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Sikhs have suffered due to mistaken identity after 9/11

To spread awareness of the Sikh faith
"Diversity Festival" on September 12 in California by PACA

Los Angeles, Sep.11, 2015
NRIpress-Club/Ramesh/Gary Singh

“In Remembrance of the Victims and Heroes of September 11, 2001 and the Sikhs who have suffered due to mistaken identity after 9/11, the Punjabi-American Cultural Association (PACA) organized the event on Sep.12, 2015  to spread awareness of the Sikh faith and to bringing different communities together,” said Dr.Gurpreet Singh Dhugga.

“Despite being one of the world’s largest world religions, Sikhism remains one of the most unknown traditions in America,”  Dr. Sukhdarshan Singh told NRIpress. “The lack of understanding has led to serious consequences, including discriminatory policies, bigoted stereotypes, traumatic school bullying and violent hate crimes.”

After 9/11, The Punjabi-American Cultural Association (PACA), non-profit organization, was founded in 2002  by 11 people in Fairfield, California to create a better understanding among different communities and educate people about Sikhism, and Sikhs with Turban.

The organizers participated in many events such as Food Drive, Blood Drive, free Books, Donations, free public Education and non- Punjabi events throughout the year to reach out to the public in Fairfield area of California.

Dr.Gurpreet Singh Dhugga, who is active member of this organization told NRIpress-Club’s senior representative, “For Ignorance breeds misunderstanding, prejudice and hatred, our efforts of last 14 years have successfully educated mainstream American about Sikhism and connected kids to our roots. Diversity makes our country ( USA) unique, vibrant and greatest in the world. Our country is not only the leader of the world politically but also in human values due to its Diversity and tolerance.”

“Purpose of our festival on Sep. 12  is to bring different communities together and spread awareness,” Dr.Gurpreet Singh Dhugga added. “Sikh believe in One God, honest earning, sharing our blessings with less fortunate and believe in equality as we all are creation of one God.

Sikhs have a long history of standing for justice- Guru Tegh Bahadur, observed Mughal state authorities forcefully converting its Hindu constituents. Although this oppression targeted a religious community to which he did not belong and whose beliefs he did not share, Guru Tegh Bahadur stood up firmly for their right to practice religion freely — and the state responded by publicly executing Guru Tegh Bahadur.


Sikh Americans to organise diversity festival in California

New York, Sep 11, 2015:  The Punjabi-American Cultural Association (PACA) in Fairfield, California is set to host its annual "Diversity Festival" on September 12 -- a day after the US commemorates the September 11 terrorist attacks, a media report said.

The PACA, which was established after the events of 9/11, said the festival aims at bringing different communities together and to spread awareness of the Sikh faith, US-based Daily Republic newspaper reported on Friday.

"The Sikhs have suffered due to mistaken identity after the tragic events of 9/11," Gurpreet Dhugga of the PACA was quoted as saying.

The annual event will be organised at the Fairfield Centre for Creative Arts.

Surjit Patar, an Indian Punjabi-language writer and poet is scheduled to be the special guest at the event.

Apart from Punjabi singer Babbu Gurpal, performances from Filipino and traditional Punjabi dancers will entertain the crowd.

A documentary on the role of Sikhs in World Wars I and II will also be shown, the report in the daily said.

"The Sikh community has grown from a few hundred in 2000 to about 7,000 in Solano county, California," Dhugga said, adding, "Diversity makes our country unique, vibrant and the greatest in the world."……IANS






Sikhs suffered due to mistaken identity after 9/11,