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Dode (post) sold openly in Brampton, Ont. Canada by NRIs


Health Canada confirm potential dangers of doda-
tests revealed illegal opiate content in DODA POWDER


Brampton, Jan 12, 2009
Raj and Gary Singh/LA
By J. Gill, Windsor

Peel police, Ontario, Canada said:

  • The doda powder was sent to Health Canada for analysis and results have just been confirmed
  • We are warning about the potential dangers of doda after tests revealed illegal opiate content in a recent Brampton seizure of the powder.

Peel Health spokesperson Allison Imrie said:

  • Peel Health has called for closer scrutiny of doda.
  • At this time there is no safe level of usage for poppy powder
  • Poppy powder is a growing issue in Peel. We recommend taking precautions when it comes to this substance since this belongs to the opioid family which forms the base for heroin, morphine, and prescription drugs like Tylenol 3.

Peel Sgt. Zahir Shah said:

  • In the past, we have seized and sent off doda for analysis and it's come back that there hasn't been enough opiates in it to be an illegal substance.
  • If the amount of opiates in doda is high enough, it is an illegal substance. More importantly, it is bad for your health. It can be addictive.
  • October's investigation was sparked by community complaints.
  • Peel police say they want to hear from residents who know of anyone selling doda or anyone in possession of the powder.
  • We will investigate