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NRI Charity
(North America)


We propose to recruit volunteers worldwide, collect monthly or one time donations, grants, assistance, help,service and commodities in cash and kind internationally by online delivery or personal contact or by postal and mail service from willing and missionary
individuals, corporates,companies,organisations , missionaries and societies and NRIS all over the world for distribution within the humanity in distress eligible according to the terms mentioned in the vision of the organisation.

We shall arrange social and cultural events in U.S.A.,Canada and India for the purpose of collection of funds and publicity for implementations of our objectives. All our collections and distributions will be made in a very transparent manner within the knowledge of the donors.Ordinarily we shall work our benevolent schemes of charity and help to the distressed through our thousands of volunteers being recruited for service.We are overwhelmed by large responses we have been receiving from the youths of U.S.A. and Canada for volunteering their selfless services since the opening of theis web site.

In India, we shall work through our trusted partner NAMITA MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION- (the website or the first page of the link)whom we shall support for serving thousands of poorest Indians suffering from poverty, malnutrition, disruption of metabolism,hunger and death due to inequal distribution of society's wealth and resources.

NAMITA MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION share our views to stand to the causes of health and education of the poorest sections and to maintain the health and sanctity of the women and children in distress. It respects and supports the causes of orhans, disabled, mentally retarded and age old destitutes and homeless and fights to protect the pollution free environment for all.