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Dr. Raj Kumar, President- IAFC, Hawaii Chapter & Founder & President Emeritus GIIP-Gandhi International Institute for Peace



Hawaii’s 5th Annual International Yoga Day Celebration

Los Angeles, May 16, 2023 A.Gary Singh

Gandhi International Institute for Peace (GIIP) is organizing its 5th annual International Yoga day event at the MOA Wellness Center in Honolulu, Hawaii on Wednesday June 21, 2023 from 11 AM to 1 PM HST. The theme of this year’s event is Yoga for health, healing, and peace.

Hawaii State Senator Mike Gabbard will be the keynote speaker. Other presenters include Dr. Raj Kumar, Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar from California, Dr. Tom Yarema form California, Yogi Ramesh Pandey from California, Dr. Sunder S. Arora from Canada, Zeny Orisseg from Belgium, Dr. Soraya Faris, Mary Bastien from Open Space Yoga, HeeMahng from Dahn Yoga, Santosh Krinsky, Michele Santos from Sun Yoga, and Kusha Devi Dasi from ISKCON. Kahu Kaleo Patterson from Pacific Justice and Reconciliation Center and Veda Das from ISKCON temple Honolulu will perform spiritual invocation. The Instructor from Open Space Yoga will also demonstrate the yoga asanas. Ms. Rea Fox will moderate the program.

Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy this free event. 

Dr. Raj Kumar founded GIIP, which has been promoting peace, educating youth about nonviolence, and raising awareness about healthy living in Hawaii for the past 17 years. The journey about Yoga day started when The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution, which was introduced by India, recognizing June 21 each year as “International day of Yoga” on December 11, 2014.

Here in Hawaii, GIIP initiated House Bill HB 349 in Hawaii Legislature in December 2018. The House and the Senate passed the Bill unanimously and it was signed into ACT 102 by former Hawaii Governor, David Y. Ige, in June 2019 making Hawaii the first state in the nation to officially recognize June 21 as “International Yoga Day”. 

According to Dr. Raj Kumar who is the author of the book on Yoga. “The Secrets of Health and Healing”, Yoga means union of soul with the divine. Yoga is not related to any religion.  It is a gift from ancient Indian philosophers and practitioners. The most famous book on Yoga, the "Yoga Sutras" written by Patanjali, defines the rules of how people can maintain discipline in daily lives by practicing yoga and reaping its health benefits. Some of its health benefits include increasing your flexibility and keeping your joints healthy, improving breathing, lowering your blood pressure, helping you to build strength, reducing stress, making healthier life choices and enhancing your body's natural healing process.

In short, Yoga provides a holistic approach to health and wellness. It emphasizes how to live a healthy, simple and harmonious life. Worldwide Yoga statistics suggest that there are 300 million yoga practitioners around the world and more than 36 million in the U.S. alone.