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Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, NRI Madhuri Dixit , Riteish Deshmukh, Preity Zinta and Vishal Didlani at the Unforgettable concert:

* Toronto on July 18 *Trinidad on July 20 *Los Angeles on July 26 *San Francisco on July 27 *Houston, Texas on Aug 2 *Chicago on August 10*London on August 24 *Rotterdam on August 29 *Oberhausen in Germany on August 30

  • Chicago: : The Unforgettable Bollywood show on Aug 10, 2008
  • Sold-out show in Chicago: The tour, with a cast of other top-tier stars dancing and singing live onstage in a "best of" blow-out musical production,with seating for about 10,000 people each, the Chicago Tribune reported citing Monty Saiyed, one of the promoters with Chicago Live Bollywood Shows.

  • Houston: The Unforgettable Bollywood show rocks at Houston, Texas on Aug 2, 2008-

    The “Unforgettable” Bollywood show was performed at the Toyota Center, Houston on Aug 2, 2008 and it was a tremendous success. It was a packed house of 12000 people and the show definately turned out to be absolutely UNFORGETTABLE!!

Mr. Bobby Singh was instrumental in organizing the press conference in Houston. He worked hand-in-hand with Rajender Singh of Star Promotions who coordinated the Houston leg of tour......Read
  • Los Angeles: UNFORGETTABLE Tour of 3B in Los Angeles on July 26, 2008 Awesome show, a great success !!!

Los Angeles, July 26, 2008
Gary Singh

What a day, what a night. At 8.30pm sharp, the UNFORGETTABLE Tour of 3B comes to life. Unforgettable which brought all of the three Bachchans- Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on a common platform to give world domination a shot with a tour of 28 cities across five continents in what is being billed as “probably the biggest stage show to hit the Earth”.

  • The production has a multimillion dollars budget and a cast of 150.
  • The music is come from India's leading film composers, the dance moves from Bollywood's best-known choreographer.

Great show. Great stage. Great Music.

UNFORGETTABLE Tour of 3B attract 13,000 screaming fans at the L.A. Sports Arena. The show followed two sold-out events in Toronto and Trinidad. Wizcraft International Entertainment, Mumbai-based Promoter said each one costs about $1 million to stage. The Bollywood dancing has come to include Western styles of dance, including hip-hop, folk and walt.

Abhishek Bachchan made a surprise entrance through the crowd, as he maneuvered through the screaming fans, surrounded by 5-10 security guards. He also performed romantic numbers with his wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, onstage as teen girls in the audience howled with glee. He was bouncing all over the place.

He said, "The first thing that hits you is just the euphoria of his first world tour. It's an outpouring of love from the audience -- it really explodes when actors come on stage."

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, former Miss World 1994, at the Queen’s Park Oval on Sunday July 20, said, "Our dance form is an amalgamation of everything. That's what has existed in our cinema the whole time. The audience is a lot more international, the music is so universally embraced"

Madhuri Dixit was also great attraction to audience. Madhuri Dixit performance was truly mind-blowing and the highlight of the evening. The graceful moves and her performance on her popular numbers right from Ek Do Teen to Aaja Nachle re-affirmed her dancing prowess.

When she took the stage with dancing partner Aishwarya Rai Bachchan- "'Dola Re Dola' a song from the movie "Devdas," dancing side by side, NRI crowds cheered wildly.

Ritesh Deshmukh was in another dimension the whole night through. I have never heard him play as well ever. Thanks to you Ritesh! ...Sunita Verma, young girl, sitting next to our NRIpress reporter at 2nd row, near actresses Jaya Bhaduri .

Vishal Dhadlani seems to have shaken off the rustiness and from there on it`s a blast. Deshmukh and Vishal did an outstanding performance. I loved every minute they were onstage, said Surinder Sahta

Amitabh Bachchan, 65, continues to be perhaps the busiest actor in Bollywood. Amitabh Bachchan is often called the 'Angry Young Man' of Indian cinema, a term inspired by realist London theatre of the 1950s. He looks young and have a still great voice and energy. Bachchan sang and danced with such force that crowds formed in the aisles to sing along throughout the night.

