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NRI baby: Kuldeep Sawhney says celebrating the arrival of Grandson 'The Most Amazing Experience'
Spiritual Rituals That Honor the Arrival of a New Baby

Manraj Singh Sawhney:Born 6-4-19

Los Angeles, Aug. 24, 2019 A.Gary Singh

  The birth of a child is very sacred time for a family. Beliefs and rituals surrounding this important rite of passage vary from culture to culture. Proud parents Kultej and Dr. Harneet Sawhney requested to attend:





Bhai Inderjeet Singh Khalsa, Hazoori Ragi Darbar Sahib  

The occasion was graced by over 200 friends and relatives from USA, India and, of course, Riverside and Los Angeles, California. Main Hosts were Neetu & Rajan Sawhney, Kuldeep Sawhney and Jasbir Bijan

Birth of a child is blessing of Akal Purakh. Prayers are offered asking for a special blessing of good health, long life and the Sikh way of life, Gursikhi for the child.
The occasion was then graced by kirtan by the Sikh Youth  California and  by Bhai Inderjeet Singh Khalsa, Hazoori Ragi Darbar Sahib

Kuldeep Sawhney with Grandson Kultej and Dr.Harneet Sawhney Manraj Singh Sawhney

The ceremony was carried out by Bhai Jaswant Singh Zeera, one of our  well known Guru-ke-sevadars from Riverside

All over the world, Sikhs frequently welcome new babies into their communities with great fanfare. Parents and Grand parents  visit their nearest Sikh Temple, with the baby as soon as possible following the birth, typically within forty days. A Sikh priest opens the Guru Granth Sahib to a random page and reads a passage. The whole family chooses a name by using the first letter of the hymn on the page opened. In Manraj case, they did before this celebration.

Kultej Sawhney father of new born baby Manraj Singh Sawhney wrote:

  • My father Kuldeep Sawhney was instrumental in the planning, coordination and execution of the grand event.
  • My father is also a serial entrepreneur.  I have worked with him from an early age.
  •  Currently as the Managing Director for a large IT firm, my technology practice is based upon the same principles I learned during my childhood years, of hard-work, honesty and continuous improvement.
  • In many ways, these are the same values that my father instilled in us thru the Gurdwara from an early age.
  • My sister (Dr. Harneet Saini) and I performed Shabad Kirtan at various gurdwaras from an early age and this instilled in us the values of Sikhism.

 My father actually had a very successful pharmaceutical business in India, he came to this country primarily to establish a better life for us.

  • He faced many adversities and struggles upon moving to the US, however he maintained his articles of faith.
  • Over the years I saw my father become a serial entrepreneur, owning successful restaurants, gift stores, wholesale and retail businesses, real-estate investments and sober living homes.

 In additional to his professional accomplishments, my father also raised two children, one that is a Dentist and the other that is a Technology Executive.

  • My father also competed in the U.S. Olympics Senior team for Badminton, and took loving care of his late wife, Devinder Kaur Sawhney for over 25 years.

 I hope to instill the same entrepreneurial spirit in my son Manraj, and to keep him close to Guru Ji's teachings, which will allow him to be successful in his personal and professional life. 




We all wish Manraj Singh Sawhney a long, prosperous and healthy life. But we also pray that he finds strength and sustenance in Sikhi and in Guru Sahib, and that he feels a sense of belonging to the Sikh fraternity worldwide.


Kuldeep Sawhney.

FULL BIO is coming Soon