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Dr. Mukesh Haikerwal


Australian NRI doctor, former AMA head, assaulted by a gang
-undergoes brain surgery

SYDNEY, Sep. 20, 2008
Surinder Bhalla

NRI Dr. Mukesh Haikerwal, 47, father of three, was bashed and mugged after he withdrew money from an ATM about 11.30pm., near his Williamstown home on Saturday night. He was struck on the head with a baseball bat which fractured his skull, and then repeatedly kicked as he lay on the ground. He was in the intensive care in the hospital, where he underwent neurosurgery to remove blood clotting from his brain.

He was president of Australian Medical Association (AMA) Victoria from 2001-03 and federal president from 2005-07. Now he is serving on the Federal Government's National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission.

According to local media, ''Mukesh is a very generous person and has readily given so much of his time, passion and commitment to improving patient care in Australia. He is admired by patients, colleagues and policy-makers alike.''

Dr Rischbieth, president, of Rural Doctors' Association of Australia said:

  • Mukesh is one of the most gentle people you are ever likely to meet, and I have a huge amount of respect for him as a person and for his work in improving Australia's health system
  • It was a ''terrible'' thing to happen to someone who had devoted so much time to helping others.
  • I and many other rural doctors have been absolutely shocked to hear of the unprovoked assault on him over the weekend.

Mukesh's wife Karyn and his three sons- Suresh, Ajaya and Jeevan, have been keeping a bedside 24 hours. Niw he is in a stable condition. He was born in Lucknow and grew up in England. In 1990, he moved to Australia and set up a medical general practice in Melbourne.

Dr. Mukesh will be able to identify a gang of up to five men who attacked him, the police said




Dr Mukesh Haikerwal