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Satveer Chaudhary: Currently Minnesota's youngest Senator
First Asian Indian (NRI) Senator in American history

Mr. Chaudhary is the highest-ranking Indian American elected official in the United States, the first NRI elected in Minnesota's history and the youngest State Senator in Minnesota. State Senator Chaudhary was first elected in 1996 and re-elected in 2000, and serves as Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee and is a member of the Committees on Crime Prevention, Education and Finance. He was re-elected by a margin of 56% to 44%, on November 5, 2002,

Senator Chaudhary is resident of his district, raised and currently residing in Fridley and a graduate of Columbia Heights High School. He furthered his education at St. Olaf College where he received his B.A., at the University of Minnesota Law School where he received his J.D., and at Oxford University where he studied British and American foreign policy. In addition to serving as State Senator, Chaudhary is a licensed attorney and business consultant.

A "proud to be a Jat" re-elected to a US State Senate from a 90 per cent white constituency is a rare event. An event probably as rare as Haryana Chief Minister O.P. Chautala holding the Minnesota State flag. However, even this may come about, if two time Minnesota State Senator Satveer Singh Chaudhary has his way.

Chaudhary, the first ever Indian to enter a US State Senate is on a two-week visit to India, his parents’ native place. His fond hope — to make Haryana and Minnesota 'Sister States', make Chautala hold the flag, increase business between the two and reconnect to family roots. Chaudhary puts forth his example to any skeptics. Minnesota is more than 90 per cent white, with just 16,000 Indians, but he still won, that to twice.

His parents immigrated from Rohtak in 1966. While Chaudhary senior worked as a vet in the US Department of Agriculture, Satveer sweated it out as a bus boy and a dishwasher at a restaurant. "My father was offered the job by the then senator. He wouldn’t believe that Hubert Humphrey himself was offering him the job on the phone. This made me realise the power of politics to better people's lives, particularly non Americans," says Chaudhary.


Senator Satveer Chaudhary Profile

Name: Satveer Chaudhary
Office: District 50 State senator
Party: DFL
Incumbent: Yes
City of residence: Fridley
Age: 33

State senator, business consultant and attorney; lifelong Fridley resident; Columbia Heights, St. Olaf and University of Minnesota Law School graduate; chairman, education technology committee; vice chairman, transportation, crime prevention and finance committees; House of Representatives, 1997-2001; New Brighton Eagles, Columbia Heights Lions, New Brighton Sportsman's Club.

DFL Party; Building and Construction Trades Council; Carpenters and Joiners Regional Council; AFSCME; Central Labor Union Council; United Auto Workers; Service Employees International Union; Electrical Workers International Brotherhood; Sierra Club; NARAL.

It's an honor to represent our community in the state Senate. In 2000 we made history by electing the first Asian-Indian senator in American history. I’ve spent two years in the Senate and six years in the Legislature, fighting for better education, fiscal responsibility and cheaper medicine. I bring a young, fresh face to government, but also the experience. Neighbors deserve someone willing to stick with them through thick and thin. I’m running for reelection to continue a 21st-century agenda for smaller class sizes, prescription drug coverage and a multimodal transportation system. New blood is the key.


Satveer Chaudhary: Currently Minnesota's youngest Senator
First Asian Indian (NRI) Senator in American history