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Dr Jayant Patel-


US NRI Dr. Jayant Patel faces criminal charges-
hearing started today in Australia

BRISBANE, Australia, Feb., 09, 2009
Darshan Malhotra

NRI US Dr. Jayant Patel was appointed director of surgery between April 2003 and April 2005 at Bundaberg Hospital in south east Queensland, Australia, faces 14 charges, including three manslaughters- James Phillips, Mervyn Morris and Gerardus Kemps.

In July 2008, Australian Government extradited him from the United States to face 14 charges including manslaughter, grievous bodily harm and fraud.

After three years of investigation, today, Dr Jayant Patel entered the Court along with his lawyers and his wife, looked calm and relaxed

Dr Kees Nydam, former acting director of medical services at Bundaberg, first of 74 witnesses told Brisbane Magistrates Court:

  • We failed to conduct even a basic background check on Dr. Jayant Patel before putting him in charge of surgery at Bundaberg Base Hospital.
  • He had no idea that Dr. Patel had faced more than a decade of disciplinary action in the US of gross misconduct.

Dr. Nydam witnesses the prosecution plans to call during the three-week hearing, in which the judge will decide if prosecutors have enough evidence to send the case to trial.

Ross Martin QC, prosecutor told the court:

  • Dr. Patel spent most of his career working the United States after graduating from medicine in India.
  • Between 1989- l 2001, Dr. Patel worked in Oregon hospital and there were number of complaints about Patel's conduct.
  • Oregon Medical Review Board ruled that he could not perform surgery on certain parts of the body which related to the abdominal area including the pancreas and the liver.
  • Dr. Jayant Patel was found guilty of misconduct in his role at the Oregon hospital, and his licence was suspended in 2001

Dr. Jayant Patel moved to Australia because he couldn't find a job in the United States. He did not worked 12 months. He told the Bundaberg hospital that he had retired a wealthy doctor and wanted to return to surgery because he was bored at home.

Ross Martin QC, further told about the details of Patel's treatment of a number of patients.

  • In May 2003, Phillips is alleged to have died as a result of Patel's negligence during surgery. It was alleged Patel had not consulted a specialist. The operation was unnecessary.
  • In June 2004, Morris died after earlier being operated on by Patel. Patel had not acted to stop internal bleeding.
  • In December 2004, Kemps died after alleged negligent surgery by Patel
  • Patel found a benign cyst during a colonoscopy of Ian Vowles. But rather than order a biopsy, Patel removed the man's bowel. The specimen later showed no sign of cancer. Vowles lived.
  • Darcy Blight was diagnosed with a tumor in his throat. But instead of removing the cancerous mass- large enough to be seen by the naked eye, Dr. Patel instead removed a healthy salivary gland.

It was alleged Dr. Patel failed to tell the truth about his history in the US when gaining the necessary clearance to work in Australia.

The committal hearing before Deputy Chief Magistrate Brian Hine is expected to last three weeks and up to 150 witnesses may be called

Dr. Patel hasn't been required to enter a plea.


Dr. Jayant Patel

  • He faces life in prison if convicted.
  • Accused of deadly negligence and lying on his application
  • Charge for unnecessarily removal a man's bowel, took out the wrong gland in a cancer operation, and let an elderly man die of internal bleeding.