restaurants and an apartment building.

According to our sources: in 2009, one developer had planned to build an AM/PM station along Jefferson Street as part of the original project, but it fell through when the entire project went into foreclosure. They built new roadways, street lights and sidewalks that replaced a huge sand dune and vacant desert field but their proposal was 350,000 square feet of retail and 365 new homes.

Delicious. Indian Food was served by MANTRA RESTAURANT

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NRI Chandi Group USA and Dr. Prem Salhotra & Sons Invest $70 Million in Indio, CA

Indio, California, Sep. 19, 2012
Gary Singh

Nachhattar Chandi, who runs Chandi Group USA, based in the Coachella Valley north of Imperial County, owns and operates 10 ARCO-AM/PM gas stations, car washes, and fast food franchises such as Subway, and Del Taco and his partner Dr. Prem Salhotra had closed escrow to invest over 70 million in the Indio City. The total annual turnover of the Chandi Group USA is well over $300 million.

According to Chris Escobedo of City of Indio's report, Chandi Group USA had closed escrow on two properties in the city:

  • One is new commercial investment and private job creation in Indio. Construction plans are being prepared for the development of the multi-million dollar mixed use commercial area located at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Avenue 42, otherwise known as Northgate. Northgate is an approved mixed-use development located at the northerly gateway entrance to the city and will consist of approximately 363,000 square feet of commercial, retail, financial institution, office space, high-end hotel, and residential units. The Chandi Group USA plans to soon begin construction on phase 1 of this project.
  • Second is Northgate Arco AM/PM gas station/convenience store will feature a new technology in car washing. According to the Chandi Group, the car wash can handle 7 cars at a time and will feature promotional car washes for $5. The site will be built on approximately 2.2 acres and will begin construction in about 30 days. The Jackson Street and Avenue 42 ARCO AM/PM location will be built on 1.35 acres (approximately 58,356 sq. ft.) and it will feature a car wash and convenience store; construction will begin next week.Additionally, the Group will be building an Arco AM/PM at the Northeast corner of Jackson and Avenue 42 adjacent to the new Auto Zone.

Nachhattar Chandi, President & CEO of the Chandi Group USA said:

  • I look forward to working with city officials to bring these projects online and thank them for all of their support
  • Indio’s business friendly climate is essential for a dream project such as this multi-million dollar development. By investing over $70 million on these commercial projects, we are positioned for success. We plan on creating new jobs, enhancing the services available to the community, and strengthening the local economic base

Indio’s Mayor, Glenn Miller said:

  • This is a win-win scenario for everyone; people are sensing the resurgence of Indio’s economic engine and we are ready to work with them to create jobs, move ahead with new projects, and stimulate new investment into our community
  • City Manager, Dan Martinez has assembled the city’s fast track development resources to assist the Chandi Group USA

Joyce Donaldson, President/CEO Indio Chamber of Commerce said:

  • The Indio Chamber is thrilled that the highly respected Chandi Group USA is continuing to grow their business in Indio. Creating jobs, adding new store fronts and additional opportunities for residents to shop local is an extremely positive sign for us. The City of Indio is demonstrating their pro-business friendly attitude and it is evident in the addition of the multitude of new developments locating in our community
  • Enticing large corporations such as Chandi Group USA to remain and steadily invest in the City is commendable


Ceremony for new commercial development in Brawley

The $6 million project by Chandi Group, USA

City of Brawley News- January 28, 2012

The new ARCO AM/PM, Car Wash, and Del Taco adjacent to Wal Mart Ground Breaking ceremony was held. The Chandi Group, USA announced $6 million project to build a car wash on 3 ½ acres of land located near the Wal-Mart Supercenter

Chandi Group Groudbreaking January 28, 2012.- Photo courtesy of Desert Review News

You may be familiar with the AM/PM gas station and Del Taco off of Highway 86 in Mecca. That is one of their businesses. This is their first project in Imperial Valley. The project will create an expected 300 new construction jobs as well as 100 new local valley jobs once the stores are opened

Nachhattar Chandi said:

  • This is the first project in the Imperial Valley and expects the project to bring in “$30 million in revenue annually.”

Mayor George Nava said:

  • Brawley stands to gain “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in sales tax revenue annually once the ARCO center is operational.





NRI Gas Stations

Groundbreaking #1



Groundbreaking #2





Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack

  • She was was first elected in 1998 from California’s 45th District through a special election held to fill the seat left vacant by her late husband, the Honorable Sonny Bono, who died in a tragic skiing accident. It was her eighth term
  • She has established herself as a leader on critically important issues such as online privacy, data security, intellectual property protection, telecommunications, regulatory reform, consumer protection, domestic energy production, environmental protection and the fight against prescription drug abuse, which impacts millions of teenagers nationwide and is now the fastest-growing drug problem in America. Bono Mack also has been an outspoken proponent of dramatically reducing our nation’s debt by cutting excessive and wasteful government spending, and she’s been a champion of small businesses, the backbone of the U.S. economy