Bachchan is a recipient of the Padma Shri (1983) and the Padma Bhushan (2005), civilian honours from the indian government. In 1990, he won the National Award for his portrayal of a mafia don in Agneepath. In 1999, he was named BBC Superstar of the Millenium. He has also won 12 Filmfare Awards in various categories.

This was a fantastic show. I was surprised by the energy they put into it. It was by far the best show I've seen. This was three Bachchans's night. The sound was excellent. This was also my first Indian show and that truly was an experience of a lifetime, said Dr Santosh Kumari, Los Angeles

One thing that surprised me about the show was how strong the dancing was. I love modern/contemporary dance, and they did a lot with that. All in all, this was a very good experience., said Dr Santosh Kumari's son Sunil 19.

Live theatre is about the people on the stage and the relationship with the audience. They did. Abhishek Bachchan called two girls and one Sardar Jee from the audience and dance with all of them. Dharna Thirwani from Arizona was one of them. the story of Miss Thirwani..

Miss Dharna Thirwan traveled from Arizona to see LA show with hope to meet Abhishekh- It was my luckiest Birthday gift ever when Abhishekh invited me along with 3 other from audience of 13000 people to dance with him. And ohh yes I did hug Abhishekh . She said , "Outstanding production and exceptional, talented cast make this 'UNFORGETTABLE Tour of 3B' well worth seeing. And it was AWESOME! Seriously, it was amazing".........

Saab Singh Bhullar, President of Walnut Gurdwara, Walnut, Los angeles said, "This is one of the best productions I have ever seen in Los Angeles! Great acting, staging, costumes, lighting, set and - of course - music! UNFORGETTABLE Tour of 3B-caliber experience, right here in our own backyard. The sound was so good - including live band in the orchestra pit - that it would have been enjoyable even without them. Great for adults and teenage kids! It was worth spending $500 each ticket with the family

Dr. S. Sharma, Bakersfield said we, family of four, were on our seats about 7pm. There is about 100 degrees in the theatre. I said, Go naked. I don't know what they were thinking. I was so uncomfortable I started having palpitations, and when I left, my shirt was clinging to my body from profuse sweat. Let's get past the fact that the theater has no air conditioning. The show started about 8.30 pm and believe me that every single cast member was truly exceptional. The choreography was smoking hot and the set and lighting really drew you into the essence of the show. I forget everything about 100 degree in the arena. I assumed the air condition start working. The acting was superb. It was very entertaining.

Dr. suri Mehta said, Since I am 77 years old, and my wife 71, we were not sure we would enjoy 'UNFORGETTABLE Tour of 3B' but we were curious. We were glad we went.

Next show will be in San Francisco, Houston; Atlantic City, N.J.; Chicago and New York, London, Holland and Germany.

  • Toronto: UNFORGETTABLE Tour of 3B on July 18, 2008

Amitabh Bachchan-led Unforgettable Tour opened to an unprecedented response in Toronto, Canada.

While Bachchan is happy with the response his first show go ,10,000-strong audience at the Rogers Centre riveted.
he is also distressed. “I am distressed and it is really sad to know that there are some people from our film fraternity and media who are trying to pull our show down. They are trying to malign and write it off. It is rather shameful,” said Amitabh.
When quizzed about the Bachchan craze the actor replied, “How do I describe it? I am a veteran but the youngsters of the team were simply superb. Besides, the show was packaged and presented so beautifully. All the tickets were sold.”




When Madhuri-Ash reunited for 'Dola Re Dola'
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 11:06 AM Posted by Siddharth Soni

The BIG evening arrived. The evening of 26th July. The evening when Madhuri announced loud and clear, yet again, that she is THE lady when it comes to making hearts 'dhak dhak' go all over again. Worldwide. And she did that in style. Making her debut in 'Unforgettable' at Los Angeles, she made a grand entry where she arrived with a horde of dancers who graciously made way for her to take center stage. What followed from there on was sheer magic!

- It was just the sound of 'Ku Ku Ku' (from the famous 'Choli Ke Peeche' composition by Lakshmikant Pyarelal) which was good enough to send the crowds in ruptures. No, Madhuri didn't perform on this number but the one which kick started the event was 'Ek Do Teen', yet another LP composition from 'Tezaab'. With a phenomenal crowd backing behind her, she went on to do many more tracks including A.R. Rahman's 'Kay Sera Sera' (Pukar).

