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Have you ever thought about 'The Amazing Power of Music'?
Since ages Music has been considered as an extremely powerful tool and
medium to reduce stress and promote general well-being, by helping the
individual to enter a state of calmness, peace and happiness. The power of
Music has the potential to bring World Peace by helping us to get rid of
inner conflicts and pave the way to solve outer conflicts that have lead to
broken relationships, wars, terrorism and destruction of our Planet Earth.

Music Builds a Bridge 

Music builds a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, or to
describe it in a simpler manner, between your good and bad, positive and
negative, or your loving and nasty part. The Musicians play such a great
role in bringing out such heart-warming tunes and melodies filled with some
mind-blowing and life-changing words. 


Here is one such Song 'BUILDING THE BRIDGE' by Reo Speedwagon  

Father to son, husband to wife, Brother to brother, black man to white,
Living together, falling apart, Looking for the common ground in every
human heart. It all comes down to the two of us, this is where we start.
We are building the bridge, One small stone at a time, With a lot of love
And some help from above, From your heart to mine.
There's a land of justice, cities filled with pride,
A mountain of hope, just on the other side.
Across a river of indifference, and a valley of despair,
There's a tower of courage, piercing through the air.
I have a dream for our children, I want to take them there,
And we are building the bridge, One small stone at a time,
With a lot of love, And some help from above, From your heart to mine.
As we seek out understanding, As we learn to forgive,
When we open up our minds, When our words are true and kind,
We are building the bridge.

Don't these words make so much sense in today's senseless world?
All we need is love, all we need is to seek out understanding and learn how
to forgive, and we do need to open our minds and make our words true and
kind, because majority of all conflicts are not due to difference in opinions,
but due to the wrong tone of voice. At the end it all comes down to the two
of us and this is where we have to start. And by the way, who are these two
of us? No hard guesses - These are our conscious and unconscious mind, or
our positive and negative, or our loving and nasty part. All you need to do 
is to BUILD THE BRIDGE between these two parts of your Nature. Once that
Bridge is built, it will help to solve the inner conflicts, which are the true
source and foundation of all outer conflicts. 

Healthy Mind FM plays such meaningful and Heart-warming Songs  

You will find life-changing songs like the one above 'Building the Bridge' on
Healthy Mind FM. This station is on the internet and you can access it by
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the last 35 years are all here. These songs not only bring joy in my daily life,
they also help to ignite my powers of love, creativity and productivity, and
have immensely helped me to become successful in every area of my life. If
this is what they have done for me, I see no reason why they will not do the
same for you. 




Gurdip Hari