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Updated-Gutka case: Dhariwal and Joshi, owners of Manikchand Gutka and Goa Gutka - two of the country's leading chewing tobacco firms, allegedly helped Dawood Ibrahim set up a gutka business in Pakistan.

Rasiklal Dhariwal and Jagidish Prasad Joshi,
king of chewing tobacco firms wanted by Interpol

New Delhi, Jan 24, 2005

(MCOCA), The Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act court has issued a non-bailable warrant against two gutkha barons, Rasik Dhariwal and J M Joshi.

Dhariwal is the owner of Manikchand Gutkha, while Joshi owns Goa Gutkha. Both have been accused of having underworld links.

India is awaiting Interpol's response to a request to alert its member countries to arrest "gutka kings" Rasiklal Dhariwal and Jagidish Prasad Joshi, wanted for alleged links with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

"Mumbai Police requested CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation for a Red Corner Notice), and we passed on the request to the Interpol headquarters in France last week," CBI spokesman G. Mohanty told IANS.

A Red Corner Notice would alert police in all 182 Interpol member countries to arrest the two, Mohanty said.

According to Mumbai Police, Dhariwal and Joshi, owners of Manikchand Gutka and Goa Gutka - two of the country's leading chewing tobacco firms, allegedly helped Dawood Ibrahim set up a gutka business in Pakistan.

Arrest warrants for the duo were issued under the tough Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), for which Dhariwal had filed an application for cancellation. But his lawyers failed to turn up in the court hearing the matter.

The two businessmen, believed to be in the United Arab Emirates, too failed to appear in court. They were then declared absconders.

Dhariwal, in a statement this month, had said he was willing to be questioned through video conferencing.

He also told media outlets he would return to India after March since he is a non-resident Indian and needs to spend the remaining months out of the country to qualify for tax breaks.

No word is yet available on Joshi.

Both businessmen are wanted for allegedly meeting Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan to sort out a business dispute between them. Police say the gangster sorted out their row but allegedly extorted a hefty fee from the duo.

Their lawyers are likely to appeal the arrest warrants when the matter comes up for hearing in a Mumbai court Jan 24.

Police stumbled on the two men's links with Dawood when they arrested a drug smuggler who confessed to exporting gutka machines to Pakistan via the Middle East.

Subsequent interrogation of several suspects led the trail to the two men. However, both left the country before they could be questioned. IANS


According to the police, Mr Dhariwal and Mr Joshi had gone to Karachi in 2001 to seek Dawood’s help to settle a dispute between them. Mr Joshi demanded Rs 40 crores from Mr Dhariwal to start his own business, but the latter refused to pay, police sources claimed. When the two could not solve the dispute, they approached Dawood, they claimed.

Dawood allegedly asked Mr Dhariwal to pay Rs 7 crores to Mr Joshi and charged Rs 4 crores as his fee for settling the matter. According to the sources, Dawood also decided to exploit their gutka manufacturing know-how. The businessmen were ordered to arrange for machinery for manufacturing gutka. The machinery was exported from Surat and Mumbai to Dubai, where Dawood’s associate, Farukh Mansuri, took delivery. Mansuri had fled Mumbai after the 1993 bomb blasts. The machinery was subsequently taken to Karachi where Dawood’s brother Anees started manufacturing gutka under the brand name "Fire".

Police say Panchariya and Jamruddin have so far exported 15 gutka-making machines to Pakistan. The two were arrested on Mumbai exporters Mustafa Kabira and K. Arif’s complaint with the Mumbai police in which they said they were being forced to export five such machines.

Police say they have recorded conversations between Jamiruddin, Panchariya and Anis. Dhariwal and Joshi were close associates till they fell out in 1997.

According to the Mumbai police, the don’s younger brother, Anees, is set to take over the Rs 300-crore gutka business in Pakistan.

The police had arrested two other persons in October 2004, Jamiruddin Ghulam Rasul Ansari, alias Jumbo, and his associate Rajesh Panchariya, for allegedly forcing two Mumbai-based exporters, Mustafa Kabira and his partner K. Arif, to help them acquire the machinery needed for manufacturing gutka.




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