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David Virgoe's truck driver died on June 18, 2007, when 3 NRIs allegedly street racing


Nri Ravi Badhwar found guilty, along with other 2 NRIs in trucker’s death

Toronto, Oct. 05, 2009
S. Singh

Ravi Badhwar, Prabhjit Multani and Nauman Nusrat, were allegedly street racing on the 400 in three cars. Nusrat lost control, struck a 40 years old, David Virgoe's truck that resulted in David's death on June 18, 2007.

According to other motorists, it looked like Hollywood car chase and ended in a multi-car collision in Toronto rush-hour traffic. They were cutting people off by one line to another line, laughing each other, zigzagged by calling each other on cell phones for more than 66 calls.

Prabhjit Multani and Nauman Nusrat, college students already convicted in the race for 44 km as they zigzagged in and out of traffic at speeds reacting 170 km/h.

Full Story:

Ravi Badhwar: (No Photo)

Yesterday, a jury has found Ravi Badhwar, 23, guilty and immediately taken into custody. He will be sentenced Dec. 2 on two counts- one for criminal negligence causing death by street racing and 2nd for failing to remain at the scene of a fatal accident.

On June 05, 2009, the two lists of potential jurors scrapped on the basis that they are "tainted" because they were the subject of secret background checks that violate not only their privacy but Canadian law. His case was delayed over legal glitches and a new date was set. But more legal technicalities arose, and the case was delayed again.

Ravi Badhwar said:

  • I sit there and I listen, but I don't understand what this is all about.
  • I'm listening, but I don't understand it
  • I just want justice to be done. This has been going on for too long and it is affecting my work and my life.
  • "I am innocent and when do I get to be heard?"

Mitchell Worsoff , Defense lawyer Mitchell said that the jury pool was now "tainted" and he asked for a mistrial. He was out on bail, has sat quietly in the prisoner's box.


Prabhjit Multani:

In Feb,, 2009, Prabhjit Multani of Etobicoke, 22, was sentenced to 21 months in jail with a 10-year driving prohibition.

  • After the accident, he was arrested and his parents put up $80,000 in bail for their son and he was released on strict conditions not to get behind a steering wheel, and to remain in his parents' home except to go to his college classes.
  • He was caught driving while under police surveillance when he drove his mother's van one block.
  • He was also failed to report to the OPP on three separate occasions.

In July 2009, a judge said:

  • His parents must pay $60,000 because their son breached bail conditions and got behind the wheel to drive.
  • His mother was "evasive and untruthful" when she was questioned on the witness stand about the incident.
  • They risked everything for their son and they are hard-working immigrants who are trying their best and who came here for a better life
  • But financial hardship doesn't absolve them of their promise to the court.
  • The integrity of our bail system depends on people who take their responsibilities as sureties seriously.
  • I order the parents to pay $60,000 with a standing order that their son must pay the remaining $20,000

Prabhjit's father was a mechanical engineer in India and worked here as a car salesman. His mother, Tarvinder was a child psychologist in India but she stayed home to raise her son.

Nauman Nusrat: of Etobicoke, 21:

He got a life-time driving prohibition, sentenced to two years of house arrest on top of the 11 months he served in pretrial custody, $1,250 in fines for driving without insurance and 140 hours of community service.

  • He actually struck Virgoe's truck as he tried to pass.
  • He reached speeds of 170 km/h in his Pontiac Grand Am as he raced northbound against two college friends Ravi Badhwar and Prabhjit Multani, who were driving a Mustang convertible and a Honda Civic.
  • He had plead guilty to street racing causing death, which carries a maximum penalty of life.

Debbie Virgoe wife of of David Virgoe became very angry with tears on her cheeks, after hearing the man responsible for the death was sentenced to house arrest. Debbie and her daughter sat in the front row of the court every day of the trial

She said:

  • He killed her husband when struck the tire of Virgoe's truck, forced him to go into the ditch and died instantly.
  • I don't understand. What were politicians wasting their time for when they fought to change the maximum sentence to life in prison for street racing ... what did all that mean?
  • Perhaps the attorney general could have a little chat with me to explain it."

I would have celebrated her 25th anniversary with my husband last month






  • Ravi Badhwar found guilty yesterday, and will be sentenced Dec. 2
  • Prabhjit Multani: 22, was sentenced to 21 months in jail with a 10-year driving prohibition.
  • Nauman Nusrat: life-time driving prohibition and was sentenced to two years of house arrest on top of the 11 months he served in pretrial custody.