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  • Many have commented that he was a bad surgeon. This is easy to say but difficult to prove
  • Who is responsible for not checking in his background thoroughly prior to his appointment?
  • The media has made frequent reference to "Indian trained" when referring to Dr. Patel.

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NRI Dr. Jayant Patel known as 'Dr Death'







NRI Dr. Jayant Patel known as 'Dr Death' linked to 80 deaths

  • Patel was born in Jamnagar in Gujarat, India. Whilst the vast majority of his training was conducted from within the US, he first trained at the M.P. Shah Medical College at Saurashtra University, and obtained a master's degree in surgery

May 23, 2005: Transcript- This is a transcript from PM. The program is broadcast around Australia at 5:10pm on Radio National and 6:10pm on ABC Local Radio. MARK COLVIN- 'Dr Death' was a bully: whistleblower

The nurse who blew the whistle on the botched work of a foreign-trained doctor .....Full Story