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‘Goondagardi’ unleashed by Ajnala MLA

Goondagardi’ unleashed by Ajnala MLA

Bholath, 01.04.10

Sukhpal Singh Khaira,

MLA Bholath

The second incident of ‘Goondagardi’ unleashed by Ajnala MLA Amarpal Singh in the last few days is an apt indicator of complete jungle raj in Punjab. The first issue of armtwisting and terrorizing the bidders and highjacking the auction of VIP numbers had rocked the Vidhan Sabha but the Chief Minister sat there helplessly, virtually legalizing the acts of vandalism of  his MLA.

Emboldened by the inaction of police and govt. MLA Amarpal Singh directed is henchmen to assault Patiala based Kuljit Singh Aulakh and Bagh Singh Pannu forcing the authorities to call off the auction. Just because these two citizens had highlighted the arrogant MLA’s act of highhandedness during the last auction which had resulted in loss of lacs of rupees to the public exchequer, the goons of the said MLA beat up these two in broadaylight and in the presence of senior officers.

To further add insult to injury the victim of MLA’s ire were coerced and threatened by police officials inside the police station to either reach a compromise with the MLA or face a case for making a derogatory castiest remark. The failure of police authorities to nab the culprits or register a F.I.R, despite the Deputy Commissioner’s instructions to the police speaks volumes of lawlessness and a subjugated police machinery.

The congress is of the confirmed opinion that all acts of political terrorism unleashed by Akali goons have the blessings of the Chief Minister. The Akali MLA’s and Goonda’s are above the rule of law in Punjab, a careful analysis would indicate that the Punjab Police have not even challanned a single Akali worker in the state during the last three years even in heinous crimes of murder, rape, arson, looting, and drug  trafficking. The police has virtually become the private army of the Akali’s and is hell bent to hound the political opponents of the Akali’s. Yesterday’s act of brazen ‘goondagardi’ was nothing but a reflection of utter failure of law and order machinery in the state with political patronage.

Congress party demands immediate registration of a case against Akali goons as well as the Akali MLA u/s 120- B of conspiracy. The culprits must be arrested without further delay, the DSP and local SHO should be immediately suspended to restore the confidence of the people in the state which stands shattered by such politically inspired acts of ‘goondaism’.

If the CM has an iota of shame left, he must apologie to the people of Punjab for his utter failure to reign in Akali goons in the state.


Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA Bholath