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Manjit Phangali Murder Case:

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  • NRI Mukhtiar Panghali killed pregnant wife sentenced to life in prison

Surrey, Dec. 25, 2011

B.C. , Canada Supreme Court judge has sentenced Mukhtiar Panghali to life in prison with no parole for 15 years for killing his pregnant wife. He was convicted last month of second-degree murder and interfering with bodily remains.

Manjit’s burned body was found near a Delta waterway in October, 2006. Panghali’s parole eligibility still had to be determined. The Crown argued for 20 years; the defence, 10 to 13 years.

Justice Heather Holmes said:

  • Because offences of spousal violence often take place within the home, as this one did, they may be all the more difficult to investigate and prosecute.
  • In many situations, there will be no witnesses to the offence and the offender will have the opportunity to delay in making a report and thus to conceal evidence of the offence. I agree with Crown prosecutor Dennis Murray that deterrence is, therefore, all the more important.”
  • Mr. Panghali’s conduct after his wife’s death as chilling
  • Mr. Panghali waited more than a day to report Ms. Panghali missing
  • For three-year-old daughter Maya- It is difficult, indeed, to imagine how Maya will later work through the psychological and emotional challenges associated with a growing understanding that her own father not only strangled her mother, but also burned her mother’s body.
  • The factors in the case “called for the strongest message of condemnation and deterrence

Mr. Mukhtiar Panghali’s lawyer, Michael Tammen, said he would likely appeal.



  • Manjit Panghali's murder case nears verdict in Canada  Memorial

Surrey, Dec. 11, 2010
Punjabi woman's murder case nears verdict in Canada  
By Gurmukh Singh
Vancouver, Dec 11, 2010: Defence and prosecution lawyers Friday finished their arguments in a sensational Indo-Canadian murder case here in which a Punjabi man is accused of strangulating his pregnant wife and burning her body four years ago............READ

  • Manjit Panghali Memorial Fund" set up by School and Surrey Foundation

Surrey, April 13 2007, 2006
Sant Parkash

Every year, two students will be awarded $500 scholarships each, graduating from Panorama High School, BC, Canada. North Ridge Elementary School established the Manjit Panghali Memorial Fund in March 2007 .......More

Court Appearance: Mukhtiar Panghali Court Appearance is on Surry April 23, 2007 - Surrey Provincial Court #10 Hwy. @ 9:30am Court Room 101

  • Mukhtiar's brother Sukhvinder Panghali released from jail on $100,000 bail.
    Surrey, April 03, 2007-- Sukhvinder Panghali's brother of Mukhtiar Panghali was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Manjit Phangali was released from jail on $100,000 bail.Mukhtiar Panghali and brother Sukhvinder Panghali wer accused of improper or indecent interference with a body.

  • Mukhtiar Panghali, charged for murder of his wife, Manjit
    It is coincidence that Husband faces murder charge on day she was to give birth to 2nd child

DELTA, B.C, March 13, 2007, On Monday, police announced that the husband, Mukhtiar Panghali has been charged for murder of his pregnant wife Manjit Phangali . Mukhtiar's younger brother Sukhvinder, 27, was also charged. Both men were remanded in custody till March 22, according to reports. ......More

  • NRI Manjit Phangali's burned body found

Surrey, October 27, 2006 ---On Oct. 26, Police confirmed the news to Panghali's family that the burned body is that of the missing teacher, pregnant Manjit Phangali. Manjot's brother says police have confirmed from dental records that it is Manjit's body. Police said the autopsy done on the body found Monday morning .......More

  • "Manjit would not leave her family alone," said husband Mukhtiar Panghali

Surrey, Oct 25, 2006
Sant Parkash

"It was really out of her character," said Panghali, a physics teacher at Surrey's Princess Margaret Secondary. "She would not leave her family alone, she would not leave her daughter alone and she would not leave me alone." Panghali said his wife maintained a tight routine and it was out of character for her to stay away from home without informing anyone.............................More

Surrey resident, Navreet Kaur Waraich had been stabbed to death by her husband in basement of Newton county. Her husband Jatinder Waraich, cab driver was arrested.







Mukhtiar Panghali charged for murder
of his pregnant wife

  • Manjit Phangali was last seen leaving her home on Oct. 18, 2010
  • On Oct. 26, her burned body found

Manjit Phangoli's father. Mr. Resham Basra, in Vancouver, holds a photo of his slain daughter

Manjit's mother Surinder Basra