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IASC --India Association celebrate Diwali


India Association and swar present Diwali Mela 2013

Norwalk, California, October 19, 2013 Phots and Video by Raj Srinivasan

Dipawali is most pious Hindu festival with many religious and cultural stories attached for centuries. Iasc is cultural and religious organization once again brought best Diwali celebration with lot of ambience of festivity and Hindu legend book Ramayana story live play that is called Ram Lila at sanatan temple on October 19th in city of Norwalk

Guest started coming from 4.30 pm but as moon started peeking from the clouds crowd started coming in large numbers. They all lined up for buffet dinner. While they were waiting for dinner to be served everyone was socializing and having good time.

Around 6.45 pm organizer started the program with arti prayer in front of well decorated Chariot with Shri Ram Durbar picture with candle lights in the court yard with all the guests. Many people had red dish with candle and flower petals in their hand and took three circle of the chariot that is called Parikrima in Hindi language with the slogan “ Shri Ram Chandra Ki Jai” means glory to glorious Lord Ram. Candle light walk a thon took place lead by organizers and Sudha Rao for peace and prosperity for everyone.

(L to R) Bharat Bhai, Keshav Patel. Dr.Dhamija, Suresh Bhatti, Manu Patel, Mayor of Artesia-Tony Lima, Atuk Makwana, Dipal Makwana, Kamini khare, Amarjeet Dhamija, Nila Parikh, Pushpa Chandra  and others

After the outside ceremony every one took their seat in the cultural hall. Program started with happy Diwali welcome massage by Amarjeet Dhamija, Dipal Makwana. kamini Khare said, happy Dipawali to from all of us  specially from farmers of green fram land and Namo Namah Jai Hind happy Diwali from all the brave soldiers of our country who are standing and protecting us from the border line of Bharat.

Young students of sri Sakti Sarde kalaniketan dance School of Vijaya Bhanu, jasmine Siva Kumar, Meera parikh, Jay Parikh and Diya srivastava started the program with Ganesh Vandana classical dance numbers followed by classical dance by chadra Shekhar Reddy a visiting movie actor and classical dancer of India.

Ram Leela started with Mata Sabari’ PathShala where she is narrating the story of Shri Ram to her disciples.  Sita swamber dance drama was performed by students of Savitri Arts Academy of Dr. Sinduri. Ram vanwas, Sita haran and other scene of Ram leela like Jatau and Rawan fight Ram Darshan to Mata sabari, Hanuman, and Ram  Ravan fight to rescue his wife Sita.Ram Leela play ended with Raj Tilak to Lord Ram by his mother Maharani kaushlya.. Ram Lila play ended with many highlighted character role of Ramayana story which played by local artists. Play was written and recorded by very talented leader of community kamini khare. She gave voice to many female character of the play.

Mata sabari was played by Pushpa Chandra, her disciple were yogi , Mahesh and Jasmine Shiv Kumar , Meera and Jay Parikh.Mata sabari Guru pas played by Ravi Viswanath and Ashram ladies by Nila Parikh.

King of Ajodhya Dashrath played by Ranjit Viswanath, Rani Kekai by Chitra Lekha pasih, Rama/ Chandra Shekhar Reddy, laxaman by Abhshrey  Sita by Simmi, Kaushalya /Kamini Khare, Rani Helper by Anjana and satya, Mantri Araya suman was played by Ravi Viswanath. King Rawan played by Prakash Pancholi. Show ended with traditional folk bhangra dance, Radha Krishna and Diwali candle dance.

All the community leaders were introduced by kamini khare. Mayor of Artesia Mr. Tony Lima has the honor to  distribute certificate of appreciation to all the participants. Many young children age 5 to 12 took part in coloring and Rangoli competition first, second and third price was awarded to the winner. Raffle price was given by Atul Makwana

Show was sponsored by Dr. Krishna Reddy, Avdesh Agarwal, Dr. Dhamija, Suresh & Nalini Bhatti, Bhindi jeweler, State bank of India California, Hindu community of California, Niraj & Sindhu Agnihotri, Vinod  & Vinita vineet, A j Dudhekar, Dr Rangnath and supported by many well-wisher friends of IASC.

Kamini khare and Amarjeet Dhamija, Atul Makwana, Roshan khandpur thanked everyone for their support. Many guest from the audience express their view that show like this will give lot of traditional value and teach the next generation importance of Diwali festival. Live play presentation leaves image on young children’s mind and they will remember the story. Six hundred people who attended the Diwali program were all delighted with their own home town memory and many were thrilled to see live Ram leela first time. Kamini express her thanks to sanatan Temple for their support.

"I am American born Indian who does not speak Hindi but I enjoyed whole Ram Leela play, all the costumes, acting, dialog gave me the clue to connect the dot of the story with explanation in English before the play. It was amazing experience for me. Festival of Diwali is related to Story of Lord Ram" said Nanndu, a 14 years young student.

Holy book Ramayana has life story of Shri Ram which was written first by Rishi Valmik in Sanskrit language and Great poet Go swami Tulsi Das wrote Ramayana in Awadhi language before 800 BC for common people to read and understand how to live perfect life in every stage of their life. Story of Shri Ram  has been sung and narrated for the centuries  and it will be sing and  played like this as long as humanity exist on this earth, sun and moon will shine in the sky and  river Ganga Yamuna will flow on the earth India

Dinner was catered by Haveli restaurant of Artesia.