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Ajmer Hothi, 23, was found shot to death in Stockton,California


  • Jan 26, 2009: Hothi's family sues Gurparkash Khalsa for $15 million, claiming emotional suffering- Hothi family's attorney Steven Brown filed the lawsuit Thursday in San Joaquin County Superior Court on behalf of Jasvir Kaur, Hothi's widow......Read

  • August 18, 2008: Khalsa eligible for a death sentence if he is convicted- Robert Himelblau, the San Joaquin County deputy district attorney said: Details of the case recently became public after unsealed the 553-page transcripts of a four-day grand jury hearing that ended with Khalsa's April 25 indictment. He was arrested hours later......Read

Former girlfriend's father arrested

Stockton, California, April 29, 2008
Surinder Singh

Gurparkash Khalsa, 56, father of ex-girl friend of Ajmer Singh Hothi, was arrested after jury indicted him on Friday. On Monday, Deputy District Attorney Robert Himelblau, who charged Khalsa, declined to comment because the grand jury transcripts remain under seal. According to the law, grand juries meet in secrecy and transcripts of the hearings remain secret for 10 days after the defendant's attorney has received a copy.

Khalsa could eligible for the death penalty if convicted of murder of Ajmer Singh Hothi.

NRI Ajmer Hothi, 23, was found shot to death in Stockton,California

San Francisco, March 29, 2007
Surinder Singh

NRI Ajmer Singh Hothi, 23 was found dead of gunshot wounds inside a semi truck around 7:30 p.m. in the 1800 block of South Broadway Avenue, Stockton, San Joaquin, California, Tuesday evening,. The police did not know of a motive for the killing and said no arrests had been made.

According to local media, he was graduated from Tokay High School and was making payments on the truck, worked full-time and was planning to bring his wife to the United States from India.

Kiranjit Hothi , his 21 years old sister said that she went to search for her brother Tuesday evening when he failed to return home or answer his phone. She further said, "Around 6:30 or 6:45, I and my mother went to the place, where he parks his truck. We got there and saw the door open. I said, 'Mom, something's wrong,'" she said. "I tried to wake him. He was blue and saw blood on his face and bullet holes through his shirt."

One caller from Stockton, Mr. Surinder told us that according to the local news pear, Ajmer singh was in tense situation from his ex-girl friend's family who pressure him to marry their daughter but he refused.

One day before his death, he changed his telephone because Hothi had been stalked for months by the family of his ex-girlfriend.

The girls's father had found out about their relationship and wanted Ajmer Hothi to divorce his wife who had just married the girl in India. Hothi's family had installed cameras at their Norfolk Drive home. Somebody placed witchcraft-related on their doorstep ( Witchcraft label have historically been applied are those which influence another person's body or property against his or her will, or which are believed, by the person doing the labeling, to undermine the social or religious order)

The girlfriend's family even followed the Hothi family to India in January when they went to a wedding.







Ajmer Singh Hothi

• Nov, 2004: Ajmer Hothi and Kiranjot Pannu begin a secret romance.

• Jan. 15, 2006:: Hothi marries another woman in India.

• March 27,2007: Hothi is gunned down in Stockton.

Gurparkash Khalsa arrested- father of ex-girl friend of Ajmer Hothi

  • April 25, 2008: Khalsa is indicted on capital murder charges.
  • He owned Pacific Coast Intermodal in French Camp.
  • Jan. 22, 2009: Hothi's family files $15 million wrongful death lawsuit
  • May 1, 2009: Criminal trial expected to begin