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The Golden Temple is a beautiful example of when sacred architecture becomes a testimony of celestial splendor and gives us pause about the history of this monument, holiest of holy to the Sikhs, a place of bliss for everyone who arrives here for prayer, with a petition, or with a spirit to learn about the tradition of a major world religion. This magnificent edifice, the Golden Temple at Amritsar, embodies all that and much more as a world heritage site.

For the Sikhs, this shrine is their heart and soul; a place that has witnessed the history of their faith, sacrifices of countless to defend its sanctity and reinforced their faith and commitment to the sacred commandments of equality, justice, dignity of all God's children, sanctity of all faith traditions as our collective spiritual treasure, and service of humanity.

At this place, the sacred Scripture of the Sikhs was installed by the Fifth Sikh Prophet, Guru Arjan Dev himself in 1604 A.D. Associated with the lives of other Sikh Gurus, the foundation stone of this Temple was laid by a venerated Sufi Saint, Mian Mir, in 1588 A.D. The Temple was richly adorned and embellished by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the nineteenth century. This sacred complex is associated with celebrated martyrs who gave up their lives in righteous defiance and for the defense of this magnificent Harmander Sahib: 'The Temple of God' surrounded by a 'Pool of Immortality' and anchored by The Akal Takht: 'The Throne of God.'

This world heritage site is rich with history and tradition. This is hallowed ground for all humanity. This place is alive with pilgrims of faiths from the remotest corners of earth. Built in 1588 A.D., the Temple is an exquisite example of Indo-Sarsenic architecture and radiates a celestial aura. The sacred Sikh music emanating daily from inside the Golden Temple, from before dawn till late into the evening, fills the air with blessings and praise of the Divine. The music, melody, and Ragas (patterns of music), universal message, serene beauty and warm spirit of the place seem to transcend all differences, and invite cultures, languages, national origins, and diverse traditions into folds of seamless spiritual bliss.

The arts, architecture, the ceremonial walkway surrounding the sacred pool, memorial structures and markers, grand entrances to the complex, the gilded embellishments, marble columns, walls and ceilings inlaid with precious stones, all mirror an image of sacred splendor that is breathtaking and all-embracing, manifesting a spirit of unity, universality, and our shared humanity. Here architecture embodies something immeasurably enlightened and reaffirming to the human spirit. The architecture, arts, the sacred aura enshrined within and radiating throughout the surrounding space of the famous Darbar Sahib: 'The Court of the Lord,' makes the word Grace manifest. The serene environment uplifts our thoughts and prayers as we witness before us a rare architectural gem in living color, and a captivating scene of indescribable majesty etching a lasting imprint on the human soul.

Kanwal Prakash Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA


Kanwal Prakash Singh