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Sikh study courses in Loyola Marymount University, LA, Starting in Sep. 2015
An Outreach Life-Long Learning Program for Students

Los Angeles, March 13, 2015

After Sep.11 attack, Sikhs are paying a Price for Turbans and beards. It is all about that they are Victims of Mistaken Identity and it resemble the head wrap of terrorist Osama bin Laden.

In Sep. 2001, in Mesa, Ariz., a gunman drove into a Chevron station and shot to death the Sikh owner. The gunman then fired on a Lebanese clerk at a nearby Mobil station and into the home of an Afghan family. ''I'm a patriot,'' the suspect, Frank S. Roque, said as he was arrested. ''I'm a damn American all the way.''

On August 5, 2012, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six Sikh people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Due to the lack of understanding of Sikhism on the part of mainstream Americans, Sikh Americans fell victim to mistaken identity and hate crimes. Although the Sikh American community has maintained a strong religious identity, they continue to live insular lives. 

To start Sikh Study in Universities, our objective is to inform and educate mainstream Americans and non-Sikhs in the USA and worldwide -- Who are Sikhs and What is Sikhism.

Dr. Harvinder Singh Sahota, MD, FACC and FSCAI, an inventor of Perfusion Balloon and Mender of Hearts who was just near to his retirement, started new project of sikh studies in Universities. In January 2015 Gurdishpal Singh went to the Punjab & Delhi to strengthen the relationships between Sikh Study courses in the USA and Guru Nanak Dev University, SGPC and Members of Punjab Govt.

“The NRI (Non Resident Indians) Sikhs now have spawned a new generation of children growing up outside Punjab, away from the land of their religious roots, often isolated from their own community, said Dr. Sahota. “Neither these young Sikhs nor their new neighbors in North America know much about Sikhism – the religion or its philosophy.”
Sikhs are certainly not new to the United States and Canada: the earliest Sikh settlements in North America are almost 100 years old.

Sikhs are no longer limited to Punjab. Sikhism is the fifth-largest organized religion in the world with more than 24 million adherents. More than 600,000 live in the United States, about 40% of them in California.
Sikhs are cab drivers, farmers, doctors, engineers, lawyers and research scientists, even members of the armed services.

Sikh study semester courses in Claremont Lincoln University:

In Fbruary,2013, sikh study semester courses were started at Claremont Lincoln University . Guest lectures were arranged and Sikh artifacts exhibition was displayed for six months in university library. A Vaisakhi cultural program was celebrated by students and teachers. They also arranged trips to local Sikh Temples. Later, Claremont Lincoln University established relationship with Guru Nanak Dev University as sister university. Claremont School of Theology ( CST ) will start semester in September 2015. In association with Guru Nanak Dev ( GND ) University,Amritsar,Students and Teachers will go to Amritsar to learn more by visiting Golden Temple

Sikh study semester courses in Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles (NEW 2015): 

After numerous successful meetings in 2014 and and last week meeting on March 13 between Sikh community leaders and Loyola Marymount University ( LMU) Professors & Administrators, it was decided that next Sikh study classes will be started in September 2015.

On this occasion, the NRI Sikh businessmen and professionals contributed about $50.000 for this program. The names include Rattan Joea, HS Samra, Dr Brijinder Kochhar from West Virginia, Dr Brinder Sahai, Avinder Singh Chawla, and H . Sahota MD.