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KV Kumar: Republican Leader, Chairman of the Indian American Republican Group and the Founding Chairman Emeritus of the US Indian American Chamber of Commerce


NRI leaders congratulate Obama on re-election

Los Angeles, Nov 10, 2012
Gary Singh/Raj

After  getting congratulation messages from worldwide leaders, President Barack Obama spoke Saudi King Abdullah and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi,Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh congratulated US President on his re-election and said he looked forward to continuing to work with Obama.

NRI Prominent National Republican Leader, Chairman of the Indian American Republican Group and the Founding Chairman Emeritus of the US Indian American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. KV Kumar  also congratulate President Obama.

Interview with Mr. KV Kumar:

Gary Singh, Publisher, NRI Press (GS): KV, As a republican leader,

GS: How do you feel after the election?

KV Kumar (KV): Relieved. I congratulate President Obama. Until the election results, I was a Republican and President Obama was a opposition candidate to our Republican nominee. After the election results were announced, President Obama will be my President for next four years and I respect him, the first lady and the office of the Presidency.

GS: Why do you think Mitt Romney lost?

KV: Initial struggle for nomination, lack of good strategy, funding difficulties and lack of experience in handling issues such as immigration, foreign affairs and going after them.

In addition, lack of approach and insensitivity of RNC to include experienced leaders at RNC; Inability to develop good candidates for offices on the basis credibility of the candidates; Inability of RNC to train candidates properly on issues and to speak properly in debates; Not whole heatedly welcoming minority groups, clannish approach in involving real workers and hiring inexperienced people to run the show; and constantly losing value of the substance due to semantics have contributed to the eroding support (non financial) to republican party and its candidates. 

GS: What do you say to the incoming second term President?

KV: Mr. President, Congratulations! I will stand ready to assist you in your efforts to help bring America back to its good economic days and make our beloved country united and happy. Like you, Mr. President, I love our country, which is beyond any party and I want you to be a very successful second term President.

GS: What do you say to your fellow Republicans?

KV: I say this to both Republicans and Democrats: Let's work together to help our President do his job.

GS: Any comments on local election results?

KV:  am so glad that our dear Congressman, Ed Royce easily won his 11th term and will be our congressman for two more years.

GS: Thank you, KV for your comments.

KV: Thank you, Gary for your great questions and keep up the unbiased good work that you are doing for our community.