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SAHIB INDIAN RESTAURANT, 12221 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, California


Two NRI Kalsi Brother’s Murder Remains A Mystery!

Richmond, California, March, 07, 2010
Hari Singh

It is over 2 years now and killers of Kalsi Brothers are still at large. We have been meeting the Richmond Police and City Officials from the last two years but no clues.

Paramjit (left) and Ravinder Kalsi, shown at their restaurant, Sahib, were described as hard workers and "the kindest of people." Photo courtesy of J.P. Singh . bin/article.cgi? f=/c/a/2007/12/29/BA3SU67U7.DTL

These two murders took place when two NRI brothers Ravinder Singh Kalsi and Param Jit Singh Kalsi were closing their restaurant, Sahib Indian Cuisine located at 12221 San Pablo Ave, Richmond CA around 9PM on Dec 27, 2007.

Bodies of two brothers were sent to Patiala so the family can perform last rites. One month later, 72 year old mother died of heart attack.
One brother Harinder Singh Kalsi came to USA to claim the bodies, but could not attend his brothers and mother funeral.

Harinder Singh Kalsi came to USA three times and tried to meet the authorities to solve this case and find the killers but no solution.

Few weeks ago, we meet Nat Bates, Council Member and Mayor Gale of City Of Richmond (on March 3) to discuss about this case. We were assured that they would discuss this case with Police Chief and also contact us.

A prominent Attorney, Joshua Surowitz, from El-Cerrito, CA, has agreed to volunteer services to Kalsi family, to help in this case. He is helping Indian community for a long time and can be contacted at 510-558-1230 for any leads to this case or any information.

This case has been ignored by City authorities and police, and we are aggressively working on this case to find the killers, according to Hari Singh

By Gary Singh:

Presently, Harry Singh is working on Kalsi murder case and fighting with city officials and police to find the killers of these Sikh young men. He is a Chemical Engineer and holding a rental properties business in Bay area. He served as Parks and recreation Commissioner for City of Hercules ,CA in 2007 and Human Welfare Commissioner in City of Berkeley, CA 2008.

So the question remains, is it a murder mystery, or a mystery with murders?

We like to add here- Murders, by and large, are not being solved because witnesses are not there to talk to the cops. If there is no physical evidence, and witnesses are not willing to cooperate, there is no magic wand a detective can wave over the case file. It goes cold, and goes cold quick.

Should we believe that most of the unsolved murder cases are unsolved because the people who has been murdered are black, Hispanic and or Asians! Murder closure rates across the country have risen since the "good old days". There will always be a percentage of murders that will go unresolved for a variety of reasons. Just by reading about some of these instances where people are unwilling to testify or talk to the police there is a bit of fear being instilled in people.

After a long discussion with Harry Singh, we concluded that he is strong-willed, determined and committed to bring justice. He is requesting to find some clues of this case and get some support from NRI Community members and leaders.



Two NRI sikh brothers, owner of 'Sahib Indian Restaurant' shot dead

Richmond, California, Dec. 29., 2007
Darshan Sahota

On Thursday night, NRI brothers, Ravinder Kalsi, 30, owner of 'Sahib Indian Restaurant' and his brother Paramjit Kalsi, 42 were shot dead in their restaurant at Bay Area by two unidentified men.

It was about 9 pm, Ravinder Kalsi, who had locked up minutes earlier, One banged on the window. "You open?" he mouthed to his quarry inside. Ravinder opened the door and the killers shot him dead in the doorway. They stepped past him and found Paramjit Kalsi in the kitchen and shot him.

Richmond Detective Sgt. Mitch Peixoto said:

  • It does not look like a robbery. It looks like these two guys went in there to kill them.
  • That's what worries me. Why?
  • It is clueless about the reason behind the killing.
  • The attackers did not disturb the cash register and took nothing.
  • There is no clear evidence of a hate crime but say they will investigate all possibilities.

Richmond police reviewed surveillance camera footage and looked for witnesses. The killers may be Asian or Latino, police said.

One friend of Kalsi said:

  • Their family hails from Patiala in Punjab. The brothers immigrated to the United States in 1997. They were carpenters in India and did construction work in Berkeley for several years until they saved enough to buy a house. They bought, renovated and sold or leased several houses over the years, eventually earning enough to open their restaurant and send money home to India.
  • The Kalsis took over the restaurant in 2002. They also owned at least two residential properties in the area,
    which they renovated in hopes of selling for a profit.
  • Ravinder went to Punjab about two months ago for his engagement.
  • They were very gentle and totally pure guys.
  • They were extremely hard-working and had recently been granted permanent residency here.
  • The brothers planned to sell the restaurant and return home for the wedding at the end of the month.

As of Guest Book for Paramjit Kalsi:

Kathleen McKinley (El Cerrito, CA) said, "This is so shocking and saddening. I started eating at Sahib shortly after Ravi and Pami opened. The two brothers were so different: Pami so quiet and serious and Ravi always joking. My heart goes out their family and friends."

I am deeply saddened at this tragic news. I spent many a fine hour at the restaurant, and always felt sincere hospitality and kindness. Your families and loved ones are in my thoughts. Jennifer Tieman (Pittsburgh, PA)

My heart is saddened at such at community loss. Pammi and Ravi were as brothers to me. Better for having known them, i will never be the same. They were so gracious and humble with their achievements.
I enjoyed many hours sharing Pammi's remodeling skills. Pammi and Ravi's desire for perfection was evident in all they did. Bless you Pammi.
Donna Gibson (El Cerrito, CA)

Pammi & Ravi were so gracious and kind. I got to know them as a customer over their 5 years with the restaurant. When my friend was dying from stomach cancer they let her come eat with me for free. They always had warm smiles. We talked, joked, laughed. I'm so sorry they are gone, I'll miss them!
Wendy S (Richmond)

Pami--Your quiet, warmth and wonderful food will be greatly missed. My condolences to your family and friends. The sadness and shock will be with us all, along with the fond memories.
Sally Meeks (Richmond, CA)


Paramjit (left) and Ravinder Kalsi, shown at their restaurant, Sahib, were described as hard workers and "the kindest of people." Photo courtesy of J.P. Singh . http://www.sfchroniclemarketplace. com/cgi- bin/article.cgi? f=/c/a/2007/12/29/BA3SU67U7.DTL