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Dr Jayant Patel-


US NRI Dr. Patel arrested in response to an extradition request by Australian Govt.

PORTLAND, Ore., March 12, 2008
Rajinder Kaur

NRI Dr. Jayant Patel, 57, as known as Dr. Death in the Australian media, has been arrested in Portland. FBI officials said Patel put up no resistance when officers knocked on his door in Portland just after 7.30am local time on Tuesday.

The Australian government has been seeking his extradition to stand trial for three counts of manslaughter, three of grievous bodily harm, two of negligent acts or omissions causing harm and eight fraud offences at Bundaberg Base Hospital in the Australian state of Queensland. He is to appear in court on Tuesday for a hearing on the extradition request. The fraud charges relate to his failure to disclose his work history. He is a U.S. citizen who worked for years in Oregon before losing his license after a series of botched surgeries.

According to Australian media, Judy Kemps, wife of Gerry Kemps, a former Bundaberg patient of Patel who died after being operated on in December 2004 said, "I can't tell you how happy I am."

Premier Anna Bligh of Queensland said that the case against Patel as being "as rock solid as it can be."

One expert said, extradition proceedings in the US can take more than two years before a final decision is reached. Patel's extradition to Australia may not be as simple as his arrest.

There are good chances that he would never be extradite to Australia because Dr. Patel is expected to argue that widespread publicity given to his case in Australia, including being dubbed Dr Death in the media, will prevent him receiving a fair trial in Queensland. A leading civil liberties lawyer says it will be extremely difficult for Dr Jayant Patel to get a fair trial in Queensland, after comments by Premier Anna Bligh.

On ABC Radio, Dr Vijay Mehta, a supporter and a friend said, "If Osama bin Laden can get a fair trial in the United States, Jayant Patel can get a fair trial in Australia."

US government prosecutors said, "The government respectfully requests that Dr.Jayant Patel be held without bail pending extradition proceedings against him."

The Judge Dennis Hubel asked if he thought he could afford his own attorney, Dr. Patel replied, "Most likely not."

Legal aide lawyer, Susan Russell argued that Patel should be released on bail, but Judge Hubel delayed a decision until Friday. Russell also told the judge that Dr. Patel does not present a flight risk to this court.



Dr. Jayant Patel

  • Dr. Jayant Patel was arrested overnight in Portland, Oregon and has been remanded in custody until a bail hearing in the States until Thursday.
  • He has been ordered to face an extradition hearing on April 10 where he is expected to argue that he should not be extradited to Australia, claiming that he cannot receive a fair trial in Queensland.
  • The Australian government has been seeking his extradition to stand trial for the deaths of the three patients at Bundaberg Base Hospital in the Australian state of Queensland