- However, the highlight of the evening was her pairing with Aishwarya Rai for the number 'Dola Re Dola'. Ismail Darbar's magic spellbinded a 20000 odd crowd yet again as Madhuri and Ash matched steps in perfect rhythm all over again. LA was enthralled but there was a lot more in the offering!

- Buzz is that 20000 patrons out there at the venue were actually occupying a space which was meant for 12000 people. No wonder, there were people all over including aisles. Production values at LA, rightly considered to be the 'Mecca of global entertainment', were huge and as per insiders, they were even better than what the stars had witnessed in the opening show at Toronto!

- With great sound to match, the props and lighting were great too. LCD curtains, backstage LCD screens, gizmos - all of them contributed to the LA concert matching standards as witnessed in international shows. As someone rightly pointed out backstage, it seemed as if nothing lesser than Madonna was performing LIVE!

- Talking about international standards and Madonna, audience didn't care less since they had Amitabh Bachchan amidst themselves. Though everyone from Riteish Deshmukh to Madhuri Dixit had their golden moments while audience too having all the right reasons to rejoice, the atmosphere was altogether different with Big B taking center stage. He sung his famous numbers from the 70s and 80s all over again but the moment of the event was him reprising his unforgettable trademark dance steps for the number 'Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai' [Kaalia]!

- Big B taking center stage comes with a story by itself. As everyone is aware by now, he has been indisposed for last so many days. He wasn't in his best spirits till moments before his act and was wrapped in muffler and shawl. However, the moment he got into his costume and arrived in front of a roaring crowd, it was a different Amitabh Bachchan altogether. Not showing any signs of discomfort, he gave the appreciative 'junta' it's paisa vasool moments!

q - Meanwhile the 'bachcha brigade' has been in it's elements as well. Riteish is enjoying all the attention he is getting while kick starting the events and the LA concert was no different. Getting madder with every passing day, he is now used to the thunderous response his acts have been getting him. Even though the songs and the dances remain to be the same from one show to another, it is the improvisation and sheer comfort while occupying the stage which is making all the difference.

- Ditto for Preity Zinta who has been dancing away to glory with her many songs including the ones from 'Kal Ho Na Ho' [Shankar Ehsaan Loy]. Humor too is accompanying her wherever she goes since now she is being termed as a Lady Soldier. Reason? The flu has spread it's wings over the 'pretty woman' as well and at LA, she too took the stage in spite of being unwell!

- However, the man who is continuing to get more and more whacky day by day is Abhishek Bachchan. Yet another show, yet another entry from the crowds. And this time around, he also had a cradle/suspended platform (akin to what one witnesses with those who clean windows at high rises) for company as he juggled from one end of crowd area to another! He went berserk and also did the crowd, which continued to make this tour one evening to remember for all!

- While so much happened on stage, back stage drama was in full force as well. Vishal Dadlani shares an interesting anecdote. Apparently, while working on the sound design for the show, he was interacting with the Sound Engineer who belonged to LA and had earlier worked on setting the stage for international concerts. Oblivious to the stars for which he was working for this time around, he wasn't clued in to the legend called Amitabh Bachchan. This is when Vishal woke him to the fact. He gave him a simple analogy. He asked him how would he react if he worked setting up the platform for someone like Elvis Presley. All dreamy eyed, the Engineer's obvious answer was - 'Unbelievable and over the moon.' To this, Vishal replied, "Bro, today you are doing it for someone as legendary as Presley. Get your best work in place, stay tuned and do check out the response from the audience. You would have lived you dream!'

While it is obvious that the Engineer as well as thousands of fans did get to live their dream, it was another concert on another day, just in a matter of hours for the stars. As they moved out of a enthralling response in LA, it was time to board flight for San Francisco and rock the show. Again!





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Promoters from Super Entertainment Inc.( Los Angeles show. )
1. Mr. Bhalinder Bhalla
2. Mr. Manoj Kay Tee
3. Mr. Virender Bhalla
4. Mr. Anil Shah