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NRI Wants peaceful and democratic poll in India
(specially in Punjab and Gujrat)

Toronto, Feb. 21, 2009
S Singh/Toronto/ Gary Singh/LA

The 15th Lok Sabha Election of India is scheduled to be held by the month of May 2009.

  • Total members of Lok Sabha or the lower house of the Indian Parliament is 552, comprising 530 members who represent the States
  • 20 members who stand for the Union Territories
  • 2 members from the Anglo-Indian Community who are nominated by the President.

Now there are three main contenders:

  1. UPA (present government include parties like Congress, RJD, DMK etc)
  2. NDA (main opposition party include BJP, JD(U), BJD, Shiv Sena etc)
  3. Tthird front (which include parties like Communist parties, TDP etc).

The main fight between UPA and NDA.

The NRI and PIO population across the world is estimated at over 30 million. Most of the NRIs ( specially from Punjab and Gujrat) have become highly successful in business and professions. It has been estimated that, NRIs has a combined yearly economic output of $180 to $225 billion, about one third of the GDP of India.

Looking at the history of NRIs involvement in USA, Gadar movement initiated in 1913 in San Francisco and the India League in the 1940s. PLAYED BIG ROLE for India’s independence

NRI/PIOs have worked behind the scene to create interest among companies to take interest in India. NRI is also contributing to make India a powerful country.

In Gujrat, Modi, attired in a dapper suit, made a strong pitch for attracting investment from NRIs. Gujarat is the growth engine of India.

The Planning Commission set a target for Gujarat to achieve 10.2 percent rate of growth. We have achieved 10.6 percent growth," he said at the Vigyan Bhavan convention centre that was the two-day venue of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.

"This time again, the Planning Commission has set a target of 11.2 percent growth rate for Gujarat - the highest for not only any state in the country for any Asian state. Gujarat will fulfil the expectations of the country," he said to more applause from the audience.

The Gujarat government is to create two Special Investment Regions (SIRs) with a view to provide a major thrust to the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor project, chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi said.

Gujarat, which is a capital for special economic zones in the country by housing about 60 SEZs, has identified two SIR regions. Ahmedabad-Dholera is estimated to attract investments to the tune of about Rs 50,000 crore, generating job opportunities for over two lakh people. Baruch-Dahej region is expected to attract investments of about Rs 28,000 crore. Modi pointed out that the state was ahead of other state governments in facilitating industrial investments as also improving the quality of citizens' life.

Modi’s sales pitch for Gujarat is that it the state has attracted investments to the tune of Rs 56,000 crore in 2004 and that his government has identified 300 projects in which NRIs can put their money in. "We welcome NRI brothers and sisters to Gujarat”
• Investor friendliness and bureaucratic efficiency are key to Gujarat’s growth. Read More

Is Punjab States lobbying hard for the NRI investment?

According to Punjab press report, Punjab is rapidly moving up in production of engineering goods, pharmaceuticals, leather goods, food products, textiles, electronic goods, sugar, machine tools, hand tools, agricultural implements, sports goods, paper and paper packaging.

According to Express India, Aug. 23, 2008, All the hype and fanfare notwithstanding, the NRI Sammelan held in January this year has been able to generate just a single project, an agro-based industry for manufacturing juices and carbonated drinks by Oasis Beverages, near Ludhiana. The project has received the nod of the Empowered Committee on Mega Projects and a letter of intent (LoI) has been issued. The only other NRI investment in agro industry so far is the Food Park at Sirhind, a joint venture. Punjab hopes the new industrial policy and major infrastructure projects it plans to roll out from this year will be able to make a difference.

Notably, as much as 25 to 40 per cent of bookings in projects such as Emaar-MGF’s Mohali Hills, Parsvnath’s Pride Asia, Pearls City Mohali, to name a few, have come from NRIs.

From New York, Sohan Singh Randhawa said:

  • Major problems faced by Punjabis who have settled abroad are that of property disputes, matrimonial cases and long pending court cases
  • Righr now, NRIs are not investing in projects but they are giving money in development of their native villages or communities through donations and purchasing land. They have done some commendable philanthropic and development work in their villages in the Doaba belt, home to the largest number of NRIs from the state.
    Most of the NRIs says all about red-tapism, corruption, bureaucratic and political system. The political leaders are so busy in elections and cultural programs.

    NRIs still hope that there will be big change in coming months, specially in law and order because in Badal Govt., most of the ministers are professional even some of them have MBA degree from US and UK

    If they did not bring any change, very soon, you will see NRI Chief Minister in Indian States
    NRI dreams, next Chief Minister of Punjab or Gujrat will be NRI

    When Obama won, world smiles.

  • South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, said in a letter of congratulations to Obama, "Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place,".
  • Rama Yade, France's black junior minister for human rights, told French radio, "This is the fall of the Berlin Wall times ten AND America is re becoming a New World.”
  • In Britain, The Sun newspaper borrowed from Neil Armstrong's 1969 moon landing in describing Obama's election as "one giant leap for mankind."
  • Poland's Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski spoke of "a new America with a new credit of trust in the world."


NRI Jassi Khangura, MLA from Qilaraipur, sent some shocking pictures from Punjab

This week, NRI Jassi Khangura, MLA from Qilaraipur, Ludhiana sent some photos that what is happening in Punjab including last year’s Panchayat election, We believe that he might sent thes photos 1000s NRIs.

I have come to believe that we should see these photos. Seeing the bodies makes the crime more real, rather than something of a campfire horror story. It is easy in our own safe little worlds to see violent crime as something distant, something that happens to 'other' people. We cannot, myself included, always wrap our minds around the gravity of these crimes. The fact of the matter is that murder does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone. These killers are hidden from us until they choose to make themselves visible.

I hope that when you view the photos below, you come away with a better sense of what actually occurred. These are not nightly news sound bites over footage filmed half a world away. If fairy tales were once used to frighten and forewarn us, then these are the new fairy tales. We must listen closely to the tales the bodies tell.

As an NRI news media, we conclude that:

  • When the workers try to cast fake votes or police help one or other party- Tension prevailed and fight start.
  • There was also a “dry day” in polling day but drunken people hovering around the polling booths
  • During elections, candidates start sending their vehicles to pick old people. After the vote cast, there is no arrangement to drop them. They become mad but forget in the next election
  • About 30-40% NRIs are attached with one or another Indian party and some percentage also go to India to help their candidates
  • 60-70% NRIs don’t care who win, but they care about the image of the country and who is doing better job

Now, some young educate leaders are coming in politics. They understand all kind of the problems. In coming years, media and technology is becoming so powerful that it will help voters who is doing great job. Few examples are:



NRI Jassi Khangura, MLA from Qilaraipur, sent some shocking pictures from Punjab. We believe that he might sent thes photos 1000s NRIs.

You should not click on any of these
if you do not want to see authentic crime scene photos

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