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NRI Dr. Kunal Saha sent legal Notice to Ms. Sujata Rao, NACO Chief

LA, Aug. 13, 2007
Gary Singh

NRI Dr. Kunal Saha, HIV/AIDS expert, took a legal action against Ms. Sujata Rao, Director General of National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), for making slanderous defamatory comments against him in an interview published in the 12th July, 2007 issue of the Hindustan Times.

Dr. Kunal Saha's lawyer, D. Joe Griffith from Ohio, who is "Board certified as a Specialist in Cicil Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy" has sent a legal notice on Sep. 11, 2007 to Ms. Sujata Rao.

Dr. Saha said:

The NACO chief attacked my professional credibility after I participated in the investigation of complaints of fraud in the distribution of HIV-testing kits in India with a team from the World Bank as an HIV/AIDS expert earlier this year and reported the incriminating evidences on the use of defective/sub-standard HIV test kits by different hospitals/blood banks in India that has put the lives of countless innocent patients in serious danger of contracting the deadly AIDS virus through contaminated blood supply. I have previously asked the NACO Chief for an unconditional apology for making baseless comments against my scientific credibility that has tarnished my public image and professional reputation. Unfortunately, she did not respond to my request and as such, I had no other option but to ask my attorney to send this legal notice before taking further actions against her.

Transmission of HIV and other deadly viruses like Hepatitis B/C through contaminated blood is a common occurrence in India. Earlier this month, we (through "People for Better Treatment" (PBT), the charitable organization that I've established to help the victims of medical negligence in India) have filed a PIL in Calcutta High Court seeking justice for two "thalassemia" children who became HIV positive through contaminated blood. Ive also filed an Intervention application before the Supreme Court of India in the ongoing criminal case (SC SLP Cri. No. 1807/2007) against Monozyme India Ltd. for supplying fake HIV test kits through NACO (this case is listed in the SC for final hearing on 21st September, 2007).

My sole purpose of exposing the facts about the use of spurious HIV-testing kits in Indian hospitals/blood banks (which I gathered during my investigation as a part of the World Bank team) was to stop the spread of HIV through tainted blood supply. It is truly unfortunate that rather than taking the right steps to probe the evidence of bogus HIV kits that Ive produced, the NACO head has chosen to personally attack me with an aim to stop our endeavor of exposing a heinous crime like production of specious HIV kits that can spread the deadly AIDS virus through contaminated blood. I urge you to ask the NACO Director about her silence about the supply of sub-standard HIV diagnostic kits in India which I have produced.

You can contact me or Mr. D. Joe Griffith, my attorney in the USA (contact info in the attached legal notice) or senior advocate in Delhi, Mr. M.N. Krishnamani (Tel: 9811065316) for further information.

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