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US NRI Grewal Brothers Build White House in Ludhiana on Limited Means

Ravi Grewal has found success in business and satisfaction in spirituality has prospered in US

Los Angeles, California, Jan 01, 2014
Gary Singh/NRIpress-Club


In Western culture, we are very goal-oriented and we often count our successes by how much we accomplish. Eastern cultures can be very goal-oriented as well, but sometimes with a very different approach. Our approach to achieving our dreams was more the eastern approach than the western one.

With this approach, Ravi Grewal, who possess ownership for more than 150 franchise units in the state of California and regional owner of RE/MAX Punjab A & RE/MAX Punjab B, India along with his two brothers: Dr. Narinder Singh Grewal MD, Anesthesiologist and Charanjeet Singh build a house on 2 acres of land in South City area of Ludhiana that looks like the US White House to fulfill his dream of building it and also to keep alive his connection to his motherland.


Ravinder (Ravi) is a boundary crosser, has followed many paths, fills numerous roles and is one of those NRIs who has multiple identities. Passion for community during a wide conversation at a private party, Ravi said, "Life has been one of ... exploration of ideas and leading to a greater sense of self-discovery."

Dr. Narinder Singh Grewal is a honest, God-fearing, down-to-earth and sincere type of doctor who has family relationship with Actor Dharminder and his family. He is a highly trained, vastly experienced medical professional with a warm, caring, easy manner that has gained him the love and respect of thousands of patients from CEOs, actors to small children.

"Most of the designing of the house was done by Ravi Grewal while getting help from his close friends, took 4 years to construct this house," Ravi Grewal said. "The house had 8 rooms including 5 bedrooms, a theatre room, a room for indoor sports, besides a hall and stairs."

"The most precious thing for me in the world is the happiness of my mother Bachan Kaur," said Ravi. " I feel grateful that she likes the house and likes to spend maximum time there."

"My entire family including my two elder brothers Dr. Narinder Singh, wife Pritpal Kaur, brother Charanjeet Singh and his wife Pritpal Kaur, all kids and our mother visit the Ludhiana during December every year and spend time in the house.