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KP Singh Awarded Highest Civilian Honor by Indiana Governor


First time in the History of USA
a NRI is honored the highest civil award of any state of US.

Governor surprised Indiana’s longtime resident (50 years), KP Singh for this Award

 Los Angeles, Oct. 11, 2015
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 “On October 10, 2015, the Inaugural Sikh Day Parade was organized by the Sikh Society of Indiana and more than 4000 (four thousand devotees) participated, said  President of Sikh Society of Indiana , Gurinder Singh Khalsa (Sandhu), “It was a moment of joy, history and pride for the vibrant Sikh Community  and Honorable Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana was the Chief Guest of the Celebration and addressed  the congregation.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, in his remarks, complemented the Hoosier Sikh community for their contributions and service to Indiana.


While delivering the inaugural address, Indiana Governor Mike Pence surprised Indiana’s longtime resident (50 years), KP Singh at the Inaugural Sikh Day Parade ceremonies with the highest award that the State of Indiana confers on its citizens.  Governor, in his glowing introduction about KP Singh’s artwork, civic engagements, many diverse involvements, and interfaith leadership.

A thunderous applause followed by the thousands who had gathered in Veterans Memorial Plaza for the festivities that followed the Parade through Downtown Indianapolis.

Governor Mike Pence added: “Sagamore of the Wabash” award is the highest honor which the Governor of Indiana bestows, a personal tribute usually given to those who rendered distinguished service to the state or to the governor. Among those who have received Sagamores have been astronauts, presidents, ambassadors, artists, musicians, politicians and citizens who have contributed greatly to "Hoosier" heritage.The Sagamore of the Wabash is an honorary award created by the state of Indiana during the term of Governor Ralph F. Gates (1945 to 1949).

The term sagamore was the term used by Algonquian-speaking American Indian tribes of the northeastern United States for the tribal chiefs. The Wabash is the "State River" of Indiana and major tributary of the Ohio River.

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh:

         Governor surprised Indiana’s longtime resident (50 years), KP Singh for “Sagamore of the Wabash” award

KP Singh is an Architect engineer, Artist, Author, Writer, Poet, International Citizen, Hoosier Sikh, and Community Volunteer over the  50 years. He had  been in the USA since 1965 and a proud resident of Indiana since 1967.

“Today, to receive the highest honor from the State of Indiana and Honorable Governor Mike Pence and to be placed among the distinguished and greats of Indiana, this is more than my mind and soul can fathom, other than to affirm,” KP Singh said. “God is great, he placed me in Indiana where people are good and welcome strangers. One never knows the turns of one’s destiny, I simply imagine the feeling and images: rebirth, living a dream, and being carried on the shoulders of so many! Thank you everyone for being a part of my life-journey.”

KP Singh added: “ I reflected on what just transpired. My thoughts traveled to the  incredible sacrifices of my parents and my family - Janice and our wonderful sons Jay Prakash and Rabindra Paul - in Indianapolis, in India and around the world; blessings, prayers, and kindness of friends and strangers from every faith, culture, and community that have shaped my life and my spirit. I am honored by their grace, generosity of spirit, and for placing before me and around me wisdom, ideas, and myriad opportunities to serve and grow.”

 He further said that my heart is full and spirit is moved beyond what words can possibly describe: From the horrific experiences of September 8, 1947 in Jaranwala, my place of birth (now in Pakistan), to the sidewalks of Amritsar as a lost and frightened refugee, to arriving in America on August 25, 1965 at the University of Michigan for higher studies and to Indiana on September 28, 1967.

KP Singh, in his remarks, thanked the Governor for this distinguished honor, for his leadership, and his friendship of many years.   

His visits affirm the growing interest among faith communities to learn about the tradition and culture of different faiths including: Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Mormon, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Baha'i, and Sikh. This is a very welcome change that acknowledges the presence of many faiths in the spiritual landscape of Indiana and the Nation.,,Click

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     Gurinder Singh, president of The Sikh Society of Indiana introduce about the event and invited Indiana Governor Mike Pence

Gurinder Singh Sandhu

Gurinder Singh Khalsa (Sandhu)  as a president of The Sikh Society of Indiana, who organized the this event, said:

  • The main purpose of the parade was to share three core tenets of Sikhism:
    • Truthful Living and  Service to Humanity
    • Devotion to Omnipresent Almighty God “Truth is High, Higher still is Truthful Living” — Guru Nanak, the First Sikh Guru.
    • Respect all other religions and bring together all NRIs to bring a peace in the world

 Gurinder Singh, Master degree from Punjab University, moved to USA in 1996 where he completed his Certificate in Business from UC Berkeley. He  is an entrepreneur, community leader, public speaker and writer.

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A float bearing Guru Granth Sahib is followed by a procession of floats and devotees winding through the streets of Downtown Indianapolis started at 12:00 noon. Main attraction was the floats depicting the 500 years of vibrant Sikh couture, history, valor and sacrifice for and valor.