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Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed NRI, Dr Raj Rajagopal is among the
16 new members of the British Council (Science and Technology)

London: March 09, 2004

The Council of Science and Technology is the Government's top-level advisory body on science, engineering and technology policy. "Science and technology are a foundation stone for future UK competitiveness and a better quality of life throughout the world. We are committed to excellence in UK science so that the health and wealth of the nation can benefit from new technology and scientific breakthroughs," Blair said announcing the appointment. The appointments were made by Prime Minister Tony Blair last night and represent a wide range of experience from the scientific community, business and charities.

Rajgopal is the Chief Executive of BOC Edwards and an Executive Director of the BOC Group, producer of industrial and medical gases and equipment and services to the semi-conductor. He chairs the Institute of Electrical Engineers' manufacturing sector panel. "I have today appointed an outstanding team from a wide range of backgrounds in science, social science, engineering and technology for the new CST. I am confident that they will provide the government with the necessary strategic advice to help us build a society that is confident about science and can gain from all that it offers for the future."

24th March 2003

BOC Edwards’ Chief Executive Awarded Manufacturing Gold Medal

‘Raj’ Rajagopal, chief executive of BOC Edwards, has been awarded the IEE’s premier manufacturing award, the Sir Eric Mensforth International Manufacturing Gold Medal. The award is presented annually to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of manufacturing engineering technology or manufacturing management. It was presented by Professor Michael Sterling, president of the IEE, on Thursday 13 March.

Dr. Rajagopal said, ” I am delighted to receive this award, in recognition of the contribution made by the highly skilled and talented people throughout BOC Edwards that make our business a world leader in a market driven by rapid technological change.”

Prior to receiving the award, Dr. Rajagopal spoke on Manufacturing industry: the case for sustainable competitive advantage for UK plc. in which he looked at the reasons for the decline in UK manufacturing, the impact of global competition, the emergence of Asia as a major producer of high technology products and the growing trend of outsourcing to low cost economies. Dr Rajagopal concluded on an optimistic note: “I believe that UK plc is capable of sustaining competitive advantage in manufacturing. Our blend of scientific talent and tradition, flexible and skilled labour and good industrial infrastructure make it an excellent home for high value, complex manufacturing operations where close alliance between design and manufacturing is paramount.


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BOC Edwards’ Chief Executive Awarded Manufacturing Gold Medal