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NRI Anand Jon, World's Top Fashion Designer



  • Interestingly, the charges were made on him when he was just 15 days away from making a deal with Wall Street worth millions of dollars for the launch of his high-end designer brand ‘AJ’.

NRI Anand Jon, World's Top Fashion Designer charged with sexual assault

Los Angles, March 14 2007
Ashok Mehta

NRI, Anand Jon Alexander, 33, the New York based CELEBRITY fashion designer has been charged with sexual assault and rape involving two women and a 15-year-old girl. He is currently jailed in Los Angeles County prison and will appear in court on April 4.

He was charged with six felonies for the series of sexual assaults between October 2004 and March 5, 2007, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. The charges include forcible rape and lewd acts on a child, among other counts.

Anand’s defense attorney denied the allegations. “He absolutely contends he didn't break any laws with respect to the contact he had with these women,” Ronald Richards said.

NRI, Surinder Singh said that LAST YEAR I met him in one fashion show and found that he is so nice guy and every body surrounding him, like to hug him. I think, some people like to trap him because of his popularly.

NRI, Sushma Shama from LA, told our reporter that she cried, cried and could not sleep for the past three days when I heard this news. He is so great person by nature and with his talent in designing he attracted millions millions of young talent people even such popular people like Top Model Xenia, Stylist Marcy, MTV's Ananda Lewis, Sanjana, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos (Ritz Carlton), Princess Olivia de Boubon of Spain, Actress Izabella Miko.

In 2004, Jon was listed in the top seventy-five designers in the world. Jon has been featured on MTV, is known to hang with Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul and Michelle Rodriguez, has appeared on America’s Next Top Model and just launched a line of high end blue jeans at the MAGIC fashion convention in Las Vegas in February.



At 17, Anand Jon ventured on a scholarship towards an Associate Degree at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he was graduated as student speaker. Transferring to Parsons, NYC, he began to experiment with the transition from fine art to fashion.Anand Jon developed a passion for metals & fabrics growing up in South India, under the tutelage of master artisans and his Grandmother, one of the most influential women in his life. During these formative years, his deep involvement in the Yogic disciplines set a metaphysical yet playful flavor to all of his creations. Anand Jon often pays homage to his heritage, while also embracing the metropolitan vibe of New York City & the raging progress of modern technology.

Anand Jon is both an individual personality and a brand name representing the synergy of the East and the West with a focused luxurious, youthful, sensual and cutting edge inspiration / image. Anand Jon, one of the young visionaries of our times continues to evolve into a multi faceted global presence that can be expressed and tapped in both Art & Commerce ventures.


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Since his critically acclaimed debut (Spring 99), Anand Jon has taken a subtle yet center stage in the luxury world with his riveting collections available at some of the most exclusive stores such as Bergdorf Goodman (NYC,) Wilkes Bashford (San Francisco), Stanley Korshak (Dallas), Luisa Via Roma (Italy). "Functional Luxury" (says Women¹s Wear Daily) is an inherent trademark while sacred geometry is often an underlying structural element of the Anand Jon collections. " The Rise of Anand Jon: Couture¹s best kept secret."says LuxuryFashion 2002. This Award winning designer has steadily ascended, attracting a high-profile client base of Celebrities, Royalty and Socialites worldwide including Eve, Mya, Michelle Rodriguez, Tara Reid, Amanda Hearst & Lydia Hearst, Paris Hilton & Nicky Hilton, Elizabeth Keiselsten Cord, Dayssi Olare de Kanavos, Rena Sindi, Renee Rockerfeller, Ananda Lewis, Princess Olivia de Burbon, The Al Saud Royal Family, NYC Ballet dancers, (singers) Gloria Estefan, Alanis Morissette, Janet Jackson and Mary J Blige.

"I meditate every night and when I wake up, I check my e-mail" says Anand Jon, 28, whose Sponsors and Strategic partners include Jaguar, Giorgio Armani, Tahitian Pearls, the Four Seasons Hotels, Ian Schrager Hotels, Taj Hotels has seen his own celebrity status amplify exponentially. 2003-2004 saw Anand Jon at the verge of a whole new era, Picked by the Prime Minister of India Mr Vajpayee Anand Jon has joined the ranks of "50 Most influential N.R Indians in the world" 2004, Express Group, (alongside Icons such as Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra, Film Makers Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding) & Oscar nominated M Night Shyamalan (The Sixthth Sense, Signs, The Woods), Selected as one of the "Sexiest South Asian Men in America"2004, (Bibi), & being One of Asia Society¹s guests of Honor for Asia on my Mind series 2004 several diverse yet synergistic ventures, TV /Film & Entertainment projects, hosting shows/events/segments including Iceland Fashion week, MTV (introduced personally by Tom Freston Chairman & CEO MTV networks), (with 10 by 10/Ken Mok )"Americas Next Top Model" with Tyra Banks as the featured designer as seen in the ABC / A & E special "American Royalty" and credited as one of the main launch pad for the next generation who¹s who in society & entertainment. and is fast becoming an international T.V/Film personality now represented by ICM, also completing a Film Directors Intensive at the prestigious USC Film School, (2003). His creations reflect a unique balance of exotica, various art forms and technology, A transcendental yet modern amalgam.

The near future includes a full scale e-commerce launch, Ready to wear lines, Jeans line for both Womens & Men¹s (already seen on Patti & Bruce Springsteen, Lawrence Fishburn& Gina Torres, Marisol Thomas/ Rob Thomas of Matchbox20) and expansion into new luxury markets. Slava Pavalovskiey, The Consul General of Russia in NYC is introducing Anand Jon to the Russian market while other ventures Count Massimilliano Tucci, of Florence Italy and partnering with Lydia Hearst on her handbag line and Tim Gunn, Head of Parsons Fashion Dept has invited Anand Jon to be on the Parsons Official Jury. Just as his own personal journey has pioneered , Anand Jon is expanding and sharing with the next generation rekindling his roots in South Asia being a bridge between the East and West with projects such as being on the advisory board of STYLe FACTORe harnessing the unique skills of the very artisans he learnt under amplified with high tech components on a international quality & level. Besides being a sophisticated network/ community for business and arts to flourish, this project includes a Health & Mind alignment center/SPA and other locations to follow include Italy, Russia, UK and USA.

Anand Jon is also working regularly on a personal project- a book of paintings and portraits "Now & Zen Women" of the 100 most beautiful women in the world, which includes all social levels, famous and unknown women alike. Source Anand Jon-Background




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Anand Jon’s clothes designed for celebrities including Paris Hilton, Rosario Dawson, Lawrence Fishburn, Gina Torres, Oprah Winfrey, and Janet Jackson.

Anand jon with mother shashi

  • The alleged assaults took place between August 2000 and March 2007.
  • A 19-year-old woman from Seattle told Beverly Hills police that Jon had sexually assaulted her during the onset of Los Angeles Fashion Week
  • When the case became public, more women, some under age 18, came forward and filed formal complaints against the designer.
  • These girls were models who either worked with Jon or intended to work with him.