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A Most Amazing Gift from Gurdip Hari

By Gurdip Hari
Mind & Natural Health Teacher

Today I am going to give you 'A Most Amazing Gift'.
A Gift that will enlighten your life and fill it with,
Love, Passion, Hope, Joy and Peace.
And you can enjoy it,
Any time of the day - Any time of the night.

24 Years Ago this day June 12th I received 'A Most Amazing Gift'

That Gift changed my whole life.
And for the first time I felt the real love of a Father.
Perhaps for the first time I felt how much my Father on Earth loved me,
And how much our Eternal un-seen Father in Heaven loves us all.

What was that Amazing Gift?

The Gift of becoming a Father.
And that is the only way to feel the love of a Father.
In a similar way you cannot feel the love of a Mother,
Unless you become a Mother.
To truly feel the essence of a Gift,
You got to have that Gift first.

But that is not the Gift I have for you,
As I certainly do not have the powers,
To turn you into either a Father or a Mother.

So what is this 'Most Amazing Gift'?

Music is one of the most Amazing Gifts given to Mankind.
In fact Music is the common universal language,
And the most significant bond that not only binds,
But unites Mankind and ignites the powers of:
Love, Passion, Hope, Joy and Peace,
By taking the stress and pressures of life away.

Listening to Music daily is a great Blessing

Yes, this is true,
For the last 35 years I have been truly blessed.
And the Music that has inspired and motivated me,
To take on the challenges and pressures of life,
With Love, Passion, Hope, Joy and Peace.
I now bring that Music to you via 'HealthyMindFM'.

This is my 'Most Amazing Gift' for you,
The most Heart-warming Music of the last 5 decades.
The Music that will uplift your spirits,
Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.
And make you as Joyful, as Peaceful, as Hopeful,
As Passionate and as Loving our Creator was, and still is,
When He created us in His very own Image.
The image of Love, the image of Passion,
The image of Hope, Joy and Peace on Earth and in Heaven.




Gurdip Hari