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Here you can discover the dream of NRIs of North America, the group of very professionals- engineers, doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs, the mouthpiece of the NRIs to represent their thoughts globally particularly before the indians who do not have the ideas as to how the NRIs in North America are acting as the brand ambassador of their mother land to establish the coherent philosophical tenets drawn from Indian beliefs and culture before the world.

It aims to achieve the focus of NRIs on the restructure and the development of India and to serve as the link between India and the rest of the globe.They can only highlight India's cause for foreign trade,commerce, industry, education before the world by raising its image high NRIs group discovered the essence of Indian philosophy to donate and dedicate for the service of the people and is the reflection of their positive vision and thinking blending the Indian culture of donation with the western culture of mission and charity.

With his missionary objective, the NRI group is setting up which will be an online organization based in North America to support long term humanitarian assistance program for all people around the world.

NRI group has strong conviction for the cause of Indian people since NRI group have found their partner in serving the Indian people in NAMITA MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, a non profiting selfless benevolent charity organization with similar mission and vision,based in Kolkata, India working for the service of the Indian people irrespective of religion,caste, creed,sex, language and belief to support the distressed with core humanitarian necessities for sustenance. But Charity is always in need of fund.

If you really like to help a smile in the face of thousands victims in distress, kindly be a follower of, support and participate in its scheme of charities from now on as it is shortly coming in a big way initially in U.S.A. and Canada with incorporation, tax exemption for donation and global volunteering facilities. is also in the process to include UK-Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand..etc

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