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Poonam Litt, of Brampton, Ontario - MISSING, It's a mysterious case



Police believe that missing Sikh woman’s home as one where "foul play”

Poonam Litt, 27,  Manjinder Litt, a 31-year-old truck driver of Brampton in 2004. They were married  and moved into the house, where Manjinder lived with his parents, sister Mandeep, her husband and their two children. In October 2006, Poonam gave birth to Kiranjot.

  1. ·         Poonam, Manjinder and Kiranjot went to Punjab, India, for two months in January 2008.  In June, Poonam started working as a receptionist at a NRI dental clinic. She opened the dental clinic every morning.
  2. ·         She went missing Feb 5, 2009 on her way to work. Police  found wallet, which contained all her identification and credit and bank cards at home. Manjinder  was in India with his mother, Supinder, on Feb. 5, 2009


      1. ·         It’s very stressful here. His daughter, Kiranjot cries every time I go to work. There is no day she doesn’t ask for her mother.
      2. ·         Who is lying and what happened to Poonam? Where is she?”
      3. ·         Manjinder said his relationship with his father had been strained since he returned from India. Mandeep said about her father: "I am not happy because, you know, too many times he's (been) arrested."
      4. ·         He has offered an award $25,000 to anyone offering clues to his wife's whereabouts.

Kulwant Litt, 61, father-in-law  said he had left for work at 7 a.m. -- two hours before Poonam handed over her two-year-old daughter, Kirinjot,  to Mandeep (Poonam’s  sister-in-law)


  1.                Kulwant is a registered sex offender by Brampton court.
    1.      He was arrested and charged with criminal harassment of a Malton woman and breach of probation on     March 31.
    2.     He was originally arrested last year for stalking the same woman, and pleaded guilty on Nov. 18. He     was   placed on probation for two years.
    3.     In 2007, he was convicted of sexual assault and received a conditional discharge.

  1. ·         Poonam and Kiran spent a night here four days before she disappeared.
  2. ·         Poonam was very happy with Manjinder and was waiting for him to return from India

Many mysteries in this story:

  1. ·         Investigators believe that “she has met with foul play.” Some family members are being cooperative, others are being untruthful.
  2. ·         Police is investigating that a minivan left the home at about 1 a.m. and returned at 4 a.m., almost  4-5  hours before Poonam failed to arrive at work.
  3. ·         When Poonam didn’t show up for work, Dentist, her employer called her house and also called Poonam’s family. The Litt family didn’t   call police about Poonam’s disappearance but her family called 911
  4. ·         Mandeep, Poonam’s  sister-in-law said,  Poonam handed Kiran to her and left for work. But police have said that no one saw Poonam walk through the densely-populated neighbourhood
  5. ·         According to  Sun,  Kulwant did drop it off for her at the dental office on Feb. 4 and it is understood Poonam had driven herself home from work the night before she went missing.
  6. ·         It  means that  she had access to the car the morning of her disappearance so there would have been no reason for her to walk.


Peel Police labelled this Cordgrass Cres. home as one where "foul play" may have occurred and "persons residing within the Litt household know very well what happened. Peel Police's homicide squad has taken over the case, saying that there are people in this home who are "haunted" and "lying" and that it's only a matter of time before the "truth" of this "despicable family secret" is realized.


$25,000 award for missing Sikh woman, family suspect

Toronto, April 16, 2010:

 A Sikh family here is under investigation after the disappearance of its daughter-in-law in February. Her husband has meanwhile announced an award of $25,000 for clues about her whereabouts.

Poonam Litt, who worked as a receptionist with a dentist, went missing Feb 5 on her way to work. She has never been heard of and there have been no clues about her whereabouts.

The woman, who leaves behind a three-year-old daughter, was reportedly pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Since violence against women is common in South Asian homes here, police are not ruling out foul play.

The 27-year-old victim had moved to Canada from Punjab four years ago after marrying Manjinder Litt, a 31-year-old truck driver from the Toronto suburb of Brampton where many Punjabis live.

Interestingly, the woman's husband was in India with his mother when she went missing.

Police told the local media that they suspect the family knows more than they have revealed to them.

The suspicion of foul play has been strengthened by revelations about the criminal past of the victim's husband and father-in-law.

While her husband was sentenced in 2002 on charges of break-in and misbehaviour against a woman, her father-in-law Kulwant Litt was convicted of sexual assault in 2007.

In 2009, the father-in-law pleaded guilty to stalking another woman and is currently on probation.

The stalking charges against the victim's father-n-law have led police to treat her disappearance as foul play.

Her husband has offered an award $25,000 to anyone offering clues to his wife's whereabouts………





Poonam Litt, of Brampton, Ontario, was last seen on February 5th, 2009