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The Gold Bracelet (2005)

"The Gold Bracelet" set against the backdrop of the September 11th tragedy is a tragic but tender story of courage and compassion; as the events that unfold thereafter effect the lives of one family.

NRI Kavi Raz became the first South Asian actor to break into Hollywood TV and Film industry,when he was signed on to play one of the star characters on NBC's award winning hit series "St Elsewhere."

Somewhere in the rugged terrains of a foreign land, a man schemed, plotted and carried out a hideous and cowardly act that changed our world forever.
Somewhere in the heart of America, a simple man living a righteous, pious life, raising his family with the fear of God in his heart, pays the consequences.


The Gold Bracelet is a groundbreaking film with the backdrop of an event that changed America forever. Brave, proud, soul stirring, wrenching at its every heartbeat, yet showered with colors of a full, blissful life, The Gold Bracelet is a moving journey of man who strives to live a simple yet meaningful life.

Even in a tragedy of the greatest magnitude, there is hope.
Events define history
Events change lives...forever
Events, in the vortex of catastrophe, shape will and courage, towards a newfound resolution and hope

The Gold Bracelet, an odyssey of a simple, hardworking man, a native of India, but proud of his love for his adoptive country, finds his beliefs tested on the anvil of bigotry that often plagues the soul of our nation.

The future of our nation, leader of the free world, will be defined by how our ship sails through the turbulent storms of our present.

Arjun Singh (Kavi Raz), a God fearing man who left his native land of Punjab, India to fulfill his dream of coming to America and give his family a better life. Leaving behind a professor's occupation, he now runs a mechanic shop in his adoptive homeland.
Reservedly steadfast to his culture and beliefs, he embraces America with a new found sense of pride and joy.
He revels in his own ideology of what America means and represents to him and millions like him.

I am an American for I feel for America.
Today my heart bleeds for America.

With his trust and faith in God, he tries to accomplish his simple needs, prime among them to provide for his wife Baljit (Archana Puran Singh), their children, Simrun (Mehrunnisa Hassan) and Ranjit (Arsh Singh). His wife is his companion and rock solid support as he treads the journey of life, facing its challenges in his strive to be a good and understanding father.

Directed by Kavi Raz

Writing credits Kavi Raz (screenplay

  • Sonny Mandal .... Bobby Dhillon
  • Archana Puran Singh .... Baljit Singh
  • Angela Little .... Raina
  • rest of cast listed alphabetically:
  • Ari Barak
  • Joseph Bertot .... Jose
  • Ezra Buzzington .... Murderer
  • Rajeev Chhibber .... Ajit
  • Gary Castro Churchwell .... Gang Leader
  • Ellen Geer .... Miss Hanson
  • Ellen Greer
  • Mehr Hassan .... Simrun Singh
  • Kavi Raz .... Arjun Singh
  • Arsh Singh .... Ranjit Singh
  • Avtar Singh .... Ganjo
  • Dr. Parvin Syal .... Bahadur Singh
    Joseph Whipp
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English





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