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Dode (post) sold openly in Brampton, Ont. Canada by NRIs



Brampton, Jan 12, 2009: Health Canada confirm potential dangers of doda- tests revealed illegal opiate content in DODA POWDER...We are warning about the potential dangers of doda after tests revealed illegal opiate content in a recent Brampton seizure of the powder.....Read

Brampton, Dec. 26, 2008- Will Toronto NRI go to jail for possessing "DODE"? Few months ago, Canadian Morality Bureau officers raided Ashwani Bhangal's store-Nath Meat and Chicken Deli on Sandalwood Parkway and seized more than $10,000 worth of opium pods along with 38.4 kg of dode. He was charged with three counts of drug trafficking and one count of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.....Read

NOV. 04, 2008- NRI charged for possession of 38 kilos of dode in Brampton--NRI Ashwani Bhangal, 42, Brampton, has been charged with three counts of drug trafficking and one count of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking. ...Read

July 14, 2008; Dode(post) sold openly in Brampton, Mississauga (ontario) at Indian meat shops- "This is absolutely illegal," countered Dr. Peter Facchini-According to a survey conducted by the Department of Social Security Development of Women and Children, 67 per cent of rural households in Punjab have one drug addict and the problem is rampant particularly in Majha and Doaba region. Most of the Punjabis are very aware about the name Dode(post). For the past two decades, sponsors migration to Canada from Punjab brought this disease along with them.

When we are talking about "DODE", it means Opiates. Opiates include Heroin, Smack, Dode, Bhuki, Opium, Codeine, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Hydrocodone , Fentanyl, Methadone, inj. Buprenorphin,Morphine Pentazocine, Pathedine, Cough Syrups, Capsules, Tablets,etc.

Opiates are made from opium, a white liquid in the poppy plant. They're also referred to as narcotics. Left over may be called Dode.

Poppy powder is made by grinding dried buds from the dried plants and it is openly sold in Brampton, Mississauga (ontario) at Indian meat shops

Opiates can produce a quick, intense feeling of pleasure followed by a sense of well-being and a calm drowsiness. But they can also become an addiction. If someone uses opiates again and again, his or her brain is likely to become dependent on them.

There are serious addictive symptoms after lengthy use of the powder- Redness of eyes and slurring of speech, loss of appetite and weight, lazy, has difficulty in communicating, is oversleeping & has less interaction with the family members.
General effects of opiates / narcotic analgesics include: sedation, slowed reflexes, raspy speech, sluggish movements, slowed breathing, cold skin, and possible vomiting.

A big mess!

Yesterday, Gagandeep Ghuman, Staff Reporter for Toronto Star wrote this article

July 13, 2008- Fears arise over possible harm from 'dode,' which is sold openly in Brampton, Mississauga meat shops-Poppy powder, a derivative of highly addictive and illegal opium, is openly sold in some meat shops in Brampton and Mississauga, raising questions about its legality and potentially harmful effects for those seeking an unconventional `high.'------Read






Opiates Act on Many Places in the Brain and Nervous System
The limbic system controls emotions. Opiates change the limbic system to produce increased feelings of pleasure, relaxation and contentment. (red)

The brainstem controls things your body does automatically, like breathing or coughing. Opiates can act on the brainstem to stop coughing or slow breathing. (blue)

The spinal cord transmits pain signals from the body. By acting here, opiates block pain messages and allow people to bear even serious injuries. (yellow)