Gurdip Hari, based in Los Angeles: Mind & Natural Health Teacher


Gurdip Hari:

Gurdip Hari is a man with a mission to help increase awareness on health as he believes the biggest problem today is sickness and disease. To find a solution he began working upon his own health and made an in-depth study of ancient and modern wisdom to find the KEY that would open the doors to optimun health and ever-lasting youth. And not only did he stop ageing and returned back to youth, he has not fallen sick, been to a doctor or taken any medications since he embarked upon this new journey of life. His book ‘Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health’ contains all the wisdom and techniques he discovered to be in top shape at any age. Music plays an essential role in attaining optimum health, and at HealthyMindFM you will find Heart-warming Music to uplift your Spirits - Mentally, Physically & Spiritually.
















Gurdip Hari