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Keralites in Gulf asked to behave; blacklisted by 15 companies
NRIs from Kerala were told, not to strikes



The Recruiting Agents Association of Kerala on Monday asked Keralites working in the Gulf to behave themselves after nearly 15 companies in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi decided not to have Keralites on their rolls.

"Strikes may be common here, but not in the Gulf. We should see that we do not overreact and create problems for all the Keralites," said B. Vivek, the association's president.

The new situation arose after some Keralites created 'issues' in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

"We are pained because our association contributed Rs.750,000 to the Indian Embassy in Bahrain to repatriate 75 Keralites who lost their jobs after a Garment company closed down its operations. Despite the Bahrain government relaxing rules for them to seek new employment, some went on a strike," said Vivek.

K.V. Muraleedharan, president of the Kerala Association of Travel Agents pointed out that there are reports from the UAE that Keralites have even taken to the roads in protest.

"This is a dangerous trend because now that 15 companies have come with the decision not to take people from Kerala, one shouldn't be surprised if more companies resort to it," said Muraleedharan.

One reason why issues like these surface in the Gulf is because those paying close to 100,000 rupees for the visa et al, don't even get the promised job.

"Currently there are around 100 registered and licensed recruitment agencies in Kerala. But reports indicate that there are close to a thousand unrecognised recruitment agencies playing mischief. The government has to deal with this seriously," said Victor Fernandes, secretary of the association.

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