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Los Angeles, April 14, 2012
Vasu Pawar/ Gary Singh

Two Popular and Major Organizations in California UFICA & FIAsc celebrated the Baisakhi festival at Samra Farms, at 63450 Pierce St., Thermal, California, engaging all present with pomp and conviviality.

Showing Bers

The beautiful Samra Farm House, amidst acres and acres of cultivated Farm Land, with its greenery, and the bright and beauteous Sunlight spread over the fields, definitely culminated the farmhouse experience with its exquisite, fascinating and radiant ambiance that thrilled everyone present. This was truly an experience of Punjab India brought to Punjab California. There was music, dancing, games and most importantly everyone's participation and immense enjoyment. We all picked vegetables and fruits which was an experience far beyond our imagination and to add to that was the tantalizing food from Delhi Palace of Palm Springs, California.

There was stretches of cultivation of Eggplant (Baingan), Ber's, Chillies, Cucumbers, Radish (Muli), and more. This experience definitely brought back memories from Punjab. No NRI's could possibly expect to experience the Ambiance of Punjab in California. 


Harbajan Samra who created this stunning atmosphere, made us all feel at home. He was extremely hospitable, talked to all of us, explained his view point and how he had put this farm together. His variety of cultivation, is also focused on the nutritional factors and its values to the community. Mr. Samra is an educated man who utilized his Masters Degree in Economics and his agricultural background to transform his life from necessitousness to riches when he started his life from scratch to an annual turnover to 12 million. 

Father and Son at Farm

His two main produce items OKRA and BER, that brought him the name of OKRA KING and BER KING which he is popularly known as. Amidst this popularity which Mr. Samra has achieved, he has this humble, down to earth, and calm nature which always fascinates us. 

Junior Samra and John

The organizers of this Baishakhi Event were, members of FIAsc, Ajmer Singh, Navin Gupta, Anju Garg. The games were organized by Varsha Parekh of FIA and Vinita Vineet of UFICA. The MCs were Navin Gupta and Varsha Parekh.

UFICA and FIAsc were thankful to Mr. Harbhajan Samra for this overwhelming experience of Baishakhi Festival right in California and the memories of which everyone took home with them.