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  • To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.....Anatole France

Dear NRI Associates, In the year 2000, like-minded Engineers from Michigan, USA and Ontario, Canada, realized that NRIs need NRI NEWS MEDIA and they started NRI Breaking News through Community Services under the umbrela of Engineering Company, Globex Tech Inc. in Michigan.

In 2007, A. (Gary) Singh Grewal moved to California and with the help of NRI Entrepreneurs,, Inc. was established under the State of California, USA. Now, Inc. is the 1st, California Based, ‘NRI MEDIA FIRM’, to provide current NRI news worldwide.

We have grown in numbers from 2 peoe (founders) to more than 100 people worldwide such as Entrepreneurs, Journalists, professionals, writers, Members and advisers who stepped to the line and said: “WE WANT THE CHANGE.”

We simply exercise every NRI citizen’s right to free speech, human rights and provide NRI news, information, ideas, comment and opinion and holds those in authority to account.

Our mission is simple: How to meet the needs of over 25-28 million NRIs worldwide and also to reach 50-100 million people in India, who are desirous of doing business overseas and with NRIs.
  • For over 15 years, we have been providing "free" services to the NRI Community worldwide thru NRI News Media:  
    • By promoting NRI EntrepreneursNRI Politicians, NRI Associations and Philanthropists by writing articles/photos regarding their success and philanthropy within the NRI community and have asked for no financial incentives in return.
    • We are always there for NRIs when they need help from us for any event,  press release, NRI seniors, Divorce or  Property related problems in India.
    • To protect our independence and safeguard press freedom, we are not running advertisement on home page of 
  • 2015-2017, We have established project Model in California.

In 2018, we have decided to Upgrade to the Next Level "Mobile Friendly". It  means your site auto adjusts to the screen size of the device that is looking at your website.

Best regards, Organizing Committee/Ramesh, A.Gary Singh Grewal

To Build NRI Businesses Network & NRI Community Partnerships: In 1999, Like-minded professionals and Entrepreneurs from USA and Canada, started to set up the following Four Projects:
  Projects for NRIs Establishment Services ..........Click below Links------
  1 NRI News  2000 Community News
  2 2007 24 x 7 News
  3 NRI Businesses Network 2000-Continued.. NRI accountant/doctors/ on 22 Websites Network
  4 NRI Club 2013 Serve & Protect NRIs worldwide