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Eye Camp in BILLI BRAICH, Punjab on Nov 11, 2007 with great success

Dec 29, 2007

More than 500 old and young people got the treatment from this camp Nov. 11, 2007. Patients from surrounding villages, many elderly with family members helping them, came early to seek ophthalmologic help. After examining the patients, about 50 patient got operation at Akal Hospital, Model Town, Jalandhar and 150 eye glasses were provided to needy patients free of charge

NRI Rashpal Singh, organizer of United Sikh Mission said we are very fortunate to help the poor people of villages. With the grace ogf God and with the help of our associate in North America, we will continue this project in coming years by 30 to 40 per cent increase. Next year, we are expecting to launch 7-10 camps in different villages of Punjab


Eye Camp in Punjab on Nov 11, 2007

Los Angeles, Oct. 25, 2007
Gary Singh

As with its predecessors, the 2nd year Eye Camp was organized by United Sikh Mission, California, USA dated Nov. 11, 2007 at Village BILLI BRAICH, p.o. Daulatpur Dhada, Teh. Shahkot, Distt. Jalandhar.

NRI Rashpal Singh, well-known philanthropist and entrepreneur in transpiration business, along with other associates had set up "United Sikh Mission" as non-profit organization in California, USA to provide free services in India. Main Objectives of this mission are:


  1. Prevention of blindness, Eye Camp- Every five seconds one person in our world goes blind. Today nearly 50 million people are blind and another 150 million are victims of severe visual disability. About 90% of the world’s blind live in developing countries like India. However, if significant efforts are made in this direction, then about 70% of the blind people will regain their eyesight. About 60% of all blindness worldwide is caused by Cataract, Childhood Eye disease, Trachoma and Onchoceriasis. More than 70 per cent of India’s total population still lived in poor villages with no access to modern health care.
  2. Rural poor people who do not have access to qualitative Eye care service suffer from the problem of poverty and blindness. An estimated 2% of the population is blind due to cataract.

    Countless patients, who could not afford eye care due to economic reasons, lack of awareness or simply due to lack of access to health services.

    Objective of this project is to reach out to the poor people who cannot reach us and continue to live in a state of needless blindness. Our eye care service include:

    • Prevention of blindness
    • Cure of Blindness
    • Rehabilitation for the incurable blind
    • Promotion of eye care

    Educating people in methods of prevention of eye diseases and proper care of the eyes in order to ensure better and lasting eye-sight.
    Providing medical and surgical treatment for the prevention and control of eye diseases including Cataract Operations.
    Before going to set up the date for the camps, we contact the sub specialties of the hospital are the Cornea and Lasik Clinic, Glaucoma clinic, Vitreo-Retina department, Occuloplasty department, Vision Rehabilitation & Enhancement center and Contact lens clinic.

    In the camps the treatments of patients, including surgery, shall be free of cost. About 80 per cent of blindness was due to cataracts