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Special Guests

Cardiologist Harvinder Sahota, Organizer and Donor for the new Center, Sikh Community, and also inventor of the Sahota Perfusion Balloon that is used in angioplasty surgeries all over the world. (Photos attached)

Harry Sidhu, Anaheim businessman, recent City Council Member and Donor for the new Center, Sikh Community

President Jerry Campbell and Provost Philip Clayton, Claremont Lincoln University

Claremont Lincoln University




Haddon Center, First Floor, Butler Building
1325 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711


Ceremony to Inaugurate the Center for Sikh Studies at Claremont Lincoln University, California

LoS Angeles, February 1, 2013

On Friday February 1, 2013 in Claremont, CA, the Claremont Lincoln University community was joined by members of the Sikh community to inaugurate the Center for Sikh Studies. The center will offer Sikh Studies courses and establish online databases of material on Sikhism.  Eventually, a Master’s Degree in Sikh Studies will be available to students. The center will establish close relationships and programs with the Sikh community in southern California and work to establish relationships with Sikh communities abroad.

With a growing population of Sikhs living outside of India, the Center for Sikh Studies has been launched at an essential time. There is a dire need for understanding and recognition of the Sikh community around the world. As a part of Claremont Lincoln University, the Center for Sikh studies will raise awareness and understanding of Sikhism as well as be a place of engagement for interreligious dialogue for Sikh people.

More than 60 people came to show their support for the center at the inauguration, the majority of whom were from the Sikh community.  All were optimistic about the change in the world that will come as Sikh education grows through the work of the center.  Speakers of the Sikh community included Dr. H. Sahota and Mr. Harry Sidhu. Sir Eldon Griffiths spoke as a dear friend of the Sikh community. President Dr. Jerry Campbell and Provost Dr. Philip Clayton spoke on behalf of the Claremont Lincoln University community. Sir Griffiths, President Campbell, and Provost Clayton were each presented with a turban, symbolizing a reverent welcoming of the new relationship between Claremont Lincoln University and the Sikh community. Dr. Sahota and Mr. Sidhu were presented with Claremont University mugs as a symbol of the continuous hospitality the Sikh community will receive from Claremont Lincoln University. Claremont Lincoln University was also presented with two beautiful renditions of the first and tenth gurus, the revered founders of Sikhism.

Claremont Lincoln University is an interdisciplinary, multicultural, and multireligious university responding to the need for mutual understanding and friendship among the world’s great religious traditions. The inauguration of the Center for Sikh Studies was a huge step for Claremont Lincoln University as it works to establish itself as a place of reconciliations among the world’s religions. With the addition of Sikhism, all three of the Western Abrahamic traditions and all four of the dharma traditions of India are now represented.