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Anil K. Monga


Heavenly Palace, a unit of Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust (DBCT)



NRI Anil K. Monga, Perfume King-NY/NJ & Chairman DBCT-Ludhiana
Provides 1.5 million Meals during CoronaVirus-19 / twenty million

So far to the most needy in Punjab in Service to Humanity


Doraha-Ludhiana, Punjab, April 28, 2020 A.Gary Singh

It is with great pleasure that DBCT has recently achieved immense progress and reached a huge milestone in Service to Humanity. Over the past twenty five years, Mr. Anil K. Monga, NRI Chairman DBCT has made more than one hundred trips to India (Punjab) to take care of the needs for the most marginal sector of society, but unfortunately has failed to inspire others to take part towards Service to Humanity. We are glad to see that some people are willing to participate, but most of the society has chosen only to showcase photos of themselves in positions of giving, rather than truly engage in the selfless work of philanthropy. My humble appeal to each and everyone is to not use the philanthropic platform to further their own personal name and gain. It is hurting the most marginal morel than you can even imagine. Please understand our common goal is serving the most underprivileged people in the society. 

Our combination of teamwork, dedication and courage has allowed us to provide app. 1.5 million meals so far to the most needy souls during these testing times, and we are currently continuing to do so throughout the extended lockdown term because we understand that as long as these humans’ basic need of food is not met, coronavirus may likely not impact their already slim chances of survival.

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We salute our Heroes (Brahmbhog team of chefs pictured here) who helped us prepare these hygienic meals with their tireless efforts, working 12 to 14 hours a day continuously. Let’s pray for their continued good health!

Our special thanks goes to our administration and the Commissioner of Police Rakesh Aggarwal who identified the needy areas and guided the team of Punjab Police who facilitated in distribution of meals. Our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who helped us to succeed in our mission of “Service to Humanity!”

May God continue to give us hope and strength to overcome this pandemic.