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The NRI's Love Story with tragic end- Anuradha never left the soil of her motherland again to get back to their dream house in Columbus. From a simple skin rash, she eventually died in India because of the rash and grossly negligent medical therapy by three senior Calcutta doctors ....Read


Dr. Kunal Saha, M.D., Ph.D, in Columbus, Ohio
  • NRI Dr. Kunal Saha of Columbus, Ohio's fight for his beloved wife Anuradha is the stuff of a Bollywood film where justice eventually pervades over all evil.
  • NRI Dr. Kunal Saha  lost his wife in 1998 to faulty medical treatment in India, got justice after 15 years when Supreme Court directed Kolkata's AMRI Hospital and three of its doctors to pay the highest-ever compensation of $2 million (Rs. 11.5 crore) only.


Oct. 26, 2016 Despite Indian Court Website Showing Ongoing Criminal Corruption Case Against Dr. Ketan Desai, World Medical Association (WMA) Claims Lack of “Knowledge” While Putting Desai as WMA President ..Read
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Oct. 24, 2013 Kolkata Hospital and its Doctors to pay  Rs. 11.5 Crores compensation to NRI Doctor  whose NRI wife died  after medical negligence ..Read
  Pay in dollars if plea is found frivolous, court tells NRI ..Read
  Contempt" Filed against AMRI Hospital for Refusal to Pay Penalty ..Read
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Anuradha Saha Wrongful Death Case: Final Verdict Is Expected Any Day

Anuradha Death Case Hearing Over: Judgment Reserved -After almost 12 years of grueling legal battle for justice, the final hearing in the Anuradha .

  Anuradha death case: Historic hearing at SC on July 14 ..Read
  NRI Dr. Saha's wife death from medical negligence case, final hearing on July 14- God forever bless Justice Mr. S.B. Sinha who ..Read
  NRI Dr. Saha's wife death from medical negligence case. ...Read
  NRI Dr. Saha's wife Case final hearing on 15th April. ..Read
  Court registry clerk arrested for asking Rs 75,000 bribe to Dr. Saha
“The offer came a day before we were to begin the hunger strike
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Dr. Kunal Saha, on indefinite “hunger strike” from February 6, Feb 12
  • Feb 12, 2009: Hunger Strike Withdrawn: Case listed for hearing in the Supreme Cour
  • Court registry clerk arrested for asking Rs 75,000 bribe to Dr. Saha
  • Feb 08, 2009: 3rd day of Hunger Strike- He announced his 10 demands for the ongoing hunger strike
  • Feb 07, 2009: 2nd day of Hunger Strike
    • Govt. listed for the final hearing on the 10th of February ............Read
  • Jan 25, 2009: Dr. Saha, MD, PhD on indefinite “hunger strike” from February 6, 2009 in New Delhi- Historic battle against "medical negligence" starts in India.....Read (17)
  • January 13, 2009: SD Bioline test kits, as used by NACO and procured with World Bank funds Government Accountability Project ........Read (16)
  • Jan 09, 2009: PIL at HC: NACO suppressed serious problems with blood testing- In the ongoing PIL before the Delhi High Court ........Read (15)
  • Jan 03, 2009: NRI Dr. announced Indefinite “hunger strike” unto death to against delayed justice for his departed wife ........Read (14)
  • Dec.19, 2008: Appeal to President/CJI for justice in Anuradha Saha death case- Anuradha Saha, an NRI and US-based child psychologist, died from gross medical ......Read (13)
  • Dec. 02, 2008: Medical negligence: Historic "Curative" petition filed in SC- A Curative petition has just been filed in the Supreme Court against the ........Read (12)

  • Aug. 03, 2008: Bogus HIV kits: A historic case filed against NACO-A historic lawsuit was filed on August 2, 2008 at the Delhi High Court against the National ......Read (11)
  • September 28, 2007: World Bank Funding Use of Defective HIV-Testing Kits- A client of the Government Accountability Project (GAP) has come forward with .......Read (10)
  • LA, Sep. 28, 2007: NRI Dr. Kunal Saha expert and researcher on HIV/AIDS, challenge bogus HIV-test kits used in India.......Read (9)
  • Stopping the flow of tainted blood - FDA files suit against Red Cross... Read (9a)
  • LA, Aug. 13, 2007:NRI Dr. Kunal Saha sent legal Notice to Ms. Sujata Rao, NACO Chief ........ Read (8)
  • July 09, 2007: NRI Dr. Kunal Saha expert and researcher on HIV/AIDS, challenge bogus HIV-test kits used in India. The information about the hearing .....Read (7)
  • The Calcutta Court dismisses NRI doctor's petition for access to Government records under RTI Dr. Saha need documents in the course of their ......Read (6)
  • Calcutta, April 05, 2007: Supreme Court admits a Rs.1.43 billion compensation claim by NRI Dr. Kunal (largest medical compensation claim in Indian history) .................Read (5)
  • NRI requested President of India for independent inquiry of his wife’s death- NRI, Dr. Kunal Saha has requested President A P J Abdul Kalam to ......Read (4)
  • NRI doctor complains against West Bengal advocate general--based Indian origin scientist Kunal Saha has complained to the chief justice against the ........Read (3)
  • Court reprieve for NRI fighting 'medical corruption'--The Calcutta High Court on Monday rejected a plea by the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) ....... Read (2)
  • NRI, Dr. Saha said, "entire compensation amount of Rs.777 million would be donated for promotion of health in India' Highest medical negligence compensation case coming up Thursday..........Read (1)

  • Doctors in face-off over new institute
  • Calcutta HC rejects appeal by Dr Kunal Saha
  • Doctors in aid of their tainted brethren .......Read


Anuradha Saha case

NRI, Dr. Saha filed three cases against the doctors, who were responsible for his wife’s death

Dr. Kunal Saha, M.D., Ph.D.
Asst Professor
College of Medicine and Public Health
Pediatrics - Molecular Medicine
Children's Hospital Research