• London, Nov 09, 2004: Killing of NRI businessman Amarjit Chohan and family: A crime beyond belief

Three greedy businessmen had executed an NRI family of five in a crime which was "beyond belief", the prosecution has told a court here.

The NRI businessman Amarjit Chohan, his mother-in-law, wife and two children, were victims of a plot to hijack a firm and turn it into a front for drug smuggling, prosecutor Richard Horwell told the Old Bailey court on Monday.

Chohan was lured into a trap at Stonehenge and held prisoner before being killed. His family members were then murdered to make it look as if Chohan had sold his business and gone abroad, he told the court. Their bodies were buried in Devon, then dumped at sea. more

London, Sept. 3. (PTI): A 51-year-old former accountant has been charged with the murder of NRI millionaire businessman Amarjit Chohan and four members of his family.

William Horncy, from Bournemouth in Dorset, was arrested by officers from Scotland Yard's specialist Crime Directorate yesterday.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said that Horncy has been charged with murdering Chohan and four members of his family.

Horncy, who is also charged with preventing Chohan's lawful and decent burial, appeared at West London Magistrates Court this afternoon.

He is also charged with kidnapping Chohan, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice.

Chohan had a flourishing transport business with an annual turnover of 4 million pounds.

Horncy is the second man to be charged with the murders, after Peter Rees, 38. A third man, Kenneth Regan, 54, from Salisbury was arrested in Belgium on Aug 2 in connection with the murders and is awaiting extradition proceedings.

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UK:August 4, 2003- Man arrested over millionaire murders -
Police in Belgium have arrested a man in connection with the murders of a millionaire businessman and his wife, whose bodies were found floating in the sea off Britain's southern coast, Scotland Yard said today.
Kenneth Regan, 54, who also goes by the name Kenneth Avery, was arrested on Saturday in connection with the murders of Amarjit Chohan and his family. Scotland Yard said Mr Regan is being detained for extradition proceedings to take place.

Another man, Peter Rees, 38, of Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, has been charged with the family's murder and with preventing Mr Chohan's burial.
Amarjit Chohan, 46, disappeared from his west London home along with his wife, mother-in-law and two young sons in February. A canoeist found his body in the sea near Bournemouth pier on April 22. The body of his 25-year-old wife, Nancy Chohan, was retrieved from Poole Bay, Dorset, on July 15.

Mr Chohan's mother-in-law, Charanjit Kaur, 51, and the couple's two sons, Ravinder, three months, and Devinder, 17 months, are still missing.

Mr Chohan ran a fruit and vegetable haulage firm, CIBA Freight, with a £4.5m annual turnover.