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  • He started on offering counsel in January 2006 when he submitted an article to The Ticker newspaper titled: "Positive thinking. Beware of what you say."
  • Bhardwaj said the idea of such a column grew out of a concern for people that he developed while still in India.
  • "I used to see everywhere that people are so depressed, so sad. This was really bothering me," he said. "I used to think there should be a different way of looking at things. I looked for answers but never found any that was convincing. Things started changing when I came to New York," he said.

    In his quest to help people, Bhardwaj said he read many books on mind power and positive thinking and got inspiration from Indian spiritual guru Osho Rajneesh.

  • If any one of you feel that they are not motivated enough in doing something or they are facing some problem in life, feel free to e-mail me at and I will try my best to answer you.
Chandresh Bhardwaj

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  • Positive thinking: beware of what you say: Before you start reading this, I want you to do the following experiment: Close your eyes and say to yourself, at least 10 times: "I am sad." By the time you say it the 10th time, you will become the saddest person on this planet. But do not worry.....



From: Chandresh Bhardwaj []
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 4:46 AM
To: nriinternet
Subject: [SPAM] Re: NRI press release

Hello Karen!

I called your office yesterday and was asked to email you little bit
information about me.
Here it is, "I came to US after completing my high school. Though I
was always interested in exploring more about human behavior, I never
intended to write. Writing articles happened by chance. After I got
such a great response, I decided to carry it out as long as i have a
place to put them on. My main concern is that we all should enjoy this
life as much as possible by utilizing all the powers we possess,
(which unfortunately we are unaware of). People ask me what books to
read and stuff, but I tell them to do only and only one thing, that
is, meditation. Only and only meditation has the power to change your
life. You can create miracles with it. By realizing the power of love
and meditation, we can make this world a much better place to live

Let me know Karen if you need any more information. Also, you can
mention my email in the note when you press release.















  • Bhardwaj came to the US in 2004, from Punjab
  • He is the only child of mother Sudesh and father, Nishikant, a spiritual leader in Jackson Heights.
  • Chandresh Bhardwaj, 20 is an Accounting student at the Baruch College, University of New York. However, he writes articles on motivation, positive thinking, and new ways of living. His readers are all over USA, as well as, oustide the country