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NRIs Tribute to Indian American Pioneers & Patriots on May 3 in LA

Los Angeles, April 08, 2009
Swaran Dabgotra/Inder Singh

The Indian American Community of Southern California, in cooperation with many community organizations will hold celebration of Indian American heritage paying tribute to pioneers and patriots. The function is slated for Sunday, May 3, 2009 and shall include two seminars and a gala luncheon at the Woodlands Banquet Hall, Artesia. All are welcome to attend. Admission charges of $15 shall be waived for the first 50 people who register prior to 10 AM.

The seminar topics include:

1. Indian Immigrants – Migration & Struggle for Survival
2. India’s Independence Movement in US:
a. Gadar/India Independence Movement
b. Aftermath of Gadar Movement – New Phase
3. a. Citizenship for Indian Nationals – Gained, Lost and Regained
b. Impact of Loss of Citizenship
4. Religious and Yoga Movements
5. Community Mobilization and Political Activism
6. Contribution of Indian Americans to their Adopted land in various fields

Indian immigrants started coming to the United States more than a century ago. In the U.S, they faced many difficulties, suffered numerous hardships and encountered rampant discrimination. In the beginning, they could find only menial jobs, but they had a burning desire to succeed, made many sacrifices and despite their small population, succeeded in gaining rights of U.S. citizenship. They paved the way for Indian nationals to have equal rights under the U. S. laws. They were our pioneers and we will celebrate their achievements.

The NRI Community of Southern California, get together to organize this event

The Indian Immigrants in the U.S. had experienced liberty and freedom in this country and thus were motivated to gain freedom from British serfdom for India. In 1913, they formed Hindustan Association of the Pacific Coast with the hope to liberate India with the force of arms, just as Americans had done more than two hundred years ago.

The association began publishing a magazine, Gadar, to promote the objectives and activities of the organization. The publication Gadar, over a period of time, became well known among Indians and the Hindustan Association of the Pacific Coast itself became known as the Gadar party.

The Gadarites did not hesitate to make any sacrifice for the cause of freedom and liberty of their motherland. The Gadar movement did not succeed but in the process, several Gadarites were imprisoned, many for life, and some were hanged to death. They are our heroes, deserving our admiration and deepest respect. For the Indian Americans, the struggle for India’s independence, is an integral part of their rich heritage in the United States.

After the grant of citizenship rights and subsequent liberalization of US Immigration laws, there has been an influx of Indian immigrants to the US. Also, there was dramatic change in Indian community’s contributions to the country they have adopted as their home. They also have been contributing their due share in India’s emergence as an economic power and have added a special glitter to the resurgence of India.

The speakers include descendants of pioneers and patriots (SP Singh of Atlanta, grandson of Gyani Bhagwan Singh, 3rd President of Gadar Movement, Roshan Sharma of Texas, Author, son-in-law of a pioneer who came in 1920, Rani Cardona grand daughter of a pioneer who came in 1915, David Thind whose father’s appeal for citizenship was rejected by the US Supreme Court), academicians and historians. For more information, contact Inder Singh at or at 818 708-3885 or Dilip Butani at (562) 569-6722.