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Mela Teeyan Da


Mela teeyan da on September 20th, 2009

Riverside, California, Aug. 27, 2009
Baljeet Toor

Please join us to celebrate the "Mela teeyan da" on September 20, 2009 from 2-6 PM at Verne, California




Mela Teeyan Da in Riverside citrus historical park, California, 2008

Riverside, California, Sep. 21st , 2008
Baljeet Toor

Mela Teeyan da was a great success. It was way beyond our expectation. We had three-hundred seats and we had to add about hundred more chairs. Even after this, there were still people standing inside the hall, and a lot more enjoying the food, buying bangles, jewelry, and clothes, or getting Mehndi and their eyebrows done.

We were supposed to finish by 6:00 p.m., but no one was ready to leave. People were having such a wonderful time. Even though it was a Sunday, no one was in a rush to leave. We had such variety in our program that it included kids from five to seventy years of age. I think our mothers and grandmothers had the most wonderful time when they got the floor to themselves.

We had a girls gidha team from Walnut Gurdwara, the India Association’s millan group, Nachdiyan Punjabna, Nachdeyan Vanjarna, Kunja Punjab Deiyan, and other gidha and bhangra teams. Our young children played Piyar de kissey. Miss Puja’s duet was sung by a young girl, Sabrina, in male and female voice. The crowd danced even during the intermission to the beat of her Dhole.

The Nakal by Parwinder and myself, playing Amli and Santy, was hilarious. The Miss Punjaban contest was also very well received by the audience. The audience participation was great in the games that tested their cultural knowledge and the raffle, and we were grateful to the sponsors to have prizes to give out to the winners.