Mandeep Grewal, based in San Francisco, is a contributing writer for NRIinternet.com


Why Stress Is Deadly - is it more dangerous than thought?


Nowadays we hear this common word “STRESS” from many people, not just the people from the us but also from many parts of the world. Even people in India which is the land of spirituality and is full of many great Yogis are stressed. What is Stress? And how can we get rid of it? Is it easy or very complicated to handle it?

Basically stress is just the state of mind when person has too limited of a view. In other words person’s attention is just on one thing or on certain a certain situation of his life. He is not able to fully perceive things around him and everything else around him can seem dull.

Now the question is how can we reduce stress? They are many natural ways to resolve this illness of mind without taking any medicine or any other drugs of negative side effects that can affect person’s health tremendously in a harmful way. Following are the listed remedies for it:

1. Take a walk when one is stressed out. While walking look far on different things like trees, sky etc. We somehow have some connection to the nature. Keep walking until one feels better. It depends on person to person how fast they can feel better. One can feel better in 10 minutes or the other could feel good in 30 minutes. Every individual is different in its own characteristics.

2. Eating healthy and balanced nutrient food is another factor for reducing it. “You are what you eat”, said by Bharosa Kaur. Vegetable and Fruits are good source of many different vitamins that are needed by the body. Foods of high proteins are good source of energy and when one has energy he can handle stressful situations easily than the person who has less energy in his life. Eat and Sleep on proper time. Physically healthy person becomes less effect of stress than someone who is unhealthy. The person who is tired or hungry is more likely to get more stressed than someone who is well fed and had enough sleep. One does not need to change his routine habits of not eating healthy and sleeping in a better manner; still I can make a change in these habits by putting some reasonable discipline to them.

3. Adequate Exercise plays significant role in reducing stress. Walking or Jogging outside is most effective exercise for being mentally and physically healthy. Yoga of breathing techniques can be very effective. Kundalini Yoga is known to help many people for reducing stress in their lives. Because when we are stressed, our breathing gets improper and when one learns to control his breathing he can reduce his tension in the body; as a result he will have relaxed body and therefore no stress.

4. Freelance writing is another way to let our emotions out or let the stressful situation out of your life. Emotion could be of anything: angry, grief etc. It is alright to cry or be mad when one is writing and it is the natural process of healing the stress. It is very useful in writing time, place and nature of the stressful that what it was about, one can feel being relieved from thinking about same situation over and over. Instead he can be ready to solve his tensed situation. It is an easy remedy one can write anytime and anywhere if he is feeling stressed. Writing can help build one’s self esteem and self awareness and people who have higher self esteem and no more about themselves are less stressed than others.

Stress is not any major diseases or illness. It is just a choice of a person whether he wants to be stressed or not. Two people walk in this world and they both have the same world and it is evident that one takes the stress and the other does not and See how interesting it is! It is not a matter of whether you will be stressed or not, it is a matter of how you go pass through that the stressful situation. With the little bit of self discipline and willing to make a change in life, one can lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life.