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  • NRI Bachan Kaur Athwal, Mother-in-law, 70, convicted of murder Surjit Kaur Athwal, 27,daughter-in-law (NRImurdered)
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  • I didn't marry my daughter to his parents:

    Some extent I agreed to the Editor's opinion but let me clear here. I think that those parents have sons only, means no daughter, they don't understand the pain of girl's parents. For me as an NRI, I already suffered lot to settle here and sacrifice to give them best education to.....Read More (5)

  • Dealing with in-laws is tricky business most of the times.Your mother-in-law should be the person with whom you can laugh about how your husband loves to sleep long hours. .....Read More
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    LILA arrived in Houston, Texas, in 2000 on a fiancée visa, little suspecting that the man she was marrying would be sexually abusive. During her traumatizing ......Read More
This is not a new article for me but it is a serious matter in our society, specially in NRIs worldwide. Who is right and who is wrong?For the past thirty years, NRIs are struggling to settle themselves in these Countries- doing odd jobs, part time study to upgrade their profession, job's stress
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  • We must understand "Generation gap"- Naisargi had fallen in love with a guy and knew she would brook no resistance in marrying him. So her liberated parents, though a little hesitant, gave in without so much of a battle. They were a cultured, sophisticated urban upper-middle class family, while the boy's people were orthodox........More
    Kalpana (7_)

  1. When I was in school and a college student, I always stood for the rights of women. I wanted that women should have a very respectable and prestigious place in the society. Women should never suffer at the hands of society. I had the opinion that men always have.......
  2. In some sections some rough moments may be happening here and there,but in broad terms human life is human life and it should be honored everywhere...... More

    Sue, USA

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I didn't marry my daughter to his parents:(5)
This is very insolvable article. Sorry to read this. I agree that kids born here are very honest and they don't understand our culture. Best solution is- kids born here must marry to kids born here. Secondly, those kids born in India they can marry Indians and they can adjust their culture.

Parents who like to stay with their kids, before marriage they must clarify that girl have to stay with son's parents. If girl is agreed then this will be fine. We should not enforce the thum rule that boy's parents have the right to live in with his son.

I still did not understand why boy's parents feel more uncomfortable that they have spent more money and time on their son as compare to girl's parents. If both kids are professional why this question rise. Wait.. 10-15 years more, new generation will abolish this third world country old tradition.

Mona, London